Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Boot Sale Part 2 :o)

As promised my lovelies I'm posting the second half of my mammoth boot sale haul.  Thanks for all your lovely comments on the last post and to answer the question where I put it all, well we have a lot of in built storage in the house :o) I'm also replacing all the modern boring kitchen stuff with my vintage finds as I love that mismatched look.  I'm trying to clear as I go along via La Bay which funds my shopping habits lol.

So lets take a look at the new additions.  Well it seems that some one is sending me a sign, first the froggy murder print, then the wind in the willows hamper and now:
Yup old school Wind in the Willows book.  Love it, has a slight bit of water damage to the top of the dust cover but the book and illustrations are perfect. Looking forward to reading this to my son.  Plus it was only 50p :o)

On the subject of old books I bought this lot:

Basically bought the books because they look "pretty" in a true shabby chic way. I'm not going to pretend I have literary prowess - just like the covers *wink*  I'm also a sentimental fool and the 'little men book' has this inside:

A February birthday girl in 1950. I also got this fabulous kids book by Mr Jungle book (and Nobel Prize winner) himself:
This little gem was published in 1948.  Amazing its still in such great condition.  All these books cost me 20p each *grin*.

The next item I bought caused a massive argument between the stall holders. I saw this vintage trinket jar (with mirrored lid) and perfume bottles (complete with stoppers -eeeee!):

I went in for the grab before anyone else spied them and asked the young guy on the stall how much for the set, he said £2. Well I tried to keep cool but inside I was squealing.  His mother then called him to the front on the van and they started having a heated discussion while pointing at the set. I had my £2 coin in my hot little hand just wanting to pay and run but was looking like I wasn't getting these for £2.  The guy then came back and said "my mother wants a lot more for them but as I've said £2 you can have them for that". Well the coin was in his hand like lightening and I was busy stuffing these into one of the pillow cases (aka swag bag) I bought.  The mother then came strutting over and I was like 'run run run' so I grabbed my bags and as I was darting off I heard the young guy say "well that will teach you for selling my stuff too cheap, now we're even"  eek! I wouldn't want to be in their house that evening sheesh!

But I don't feel so guilty now every time I look at them - hehehe (yup my ruthless side has shown its face) at at least meany momma can be safe in the knowledge they've gone to a good home.

I also got 5 jars which are now storing my buttons, I've only photographed 3:

They were 10p each :o)
Now what you've all be waiting for ....

Witnessed At A Boot Sale

I see so many crazy and amusing things at the booty that it would be rude not to share.

The boot sale I go to has its regulars (me being one of them) but the most noticed of us is a lady who rides a mobility scooter complete with African Grey Parrot. I kid you not the parrot hangs onto her keys and takes the whole boot sale in his stride.  I was behind her on a tricky narrow bit full of people and the parrot said "A bit of a Squeeze" and she didn't pat an eyelid just replied "yes it is" - me and the lady beside me were open mouthed in amazement - clever little bird!  I wonder if  knows how to haggle - who's going to say no to a parrot wanting a bit of chintz for a knock down price.

The second happening which amused me greatly was an eastern European lady looking at a box of breast pads:
Lady- "have they been opened?"
Stall holder - "no they are brand new"
Lady -  "oh I'll leave them then"

The last thing that made me chuckle was a grown man sniffing a handbag - getting a proper eyes closed lung full of sweaty plastic. I think he was using the guise that he was checking for leather but I think that bag just made his day...

Well done to those that got to the end of this post lol.  I've also seen today that I've reached that magic 100 followers, thank you all and I am in awe that you all read my blog!  I'm off to sort out a giveaway so watch this space as will announce it in a few days.

Scarlett x

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  1. Oh that proper made me laugh about the breast pads!!
    Buttons,buttons,i do love buttons,one day i will find a decent use for mine other then cluttering shelves up lol
    Have a nice day

  2. 1st off LOL am lauging about the jars wonder if she is talking to sonny boy yet? That round fat one is most like a powder Jar I found that out when I went on a research hunt for the one I have.I love them the other bottles are lovely too what a bargain.I love reading inscriptions in books Not sure about over your way but those names arent given to kids these days here lol Definitly can tell the age just by the book names.
    What a great parrot and too funny that someone wanted 2nd hand pads and maybe the sniffer gets high that way.Great button bargain too

  3. I love the books, they look so shabby and lovely :) Congrats on reaching 100 followers, your blog is great!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. Congrats on reaching your century Scarlett x

  5. haha that has made me laugh so much!!!
    the parrot for a start would have freaked me out i hate birds especially ones that arnt in cages..but how funny is that. they must have great conversations at home!
    well done on your 100 followers. there will be a scarlett loves elvis cult before you know it!!!


  6. You have me giggling away as usual!! :-) Who'd want already used breast pads?! The bag sniffing man is hilarious and you're right, who COULD say no to a haggling parrot?! The books you picked up are fantastic!

    Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!

