Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sunday Funday and a few knobs

Hello! How are you all doing? Hope you have been enjoying the freaky heatwave we have had.  The weather is looking a bit dodgy for the weekend which is rubbish.

On Sunday instead of shopping at the boot sale I actually got my crap together and did some selling in the declutter 'sell our house' misson.  It was very therapeutic to get rid of so much stuff and as the weather was fabulous I had lots of buyers!  I've still go enough stuff indoors though for about another 100 boot sales so going to hopefully do another one soon.

Being stuck on the stall meant I didn't get to overhear much of the good stuff but i did get one particularly creepy buyer. A middle aged man wearing a dirty anorak in the hot sun bought a pair of my peep toe shoes making sure 'they had been worn' along with a Ministry of sound exercise dvd.  I shuddered with a vision of him sniffing my shoes while watching girls get sweaty on screen *blugh* But hey a sale is a sale ;o)

I also went to a 20th Anniversary Sunflower Fete at the St Michael's Hospice here in my home town.  Its a charity close to my heart as my dad was in the hospice for a little while before he died.  As a fundraiser they had a Sunflower 'in memory' appeal whereby you could make a donation to have a wooden painted sunflower planted in the hospice gardens in memory of a loved one.

We've had a little sunflower put in the garden for my dad.

And of course it wouldn't be a great British fete without the power of the morris dance:

They were so dynamic they had to surround the performance space with an orange plastic barrier ;o)

So i didn't get to buy any booty items to show you all but i did pick up a pressie for a friend of mine who has everything:

You cant go wrong with a quintessential great British knob for the jubilee weekend ;o)  It does say on the back however that size of knobs may vary - such is life!

Don't even get my started on on the smutty puns my husband has come out with regarding eating said humbugs...

Righto I better see what you all have been up to.

Have a fabulous bank holiday weekend.

Big Love


  1. Hey Scarlett,

    Go you with the decluttering. Have to say there is nothing quite like a good purge of stuff to feel slightly more in control of life. For a little bit anyway. OOoo my stomach is twisting away at the dirty anorak man. Yuck!

    Looks like a great fete can't beat a bit of Morris dancing! Even if it does have to be er fenced off.

    Wow that really was a gift to your mate with knobs on - or in as it were. I can well imagine the great one liners you heard all weekend! If my other half is anything to go by. ;)

    P x

  2. Kinda sounds like fun selling all your stuff. Hope you can sell more! hugs, Linda

  3. Good going with the garage sale scarlett! We decluttered and had a stall at a local car boot fair, which hadnt been asvertised, sold 2 things, bought countless from the hundreds of stalls with no customers!!! Gotta love morris dancing makes me nostalgic for mad old enland x

  4. Whoohoo - good decluttering girl! It's quite therapeutic I find, although maybe not quite as good as buying a load of clutter back again. I debated a post on the weirdy eBay sellers who are after stuff like used shoes (and worse) but decided it was too grim even for me! Mind you, like you said, a sale's a sale - I think the eBay code word is "well worn" - you can even sell manky old used tights!

  5. Looks likeyou had a good weekend my lovely, even if there was no boot-sale buying for you...

    I can't stand being a 'seller' at boot sales. People are just so rude -I usually end up wanting to smack someone! So you go girl at your booties!! :o)

    Have a great weekend my sweetie, and i'm hoping it's sunny just for you cos' you brighten my day :o)
    Take care my lovely,

  6. I've putoff the de-clutter for waaaay to long, I dread to think how early I'd have to start if we were to move house.
    Lovely idea with the sunflowers, that must have been emotional but at the same time heartwarming.
    Shoe and jiggy lady DVD - yuk. But, you don't have to like someone to take their money off them!

  7. Impressive start to the decluttering mission :-) I'm super impressed in fact that you didn't buy anything while you were selling!!

    What a gorgeous way of remembrance; I'd like to think someone will remember me with a sunflower one day :-)

    Jem xXx

  8. Was the orange tape to stop the crowd surfing and people charging on mid dance?! I never really understood the art of dancing around with a handkerchief.

