Saturday, 5 March 2011

20p Challenge

I was invited to go a to a jumble sale today - I haven't been to one for years as they don't have many around where I live but my Aunt helps out at a church jumble sale which they call a "mini market".  It was the best thing I've ever been to for the cheap items, this helped me complete my 20p challenge for the week :o)

So last week I set myself the challenge of finding some vintage items for 20p as it seems these days everything slightly "vintage" is knocked up in price on the off chance its valuable. So these are my 20p gems:

Embroidered napkins - 20p for the 4 at the boot sale last week.
A vintage Chance glass plate with fluted edge - 20p Charity shop, if you look closely you can see the 20p price label :o)

1950's Old Foley James Kent ltd soup bowl - 'Oregon Pine' design. This was from the jumble sale today and was 10p!!

The next one is a real exciting find for me, but probably a piece of junk for someone else:

Vintage brown leather suitcase  - the real shabby chic - 20p!!! This was from the jumble sale today also and they thought I was mad asking if it was for sale as they were going to bin it, if only they knew the latest trend for old suitcases :o)

Glass carafe, ideal for a bit of red wine on the dinner table - 10p!! Again jumble sale bargain.

Last but not least on the 20p challenge - the cheapest of the lot:

Midwinter "Country Garden" retro teapot - the! They gave me this for free as I bought the other items lol.
So success for Scarlett on the 20p challenge hurrah!  I did also pick these vintage curtains up at the jumble sale but they were breaking the budget at 50p for the pair haha:

I will definitely be visiting the "mini-market" again when it is on next month. The sweet thing is that my aunt said that one of the oldies commented that I was "splashing the cash" and that I could come again! Haha I've become a high roller of the jumble sale scene - I only spent about £2 after buying some children's book too. They were also pleased to announce that the sale today raised £48.64 for their church which apparently is a good mornings takings :o)

I did pop to the charity shop up from the sale which I don't normally get to go to and I bought some great items in there but I think I'll have to post about these tomorrow.

Happy Weekend all and if you managed to bag a 20p item let me know!

Scarlett x


  1. No I didnt!!!
    I always go to Canterbury on a Monday to collect my son from an after school club. So I was all set to traipse around the charity shops there, when I got a phone call to say he didnt feel great and could I collect him straight away!! Didnt get any further than the carpark!!!

    I haven't had time during the week as I am now working extra hours. We went to Deal today - but still nothing!!

    Cant believe the bits you got........especially the suitcase, napkins and teapot - what beautiful bargains!!!

  2. Oh, this looks like it was a fun sale to go to! You got lots of wonderful treasures!!

  3. i can't believe you got all those bargains - i am seriously amazed! the suitcases are my fav.. xx

  4. Scarlett, I really want to be friends with you but you're making me too jealous! ;-)

    Those are SERIOUSLY gorgeous finds. Free midwinter teapot...sigh. Lovely suitcase...

    As you might guess I have seriously failed in the 20p challenge, £2.50 is a bargain round here. Can I come and live with you?
    Lakota xx

  5. {Fugly is helping you obviously. Maybe he should come and live with me after all...)

  6. Big Congrats to you Scarlett!!! if there's anyone could do the 20p challenge, it's gotta be you! coz i know i cant! i've been searching in every charity shop in my area and no luck, there was, it's crappy item and some it's around 25p to 50p which is a bummer hehe, so once again congrats and i love your findings, especially those shabby chic suitcases!

  7. O My god i can't believe you only paid 20p for most of your items you did so well. I have to say my favourite is the Midwinter Coffee pot i love it i have lots of Midwinter in very similar patterns in the forms of jugs etc yours has beautiful colours and to get it lucky lady ;-)) And your suitcase to...what a bargin ;-)) well done you, dee x

  8. Incredible! Sometimes I think I'm good at finding bargains BUT I'm definetely not that good!
    I have managed to buy some vintage shot glasses for twenty cents each but nothing ever to rival your finds!
    I love the case (tried to buy one last week but they wanted ten dollars! In an op-shop!),the soup bowl (that pine design-gorgeous!) and the tea pot too.
    How kind of you to splash your cash around Scarlett!!!

  9. Such great finds and such great prices!!!!

    Victoria xxx

  10. I'm laughing about you splashing the cash, you big spender you. Loving the Midwinter and the suitcase (beautifully, posed with your F&M hamper I see!).

    I went to a jumble yesterday and will be blogging about it at some point when I've got rid of this headache, self inflicted, of course. And yes I did get some 20p bargains. Yay for 20p bargains!

    Love from a delicated headed Looxx

  11. Glad i found you! Don't think we could get anything like that for the equivalent of 20p here. Jealous!

  12. The biggest bargain I've had since moving to Derbyshire in November has been 50p - clearly I'm in the wrong neck of the woods completely! :-)

    Jem xXx

  13. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Wow, you have got some bargains. I must get myself to a jumble sale to see if I can pick up some too!

  14. Some great stuff! love the suitcase, I have one from my mum in law, I keep bits of fabric in mine :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!


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