Monday, 28 February 2011

Scarlett loves Sundays

Ok so I'm a day late with the Sunday round-up, yesterday was just a busy busy day and then I found out it was free listing weekend on eBay - that wiped out my evening in the attempt to off load some clutter and hoping that the lovely buyers on eBay will love my quirky stuff as much as me....fingers crossed the eBay gods will be smiling on me :o)

We had sunshine yesterday morning so I was expecting the Boot sale to be chock-a-block and I wasn't disappointed, it was heaving.  Literally it was each bargain hunter for themselves and I lost count of the number of toe stamps I endured and the elbows were extra sharp.

I didn't come away with as much as my usual outings but what I got I'm very pleased with. First off the bat was this jar:

Its made by Ravenhead and actually dates from the 1950s (thank goodness for Internet searches).  I'm not sure if I am going to leave it as it is of use some of my easy peasy transfer magic on it....either way it only cost me 50p!

I also found this cut glass trinket dish on the same stall:
Looks to be the same age as the jar and is surprisingly really heavy so I knew it was a keeper, also love the curved handle very Vivienne Westwood style. The lad on the stall gave me this for 50p too.

As you know I'm a fabric-oholic and I cant walk past a pile of fabric without having a look, curtains seem to be my latest finds, I picked up 3 pairs yesterday at the sale:

They are all long curtains too so loads of fabric to be put to good use. The top and middle pair cost £2, the blue damask print curtains cost £1 - bargain!

I also picked up this Crabtree and Evelyn 2004 collectors mug made by Masons Ironstone:
Ive seen some of these sell very well on ebay too so it was bought shamelessly as it was only 20p. I've not entered it into my 20p challenge as I don't think I can pass off 2004 as vintage lol. But did I find a vintage 20p item? All will be revealed on Saturday.

On thing I have noticed at the Car boot Sale recently is the surge of stalls selling cupcakes - yesterday on the upper level alone there were 4 separate stall selling cupcakes and each competing with each other (lots of scribbling out of prices on their signs).  I didn't see one person buying a cupcake or indeed eating one at any stage of the boot sale crawl. They did look lovely and a lot of time had obviously gone into preparing them (and I do love cupcakes) but I'd be damned if I was going to pay £10 for a pitch to sit there for 4 hours staring at my pile of cupcakes that no one is buying :o)

Happy Monday All

Scarlett x
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  1. I def need to go to your neck of the find such lovely stuff in bootsales and charity shops!! We dont even have any bootsales running until around April time!!
    Where in the country are you??

  2. Wow! You find the most lovely bargains! I can`t wait to see what you will find next!


  3. Cool loot this week! Thanks for joining my newbie party, glad you did! Have fun.

  4. I'm glad you came out in one piece with those elbowing in bootsale! I love the jars especially the one like vivienne westwood style and the fabrics are sooo lovely!the crabtree and evelyn mug is just too cute! good bargain as usual!! I wish you success in ebay!! x

  5. Wow, some great prices for your lovely finds. Esp like the trinket jar (love Viv Westwood, I see what you mean about the style)

    Was soooo wet at the bootsale I went to yesterday, got soaked and had no umbrella...couple of bargains but nothing for 20p - think I'm gonna fail your challenge!

    Aah well, did get some Versace shoes on the way home (charity shop of course!)

  6. Love the jar Scarlett, you could fill it with ribbons and trims lol

    Bee happy x

  7. That perfume bottle is gorgeous! And I love all the vintage curtains. As you said, lots of great fabric there!

  8. You really are the bargain queen! I love a challenge,so I'm going to join you in the 'what can you get for 20p in the CS'.
    I've seen cupcake stalls in our town's Sat morning market.I think they charge too much,that's why they don't sell. :0)

  9. I love that first jar you found! Cupcakes have been showing up around here at sales quite a bit too.

  10. Great buys. I love the blog. Thanks for the comment x

  11. Awesome loot you scored!! I love the fabrics!
    I'm visiting from Debbie's Newbie party. I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll visit and follow me too!


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