Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sunday Funday and a few knobs

Hello! How are you all doing? Hope you have been enjoying the freaky heatwave we have had.  The weather is looking a bit dodgy for the weekend which is rubbish.

On Sunday instead of shopping at the boot sale I actually got my crap together and did some selling in the declutter 'sell our house' misson.  It was very therapeutic to get rid of so much stuff and as the weather was fabulous I had lots of buyers!  I've still go enough stuff indoors though for about another 100 boot sales so going to hopefully do another one soon.

Being stuck on the stall meant I didn't get to overhear much of the good stuff but i did get one particularly creepy buyer. A middle aged man wearing a dirty anorak in the hot sun bought a pair of my peep toe shoes making sure 'they had been worn' along with a Ministry of sound exercise dvd.  I shuddered with a vision of him sniffing my shoes while watching girls get sweaty on screen *blugh* But hey a sale is a sale ;o)

I also went to a 20th Anniversary Sunflower Fete at the St Michael's Hospice here in my home town.  Its a charity close to my heart as my dad was in the hospice for a little while before he died.  As a fundraiser they had a Sunflower 'in memory' appeal whereby you could make a donation to have a wooden painted sunflower planted in the hospice gardens in memory of a loved one.

We've had a little sunflower put in the garden for my dad.

And of course it wouldn't be a great British fete without the power of the morris dance:

They were so dynamic they had to surround the performance space with an orange plastic barrier ;o)

So i didn't get to buy any booty items to show you all but i did pick up a pressie for a friend of mine who has everything:

You cant go wrong with a quintessential great British knob for the jubilee weekend ;o)  It does say on the back however that size of knobs may vary - such is life!

Don't even get my started on on the smutty puns my husband has come out with regarding eating said humbugs...

Righto I better see what you all have been up to.

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend.

Big Love

Saturday, 19 May 2012


Hello my lovelies!

Sorry for my impromptu break from blogland, I haven't forgotten you all but had a couple of weeks feeling unblogworthy. I haven't been to the boot sales due to the crappy weather and the charity shops have had not a sausage worthy having. I also haven't had any time to do anything crafty so felt like I didn't have much to blog about.  I also wouldnt want blogging to become a chore.

A week in the Isle of Wight has sorted me out though, we got back yesterday and the break was much needed. Not to mention that the charity shops on the Isle of Wight are blooming brilliant! Gone were the pretentious displays of arty farty new goods, there were just selves full of goodies piled up everywhere, ideal for the rummaging urge :o)

Due to lack of space in the car I was unable to bring back all the stuff I would have loved to rehome (not to mention the fact I am on a declutter mission which has halted my buying prowess). I did however manage to sneak two items in:

Vintage leather Gladstone style doctors bag - £3

Pretty silver plated teaspoons x 6 - £1.99.

Well a short post from me, I will hopefully try and get back into posting at least once a week.  I will also of course be doing the rounds to catch up with you all.

Big Love