Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Its good to be bad

Ok so as the title says I was bad yesterday in a completely un-thrifty way...but oh my it felt good!  As some of you know I'm a complete make up fiend and a MAC cosmetics whore. I can not leave the house without my slap on. Vanity? the fact is that I look awful without at least a bit of foundation. 

So with my sense of impending doom about my return to work next week from my maternity leave I decided it was time to have a little bit of a blow out, and make-up called:

(Sorry about the rubbish phone photo but my camera has gone awol this morning).

So included in my MAC make-up blow out was the fabulous studio fix foundation and studio fix powder compact, powder blush, dazzlelight eyeshadow and select moisture cover concealer.

I also treated myself to a couple of MAC brushes, they do make the best brushes going and with good care can last for years so worth the bit extra spent.

And while i was shopping it would have been rude not to have grabbed a Maxfactor false lash effect mascara, Maxfactor creamy blush, and Gosh primer.

My one cheapo buy which I think rocks alongside the more expensive powders is this one:
For £2.99 collection 2000 mosaic glow is amazing for a bit of summer skin.

Hooray for retail therapy.

So what is your beauty must have?

Scarlett x

P.S Should I add a disclaimer? Oh ok, my skin is my own, it was grown by my amazing body cells and is not in anyway sponsored by Mac or other beauty manufacturers. My skin has not been harmed in any way during the writing of this blog post...mwahaha!


  1. I never ever go out without my mascara and eyeliner and I always wack on moisturiser if nothing else.I very rarely wear foundation blush etc but that may be because the grandies have stolen I mean borrowed all mine and I gave up.Mind you I used to always do the works but that was when I had my beauty salon.
    So yep the eyes have to have a hit daily staying home or not.

  2. Wow quite a departure from your normal bargain buys! I'd love to try posh makeup but I just can't be bothered to wear it often enough for it to be a sound investment!

  3. I have had my MAC brushes for 6 years and they are still amazing, they recommend you clean them regularly with a little shampoo.
    We have an amazing MAC store in Nottingham its a killer on pay day x

  4. I'm so slack with make up! hardly ever wear it but I'm still young so I can get away with it haha. I have never owned a MAC product!

    It's nice to splurge every once and a while!

    E :)

  5. I'd love to be able to spend on some nice posh make up, but I suffer from short arms and long pockets, my only lipstick was bought in the sale at boots about 8 yrs ago, I'm down to the last splodgey bit in the bottom that I can scrape tiny amounts out with a nail file !

  6. I've heard the Studio fix is fabulous. I'm a Mac lover too and their brushes are good. I still go out a lot without makeup but when i do wear it I wonder why I don't do it more often.

  7. Yaaaaay! Good for you for splashing out! My beauty must haves are: A bright red or bright pink lippy, and blusher. My Irish gene pool means that unless I apply copious amounts of both I look like I'm about to pass out... Em xxx

  8. I too recently purchased the collection 2000 mosaic glow and i have to say how pleasantly surprised I was.

  9. Well dear Scarlett since you posted this I can tell you that I am going to get eyelash extensions tomorrow. Yay! I am so excited. I have the shortest eyelashes ever! Mascara makes no difference at ALL! (although I do wear it) I am expecting to walk out with the most luscious fluttery eyelashes (not drag-queenish though) so I hope I won't be disappointed...I'll let you know xxx

  10. Ooo Scarlett! You've got my heart all of a flutter!

    Max Factor false lash effect is my all time FAVOURITE mascara! Nothing else I have tried beats it.. in fact mines nearly dried up so I think it's time I got a new one!

    My beauty must have is my GOSH primer - I have oily combination skin and when I rub a bit of that miracle gel on my face it takes away any shine! Most of the time I just use that and some transparent face powder over the top.

    MACs Dazzlelight is such a gorgeous universal colour and looks amazing swept over the entire lid with a bit of Taupe in the crease!

    I have yet to try a MAC foundation as I usually just use concealer and powder - MACs Select Cover-Up is my concealer of choice as it's so creamy and easy to blend in and isn't too heavy!

    I have pondered upon getting the Collection 2000 Mosaic Glow a few times but I'm not very big on bronzer but the packaging is pretty and I'm a fool for pretty packaging!

