Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunshine Shopping

Hello my lovelies!  What a beautiful week of sunshine we have had.  Sorry I have been absent again from blogland I've spent most of my week out of home in the sunshine (had a week off work)  - maybe I'm becoming a bad weather blogger ;o)

So its coming up to Easter which means one thing - boot sale season kicks off - hoorah! I'm very excited about this as the local all year one here has been bloody rubbish. The only thing worth checking out was this amazing Duce Coupe:

It's called Cherry Blossom and has "Cherry Blossom" stitched across the interior seats - a real bad ass girl hot rod, I dream to own one, although not sure where the child seat will fit ;o)

I also discovered a little gem of a place in Newbury called the "Clothes Warehouse". It is basically a huge barn filled to the brim with second hand clothes. They call it a clothing recycling centre, but after chatting to a lady who works there I found out that they actually pay to empty the charity clothing bins you see around and they then sort and sell on the clothes. There was so much vintage there:

 However I didn't know if I felt easy at first with the fact that people had donated their clothing to these charity bins thinking they are going direct to the charity. They are probably completely unaware that a company actually buys the items by the bag load and sells them on for a profit. 

 But then again its not so different as us buying clothing from jumbles and charity shop and selling it on eBay for a profit, so I got stuck in! What do you think about it?

Also Newbury boasts 12 charity shops! How have I not been shopping in this town before?  The best had to be this little Salvation Army charity shop with a fabulous location on the river:

It was hidden down an alley but what a treat. The ladies who worked there were so lovely, telling me they were the cheapest charity shop in Newbury and they weren't wrong. I didn't see an item of clothing in there priced over £2.50.

I haven't had a chance to photo any of my latest buys but hopefully I'll get my arse into gear and get my blogging mojo back on track.

I'll be doing my rounds to catch up with you all over this week :o)  I've missed you!

Big Love


  1. I've missed you!
    It's hard to keep on the blogging treadmill though. I find it a bit like dieting!
    Those shops look amazing. Bet you will unearth some fantastic car boot treasure this season, can't wait to see it all, and hear the hilarious tales.

    Lucy x

  2. Can't wait to see what gems you find at the bootsales now they've started back up again!

  3. That Salvation Army branch looks beautiful, thrifting by the river!? Amazing!

    Glad you're back in the land of blog!

    Jem xXx

  4. That has to be one of the most picturesque charity shop locations in the UK, right by the river; perfect! :-)

    Lovely to see you back in the land of Blog!

    Jem xXx

  5. Amor,
    I cant wait for your witness at anywhere stories.
    Those clothes look tempting.. I need find more frocks.
    missed you loads too.

  6. I can't make that out. Is it a very thin charity shop? It's ok to buy and re-sell stuff that has been 'donated' - everyone is a winner!

  7. I was wondering same as Nell, it looks like a Guiness world record holder for narrowest shop!

    That car is pretty fab, I wouldn't say no...
    Must be better at the car boots this year, I'm not the world's earliest bird!


  8. I've missed your stories. I can't wait to hear what is going on at the boot sales.

  9. Missed you too! Now get that arse in gear and bring us some funnies and eye-candy! Lol. Love you!

  10. Forgot to mention...that darn hot-rod is..... smoking ...wish I could buy it!

  11. You can't beat glourious weather! 12 shops in one town how cool is that! Love the racks of goodies can't wait to see what you got!

  12. That charity shop down by the river looks so intriguing, it's nice to hear of a shop that doesn't overprice second-hand stuff. The clothes warehouse looks like an interesting one too, I bet there's some real gems to be had. I think a lot of stuff from charity shops and car boots end up on eBay, (I'm guilty of doing so myself)so I guess this place is doing a bit of a similar thing. I had no idea that the charitys would let you buy bags in loads from them though, but again at least they are getting some money towards charity xxx

  13. Ah I am glad you have found the delights of charity shops in Newbury! It's fantastic! I discovered them last year as my friend lives nearby! I didn't know about the clothing place though! I will have to visit sometime! xx

  14. How fab, there is nowhere like that where I live *sigh* oh well, least I can look at your wonderful finds :) Looks like some gorgeous vintage dresses on the rail, especially the blue on the left! Have a fab day x

  15. Love that Sallys by the river - how pretty! I wish we had more charity shops around here, we have a sallys but it's so very expensive that it's just cheaper to buy clothes new.

  16. Don't appologise for going out in the actual sunshine rather than staring at a screen all day! Can't wait to see what you've picked up!

  17. Little duce coup - reminds me of a song way back when! I would love to ride in one some day, wouldn't you?

  18. Wow love that wee shop on the river! :)

  19. Well that picture number two of the vintage clothes made me want to LEAP through the computer screen and take a look through that rack. I see a few fabrics that really jump out and catch my eye.
    Our Salvation army is the cheapest thrift store in our town & one of the best.

  20. The clothes warehouse looks like they have a lovely selection of vintage dresses.
    That charity shop is cute..looks almost like it is pie shaped (perhaps that is just me though, having my usual pie craving :P). Sounds like a great place to go for a bargain.
    I look forward to seeing you buys :)
    Have a great time at the boot sales. Our Saturday one just started a few weeks back, and we have a large one every second Sunday (that has just started). I sure do miss the boot sales during the winter time.
    Have a great week..

  21. Hey, nice to have you back!
    I think if the clothing warehouse pays the charity shops for what they take, everyone's a winner. Like you, I buy from charity shops and sell on Ebay for a profit. I figure I pay what they ask, if it's too much and I don't think there's any profit in it, I'll leave it for the next shopper. Everyone's getting something from the deal.
    Looking forward to seeing what you found!
    That little Sally Army shop looks fabulous! xxxx

  22. Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

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  23. All those beautiful clothes....Happy Easter!

  24. If they pay to empty the bins, and everything is getting recycled, I don't see the problem, I think it's a great idea!

    I want to visit Newbury!! :o) Most frocks in our shops are £9.99!!!! Even if is't got a primark label!

    Hopeyou have a fabby easter my lovely.
    Take care Scarlett.
    Big love n hugs,
    Donna xx

  25. a barn full of vintage clothes? hell yeah! i'd loveeee to stuck in and buy some, charity aside, we're still women who love clothes and shopping hehe. wish i could find cheap charity shops in my town :(

    xx susan


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