Monday, 7 March 2011

Sunshine + Boot Sale = Bargain Treasure

Well it seemed like Spring had finally reached Hampshire yesterday and the boot sale was heaving.  I must have been rammed by a pushchair at least 15 times and also nearly mowed down by a mobility scooter but was well worth the scrum down to get the fabulous finds.

First stall I came to had boxes and boxes of junk under the table, the guy looked like he specialised in house clearance as he had a bit of everything on the stall. Well I spied these poking out of a box:

Oh yes June Rose print 1960s Pyrex! Love a bit of Pyrex and I managed to find 6 plates, 1 casserole dish, 1 large bowl and a single mug and the stall holder gave me the lot for £3.00. He was also kind enough to keep it for me so I didn't have to carry it around the boot sale but did get a little chatty when I went and picked it back up, even gave me a wink when I left - eugh!

Next I dug out this floral tray made by Scotwood:
Its more vibrant than the photo (damn my point and shoot camera) and I haggled on this one getting it for £1.50.  Trays seem to get ruined really quickly in my house for some reason so I'm not going to let mucky man hands get hold of this one.

Next find of the morning:
Floral shower curtain - bought for one whole English pound :o) I then spotted something I had been after for ever, a vintage Gresley mixing bowl - this ones a whopper:

Needed a good clean inside, as per the second photo taken in its former state, but now looks shiny and as good as new - all for £2.  I had seen one of these a while back in a charity shop but they wanted £10 for it so chuffed to bits to have found one more to my budget.

Next little treasure:

Vintage floral umbrella, which also has a fabric covered handle, it barely looks like its been used and the stall holder said it had been his mothers and been sat in her house for many of years - love it.

Now what was that umbrella resting on in the previous photos?.... Oh yes another Fortnum and Mason Hamper :o)):

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw another F&M hamper at the same boot sale only a month of so apart!  A woman had picked this up on a stall and it had a £7 price tag on it, the stall holder said he would take £5 but she put it down and stood back.  Shamelessly I picked it up straight away and handed the stall holder a fiver, much to the annoyance of the woman next to me - oops.  First rule of boot sale club "Don't put the item you like down" second rule of boot sale club "Don't put the item you like down...especially if its a F&M Hamper" lol.

Last item on my shopping list was some retro pillow cases:
I sold some a bit like this on eBay a while back and they went for about £5 so bagged these when the stall holder said they were 50p the pair.  I also got some toys for my little boy who has dad and son time when I'm running the boot sale gauntlet as there is no way I'd be patient enough to try and push a buggy round that boot sale.

Successful boot sale trip indeed, all these lovelies bought without having to fight a dealer.  The boot sale however has got dealer savvy and they as the sale opens at 11am then charge the early birds £5 to get in to view between 10-11am - sheesh, I'd rather wait till 11am and pay my 30p :o)

Happy Monday all

Scarlett x

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  1. I love the Pyrex bowls - what a steal at £3 for the whole set! The umbrella is also right up my street, such unusual fabric, will definitely stand out proud among the boring black brollies that pop up come the rain :-)

    Hope you had a lovely weekend and thank you for the kind comment - it has been so lovely to have the other half back home!

    Jem xXx

  2. Well done Scarlett, love the shower curtain and brolly, lovely patterns. Can't believe another F&M hamper basket so envious!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Well done again Scarlett...what a treasure-filled weekend you have had! I have that Pyrex too didn't know what it was called till now though-thanks.
    LOL re the sleazy stall holder.Yuk!

  4. Great bargains. The pyrex seems like a steal and the hamper - well done! Can't wait til car boot season is upon us again up here (sw Scotland).

  5. Wow you've had some great bargains! I'm still trying to stay out the shops, altho have turned to ebay instead, not good! :)

  6. S C O R E S! Fun finds for sure. CUte baskets. Thanks so much for joining my newbie party. Have fun.
    Debbiedoos blogging and blabbing

  7. You can't go wrong with a bit of pyrex! I have to say I love my pyrex and it's probably the stuff I use most!

    And oh so jealous of another F&M hamper!

    Next time I'm coming bargain hunting with you.

    Victoria xx

  8. Wow, you found lovely treasures. I've never seen that pretty Pyrex pattern before.

  9. Nice one my ruthless friend! Bet you were getting evils from F&M woman - heheh. Fab finds again, I especially like the mixing bowl for two quid, that's amazing. xx

  10. Love all those thrifty finds Scarlett! The pyrex bowls and baskets are amazing... you did good :)
    Thank you for following my blog and I'll be following your blog too, and will look forward to visiting you again soon...Hope you have a great week...
    Big hugs,

  11. What wonderful things!! Lucky lady!

  12. gorgeous pyrex bowls and mug!! great job in finding them, Scarlett!! the vintage mixing bowl for £2 is a treasure indeed it's £8 less than the one u saw in charity shop, geez! the umbrella is cute and those F&M's baskets are mouth watering!!! great tips by the way the rest too! so many wonderful things u bought in car boot sale! can't wait to see more of your findings!!!

  13. Love the find of another F&M hamper!Yet to find one round my way

  14. Scarlett, I'm in awe and verging on speechless at all your wonderful finds. Love the Pyrex - brilliant price. WEll done on the bowl (yes I saw one in a charity shop for a ridiculous £12.50!! Shocking, no?). As for the F&M hamper, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! Sorry for shouting, but I'm almost hysterical with excitement for you!

  15. Scarlett, great finds! I never pass up Pyrex when I come across it, it reminds me of my childhood! I bought several pieces a couple of summers ago at a Flea Market, guess what It all has made a new home between my mother's and daughter's homes.

    Visiting via Debbie's Newbie Party.

  16. LOVE that hamper! And the rest of your finds are awesome, too.

    My mom was from Yorkshire. What part of the U.K. do you call home?

  17. Hiya - making a pirate face cake for number 2 in a couple of weeks! Should be easy cos at least it's round ;-)

  18. Wow, the pyrex is beautiful! I've never seen that pattern before- good score!

  19. Hi Scarlett,
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm totally in awe of all your bargain finds, you have a real eye for the good stuff. I'm glad it's getting warmer out as you're tempting me to get back to the boot sales!

  20. Oh wow! I love the pyrex bowls! And the H&M hampers are killer!! And the brella! and I would've paid $20 (US) in a red hot minute for that batter bowl! You totally SCORED!! Vanna

  21. found you through debbiedoos and am following. hope you take a look at my blog and join in the fun!

  22. Oh my goodness gracious! I've never seen Pyrex bowls so lovely. June Rose is my new favorite! LOVE. All of your thrifty finds were wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


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