    Great guilt-free haul! xxx

  11. We all deserve a little splurge amor.
    I love Mac's lipsticks. I havent tried their foundation but I been pondering to buy it. I dont really use foundation only as concealer sometimes. Collection 2000 is so cheap but I love their powders and liquid eyeliner.oh I been after tha mascara but I always forget to buy it. I am looking to buy the Mac brushes now the 24 pack one.I heard you can get fake ones in L.A. for cheap.

  12. Good for you! When I worked I would always wear makeup. Not a lot but smooth out the skin tones, a little eye make up and so on. Keeps one feeling stronger to face that world out there. Now I moisturize with a sunblock and go. Old age has its advantages.

  13. My must haves are Corn Silk translucent face powder; I've used it for decades and haven't found anything that surpasses it, and Nars lipstick in Pigalle - a taupe/brown shade. I'm also a sucker for Barry M products for their value and colour range.

  14. I'm completely with you - we all need to be able to pamper ourselves here and there!! T did it for me with the recent treat I blogged about but I don't think I've bought makeup for myself (other than the 6 weekly new mascara) for a verrrrry long time. I've heard Mac brushes are far and away the best so I think I'll treat myself to a couple eventually :-) Lovely haul!!

    Jem xXx

  15. Good for you, Scarlett! It feels great to treat ourselves every now and then, although I'm more festivals and India flights than makeup.
    I'm a Barry M addict and a cream blusher addict. x

  16. Been following your blog for a while and you have pulled me out of the woodwork with that gorgeous slap! I love a bit of posh make up! I don't go round the Co-op for a loaf without mascara on (Borgeouis, black with a pink lid at the moment, very good indeed) and have to be very, very careful if I walk through Debenhams because stuff calls out to me. My biggest splurge is Clarins moisturiser. Not strictly make up but as I am knocking on a bit worth every penny. (I hope!)
    Love your blog and love your charity shop finds.

  17. Great purchases! You deserved them! I have really been wanting to purchase some MAC makeup. I hear it's the best!

  18. I keep giving in to nail varnish, really bad, slightly becoming an addiction hehe x

  19. oooooh loving the mac products u bought, Scarlett! maybe you could do a video on how to do each one of them like step by step on how to do make up? i'd loveeeee to know how! :) gorgeous color of mosaic glow, is that to be used after foundation or just use it as it is? hehehe x susan

  20. I'm loving your picks! You're really making me want to drop some cash on a bit of a makeup splurge. Since I'm living in the dry bones of a desert, in the summer I go really light on the makeup. I just go with a bit of Urban Decay Skin Creamy Concealer and some mascara. When it's not 115 degrees out, I like jewel toned eye shadows and mineral veil powder.

  21. Foundation makes my skin crawl! Luckily,despite bad acne as a youngun,it's pretty good.Lipliner and mascara are my important items,lipliner as I have narrow lips and mascara as I have pale lashes! A makeup splurge is just the ticket at times,makes a gal feel super glam!Hurrah!

  22. It's always good to treat yourself! Bet the time for work has come around really quickly :( make sure you make the most of your last few days :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  23. Buying makeup is such a treat, and quite harmless really, compared to a drug habit, or gambling LOL! Don't leave it on your windowsill though - I had a lipstick MELT this week because I stupidly left it in the sun! xxx

  24. Oh Scarlett. You got loads of goodies. I loved to buy make up, it always makes me feel very naughty.

    Madison xxx


  25. Oh, nice post.)) Love your blog!!!.))))))

    I need your help ... Soon I am flying to Greece and I will have a two-day shopping in Athens .. You were there ever? If yes, what places you advise?

  26. Haha, make-up is a surefire way to fall off the thrifty wagon! I bought a Chanel lipstick for my wedding last month, everything else was Boots no7 with those £5 off vouchers they do so that made up for it!

  27. My internet crashed so I don't know if my first comment posted!

    I was agreeing that MAC is the way forward definitely, I love their eyeshadows and lipsticks! Although I did buy a Bare Essentials foundation the other week which is fabulous and I must blog about soon,

    Victoria xx

  28. I think every girl deserves a treat once in a while, and make-up is one thing you can’t really pick up second-hand so it’s NICE to be able to go out and splurge once in a while. MAC are a little luxury, but as you said some products can last years, so you’re paying for the quality xxx


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