Monday, 22 August 2011

I laugh in the face of rain...

Stormy skies yesterday morning but I wasn't going to be deterred from my Sunday boot sale. I was actually surprised with the turn out - the stalls were nearly to the top of the field which is normally only seen on bank holiday weekends and during the freak heat waves. 

It was however a case of quantity over quality and I am being a bit choosy recently in my buys as I am trying to declutter to get our house ready to put up for sale. Looking around me at the moment that may be a few years  months yet ;o)

So here is the couple of bits I did bring home:

Floral vintage tin  - 50p

 Vintage musical vanity jar.  The seller tried to tell me this was a keepsake jar so I agreed to humour him but with a removable liner I'm almost certain this little beauty is for powder.
Let me know if I'm wrong. 

But for £1 who cares just as long as its pretty :o)

And now for a couple of bits I really didn't need....more pomanders!! 
Royal wedding pomander for our lizzie and phil ;o)

These reminded me of floral cupcake so they were hard to resist.

But they are so pretty and I have managed to refill and re-use/re home my last lot so these will be given a new lease of life too and at 20p it would have been rude to have left them on the stall.
And last but certainly not least....
A bit of Elvis! This Magazine was £1 and full of some beautiful pictures of the king :o)

Now its that time for:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale:

Supermarket shopping trolley for sale with price tag of £5.

Two ladies laughing and mocking a jewellery box in the shape of a satin bed on a stall. The poor seller looked embarrassed but tried to laugh along with them.

Man: "How much for the tin whistle mate?"
Seller: "£1 for that, never got round to giving it a go"
Man: " Is it quite loud?"
Seller: "Yeah I think so"
Man: "Good I'll buy it for my grand kids to piss my daughter in law off, miserable cow"

An Elderly Chinese couple sat in two chairs behind a stall. In broken English the elderly man asked "how much" to which the seller replied  "Sorry they are not for sale, they are what we bought to sit on", this went way over the elderly mans head and they both remained sitting in the chairs (maybe in silent protest...).

Hope you all are having a fabulous Monday. Roll on the bank hol weekend!!

Scarlett x


  1. Scarlett,
    The vanity jar is beutiful, love the color and flowers.yeah doesnt matter as long it goes on my vanity. does it play music? I always already impressed. more pomanders, gotta love them for 20 pence. I seen Elvis books and I thought of getting them for you ,but some lady beat me to them. I am cracking up at the whistle story and the Chinese couple, hahahayy

  2. I do love your tales, what are we going to do in the winter?
    That keepsake jar is a beauty as the vintage tin. x

  3. I do love a tin and yours are great, they are so over priced here now. as for the whistling story - well what can i say - kindness abounds! xx ha

  4. Oh Scarlett! The floral vintage tin is literally sigh worthy - it's just one of the prettiest I've ever seen, for 50p you've bagged a total gem there! I'm not an authority but it looks to me that you're on the right track and the vanity jar is for powder of some sort - lovely design too. I bow to Scarlett Mistress of the Booty (oooh er!) on the 20p pomander front as they're all super pretty and a bit of Elvis to complete the haul is just the thing :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Haha at the whistle bought to annoy an in-law, not that I don't love my friends and family, but now everyone else has finally started procreating I am plotting how to get my own back for all the many loud and annoying toys my boys have received over the last 6 years!

    Definitely looks more like a powder pot to me, although I'm sure it won't mind being repurposed. Love that gorgeous floral tin, it's really pretty indeed. I'm also not really allowed to buy much at the moment while we're doing viewings of our house - I just have to steer prospective buyers away from certain cupboards to make sure no-one is crushed by clutter on opening a door!

  6. Every time I see pomanders at boot sales I think of you! As yet I have not weakened and bought any, I think I'm subconsciously saving them until I have room for nothing else. We were informed this weekend that one of our local boot sales stays open all year except Christmas week. Am intrigued by the concept of 'winter booting' xx

  7. I must admit I’m trying hard to resist on buying ‘too’ much junk at the moment too, I know the feeling of a house full of clutter!
    Some things are impossible to resist though, the vintage tin is right up my street and the pomanders are so lovely xxx

  8. I love your 'overheard at boot sale' quips...brilliant! Me and my OH always cringe/laugh at what we hear when at the boot sale, so this really strikes a cord!

  9. You hear some funny things at the boot sale - it's my favourite part of your posts! But I do love the 'cupcake' pomander and floral tin too. Thanks for linking up (<-me, on behalf of Liz) x

  10. You sure that man with the tin whistle wasn't my father in law?!

    Madison xxx

  11. Oh I do love you carboot observations - I think I need to get to one this weekend just in case I can overhear anything good :)

  12. "witnessed at a bootsale" never fail to make me laugh. Some people are extremely odd eh? Once again you got some lovely goodies!

  13. Lovely finds at the booty Scarlett :o)

    Love your whistle story too :o)

    Hope going back to work is going ok for you my lovely?
    You take care now, and have a good week.
    Donna xx

  14. oooh i adore the vanity jar! u got more pomanders now and they look adorable too! i salute you for going to the bootsale even on a stormy weather! and of course the witnessed at a bootsale always always make me laugh ...priceless! YAY for bank hols!! have a great weekend, Scarlett! xx susan

  15. I love that tin, and the fact that the old couple stayed sat in the chairs! Em x

  16. Wonderful buys as usual lady x

  17. Love, love your pretties! Of course, Elvis takes the show. This man is soooo handsome it hurts!!! Love your taste hon...Hugs!

  18. You found some very interesting bits this week! Love the tins and of course the mag about Elvis!! hugs, Linda

  19. gorgeous bits as usual Scarlett xxx

  20. oohhh gorgeous tins there so pretty i couldn't have left those. And i adore that last little pomander its so pretty, im trying to work out who the little girl is im sure she came from a story book i may be wrong. Great tales as always to you always make me smile ;-)) dee xx

  21. Ah Scarlett god bless you for your car boot anecdotes (will you promise me that one day you will put them all together along with pictures of some of your best ever finds and send it to a publisher - you really should!!).

    I love the floral tin by the way x

  22. An impressive haul as usual, but I like the tin-whitsle story best of all!

  23. Loving the jar and tin, has Liz given you a pomander addiction? x

  24. Ha love the tin whistle story! And, erm, if you really wanted a shopping trolley surely you could get one for £1 at the supermarket?!

  25. I really have to laugh all the times when I read what you have witnessed. :D Tomorrow we have a carbootsale and I going to try to listen what the people say. :)


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