Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Felt Good!

You probably know that I've made a resolution this year to get my crafty arse into gear and make time each week do a little bit of making. I've also decided to up my game and actually learn some new skills. 

So last Saturday I signed myself up to do a morning workshop in felt making!

We were given free reign of the Merino wool basket, choosing which colours we wanted to use. I of course went for the 'Scarlett' red, hot pink and a bit of white:

We laid all our wool out on a bamboo mat and using the 'Wet Felting' technique added water and soap and rolled the whole thing up....
....much rolling later and very sore arm muscles I had made a piece of felt:
So what to make with my piece of handmade felt?...

VoilĂ !  A handmade felt rose brooch!

I'm quite pleased with the results of my first attempt at the craft, I'm also now totally hooked and am waiting a delivery of some merino wool so I can get making some more! Move over Kirstie Allsopp ;o) 

Have you tried felt making?

Big Love

P.s Ive been trying to leave comments on all your blogs but some blogs its not letting me get into the comments :o( Am going to try and get round it using Google Chrome but if I have missed commenting on your blog its not intentional - love you all xx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Me Again!

Howdy all!  Sorry for my absence in blogland recently. I would love to report that it is due to me having been flown on an impromptu holiday in Hawaii after winning the euro millions but alas I would be lying. It is due to work being revoltingly hectic and having a little boy covered in chicken pox!  Hawaii is sounding amazing to me right now ;o)

So one of my aims this year is to get my craft on - making sure that I find a little time each week to try my hand at making things.

So this week I've made myself two little Kokeshi dolls:

Now I'm very pleased with the results but I must come clean,  this was actually a little craft kit bought for me at Christmas by someone being extremely cheeky...

....the Kokeshi doll kit is actually from the Early Learning Centre aimed at ages 3 plus!! So I've mastered the art of using wool instead of cotton and a huge plastic needle to thread said wool through a large pre cut holes.  I'm going up in the world of crafting *wink*.

A short and sweet post from me today, I will be doing the rounds catching up with you all.

Big Love

Sunday, 8 January 2012

I just couldnt help myself...

Do you ever have the urge to do something that you know you shouldn't? Well I was a bit cheeky at my last charity shop visit but it was so much fun...

Whilst perusing the book shelves I saw out of the corner of my eye an immaculately dressed woman in her 60s looking through the non fiction self help titles.  All of a sudden I heard  a sharp intake of breath and then a cut glass accent exclaim "How awful!  Lydia this book is titled 'How to Kill Your Husband!' Who could write such a book honestly? How disgusting".  Well I couldn't help myself, bold as brass I walked over to where she had laid the book, picking it up and announcing "Brilliant, I've been looking for this book for ages". I took the book and sashayed to the till.

I don't even need to say what the ladies faces were like, they will probably be monitoring the local news in my area for any suspicious happenings!

Further to my cheekiness I couldn't help but leave it on the bedside table.  I'm sure hubby wont be wanting me to cook many meals from now on..

I'll be doing the rounds to catch up with you all my lovelies and I need to say a massive thank you for all the beautiful comments on my last post, it was really touching (if only i had you girls with me at school!)

Big Love

P.S The book is actually a novel so no husbands will be harmed in the writing of this post ;o)