    The shoe man sounds very creep - people like that make me shiver deep inside. It's like the people who buy used socks on eBay. Very strange!

    The sunflower remembrance sounds very meaningful and what a lovely way to mark and celebrate someone.

  9. My hubby knew a a chap who used to sell smelly old builders boots on eBay - using key descriptions such as g-y interest and fetish. They sold very quickly. It's a funny old world we live in...takes all sorts to make it go round.

    If anyone overheard us talking at last Sunday's boot sale they'd have heard us debating, over a book by James Hewitt (with his photo on the front), whether he is Prince Harry's father or not. It got quite heated. I think not, the Mista thinks yes. The seller of the book was quite startled and bemused and stayed out of our argument.

  10. Eeewww - that guy sounded well freaky, but like you say - its a sale!

  11. Yay for decluttering us vintage lovers do love to hoard! Some people are too creepy. The painting a sunflower in memory of a loved one is such a sweet idea. xxx

  12. It sure was the perfect weekend to sell things at a boot sale. The ones I went to were just packed..the good weather brought all the sellers and buyers out. I couldn't even finish the one on Sunday, as I just got too warm and tired in the end (being in the third trimester has slowed me down).
    The man sure sounded creepy..just count the cash, best not to think of why he bought the things he did :P
    Have a great day today :)
    Magie x

  13. I like the idea of the sunflowers. Good for you for de-cluttering!

  14. Yeah for purging, makes way for new stuff :) I about spit out my coffee laughing about the perv buying your"must have worn" shoes and your exercise video, creep for sure, but funny! I love the idea of the sunflower in remembrance sorry about your Dad love.

    ENjoy the holiday too!

  15. Love your posts, always puts a smile on my face!

    Lovely way to remember your Dad too, a sunny Sunflower.

    Have a great weekend xx

  16. Glad your decluttering has got off to a good start!

    Enjoy the long weekend,

    Victoria xx

  17. I do love a good clear out, the perfect excuse for filling the house with even more tat!
    I can't believe how many of those foot fetishists are around. I've had some hideous enquiries about how smelly shoes I've listed on eBay are and if I can email a shot of my naked foot.
    Love the sunflower tribute to your Dad and the tin of knobs! Have a fab bank holiday weekend. x

  18. Being a nosey type I’d have had to come straight out with it and ask him why the shoes had to be worn, even if it meant losing a sale. Perhaps he was 'props and costumes' for the local am-drams.

  19. Well done on doing a car boot and making way for more goodies!
    There are loads of "well worn" shoes and stockings on Ebay. Perhaps we shoul all cash in on the perfect business opportunity!
    Love all those little sunflowers. And the knobs! xxx

  20. I love the little wooden sunflowers ... such a nice way to remember them. <3 Keep being your fabulous self!

    - Marisa

  21. Great job on starting your decluttering. What exactly is a British knob?

  22. LOL! I have to ask. Did you have a good suck on a knob? Ok got that out my system.

    Madison xxx

  23. Glad to hear you managed to sell some of your wares at the booty! I have to force myself into doing another one in the next few weeks, I really do hate to part with things but the space and profit is always welcome in return xxx

  24. Love the sunflower idea, a lovely memento for your dad.Rx

  25. Hello my sweet,

    Just popped by to see how you are. Hope you and yours are keeping well.
    Sending you love and big hugs,
    Donna xx

  26. Where you at biatch?
    I been de cluttering this month myself.
    love the sunflower idea amor.

  27. Hi Scarlett - hope everything is OK. Missing your cheery posts.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  28. Great Blog! Would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love,

  29. Come back Scarlett. We miss you xxxxxxx

  30. Hi Scarlett, I hope all has been well during your blogging break. If I don't catch up before Christmas, have a lovely day and I hope Santa brings you lots of goodies, Tam x

  31. Come back to the dark side know you want too...xx


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