    Jem xXx

  7. Scarlett, those books look amazing and a definite bargain. Parrots, breast pads and sniffing handbag insides, whatever next??! Congrats on reaching 100 followers. WEll deserved and here's to a 100 more!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA *i'm laughing so hard* reading your last post on the bootsale, the parrot is very clever indeed! and i cant stop laughing about the lady with the breast pad!! the guy who sniff the bags just ewwww hahahahaha. I absolutely in love with your trinket jars!! you're so lucky to have them for £2 before that meany mommy came to ask more money from you!! I'm like you, i love old books because i love how they look, not coz i read them hahaha I'm in love with all those books you got!! the covers are soo lovely!! Thanks for sharing this! and the jars with the buttons are cuteeee! xx

  9. That's so funny - aren't people strange?!?!? You should write a sit-com - how about Car Boot Capers!

  10. Oh gosh the Wind in the Willows books is amazing, I love old books too. I often am in awe of pretty covers and always check for little notes and dates inside. You got some wonderful finds here.

    I love reading about your little observations! It’s funny the things you can witness at a boot sale. The lady with the parrot sounds pretty awesome.
    Though once I got myself into quite an embarrassing situation, I actually got lost in the middle of a huge field! I hadn’t got my mobile and had no clue where my bf had wandered off to. Sheer panic and about 30mintues of running around nearly in tears (yes I was that scared), I finally managed to pluck up the courage to ask a stallholder if I could use there mobile to phone my bf! So we were finally re-united. But my never again will I get lost at a car boot xx

  11. Don't old childrens books look more inviting? I've got quite a lot of vintage Enid Blyton - Famous Five and the St Clares books - and the modern covers in the shops look horrible compared.

    Your observations from the Boot Sale are priceless - keep them coming!

    Congrats on 100+ - well deserved :)

  12. love the tales of the 'character's' found at boot sales, they certainly do attract them! It's worse when you're the seller and they like your stall, you just can't get rid of them!

  13. Brilliant finds and brilliant anecdotes! Oh how I long to go to a car boot sale all on my own with my haggling head on. I once insisted on knocking a guy down from £4 to £2 saying "that's all I have".
    I went on to pay with a five pound note (oops).

  14. Woohoo! Love the trinket jar and perfume bottles...such a great find, glad you got that price! Always fun to see what you get at the boot sale. I love the story of the lady with the parrot!

  15. Hey there! thanks for following my blog. Nearly there to 100 followers! I love your car booting stories. You certainly get a varied range of chracters there. Although i think the bag sniffer must be the best one. Although the talking parrot it is pretty cool too!

    MBB x

  16. First, GREAT HAUL Scarlett!! Lovin' everything you stole....ahem I mean purchased *winks* Second, glad you got away from the crazy arguing carbooters!I'd have dropped my cash and run! LOL! And third...who wants USED breast pads? Perhaps it's just me but.....eeeeewwwww!!
    Too funny about the lady with the scooter and parrot! We just don't do "charming" like that here in the US....Our parrots would say "get you a$$ out of the way! LOL!
    Girlfriend if I can enable....I mean inspire you in any way?....Then I'm a happy camper! So here's the deal...You can blame me...And I'll tell my hubbs it's YOUR fault!...Deal? *winks* And CONGRATULATIONS on 100 followers! Vanna

  17. Great purchases - as always! Especially the dressing table set..........wot a bargain!!

    I am loving your "witnessed at a boot sale" section!!

  18. I just love a good deal! It reminds me of a commercial for Ikea where the lady comes running out of the store, lugging a bunch of bags and yelling at her husband to "start the car..START THE CAR" Cracks me up every time I see it! Lovely finds. I'm your newest follower...Congrats on the 100+

  19. Of course my first impression was that you were blogging about an actual BOOT (as in footwear) sale, ha ha! But nary a boot in sight, just lots of wonderful old books and that FABULOUS set--and what a steal, my dear. I also love it when that happens!!!!!

  20. Haha awesomeness with the jars, betting that lady was maaaad! Shall need to get back to my local boot sale - I live literally 5 min walk away but I never seem to be around when its on! :)

  21. GREAT FINDS!!! I will send you my address so the buttons can come live with me ;) I went to a swap meet today, and found a ton of new treasures! I will post them all on Saturday.

    Have a lovely day!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  22. Oh that did make me chuckle....I love all your finds.....I'm off to find myself a car booty, they sound like such fun! x

  23. Your post is so funny! Congrats on 100 followers!

    Please stop by for my Giveaway! It's open worldwide!

  24. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha what a great post you had me laughing out loud with the parrot and the young lad ;-) Its amazing what you see, but i have to say you were in the right place at the right time with those perfume bottle there gorgeous i would have run for it to ;-))I love old books and i collect them to and if they have words written in them i get quite emotion thinking about when the owner frist had them theres something quite romantic about them i feel. dee x

  25. Great boot sale finds, there. And love your funny stories, what a great idea to incorporate these - might do the same in my weekly bootsale posts - something bizarre always happens at my local boot sale each week! x

  26. Love the books and wanted to say thanks again for your support of Junkin Finds Friday! hugs, Linda


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