Thursday, 10 March 2011

Scarlett loves Fabric

There is a large fabric shop near where I live but I tend not to go there as the prices are a lot higher than the small haberdashery in town.  I was however driving past this shop yesterday so thought I'd pop in, they also have a charity shop up there so thought why not :o)

No surprise that the fabric was overpriced, the poly cotton was £9.99 a metre compared to the £2.99 I pay in town.  They did however have the fabulous remnant bin, it was marked up as everything £1 a metre.  So without any shame what so ever I went in with both hands pulling the fabric out.  There was loads of boring white cotton but then I came across this beauty:

There was about 2 metres of it and it still had the sample price tag - check out the price per metre:

Yes that is really £37.99 a metre!  I think the manager felt a bit sorry for the crazy mum rummaging through the off cuts so he gave me the whole piece for £1 haha! I make that a saving of £74.98 :o)  I better find a really nice project to use this on.

I also found a great piece of red curtain material:

There is about 2 and a half metres of this one and I would have thought it was the same sort of price as the previous piece per metre but again I got this one for £1 :o)  Thank you Mr fabric man.
The charity shop was chocka block with bargain hunters but under a pile of coats I found this:
A patchwork effect single bedspread, sorry the photos arn't great, needs an iron and to be displayed properly but I'm sure you get the gist.  I paid £3 for this, shame they couldnt throw the ironing service in with it *wink*.

I bought a couple of other bits too but need to photo so will save these for a post tomorrow as today looks like its going to be a house-bound day with a teething monkey.

Scarlett x

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  1. I got the exact same blue throw for £3.99 on monday how strange x

  2. the fabric is great - what you going to make with it?..

  3. Love the black and white Scarlett.
    Thank goodness the days of teething babies are over for me! x

  4. Love the black & white! Thanks for the eye candy!!


  5. I could spend all day looking at fabrics,a day in fabricland is my idea of fun lol.
    Thank you for your kind words on my blog,if hubby brings home any MAC stuff that i already have,i shall gladly pass it onto you

  6. Geez!! that is ONE Pricey fabric shop! I'm soooo glad you got that beautiful remnant fabric for 2 metres and it only costs you £1!!!!! love the patchwork and the red floral fabric too!! x

  7. The curtain material is lovely,

    Victoria xxx

  8. Love the black and white fabric, what will you make? Blimey it was a bargin, well done!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. MI piace la trapunta sul celeste!Ti ringrazio per essere una mia nuova follewer,sei la benvenuta!Buona giornata,Rosetta

  10. What wonderful finds! Especially the black and white fabric. Isn't it amazing what some people will pay at full retail?!

  11. Wow, bargains galore yet again, Scarleet. What are you going to make with all that fabric? Do tell!

  12. The black and white fabric is just lush, would make such gorgeous pair of accent cushions or a lovely table runner! Do you have anything in mind for it yet?

    Jem xXx

  13. Wowser that was a fabulous deal on the fabrics! I have an old set of french pillows I adore that have a very similar pattern to the red stripe fabric you bought. I had to run and get it because I thought "hey that looks familiar!" And what a steal on the quilt too! I need to go shopping with you *winks* Vanna

  14. Excellent bargain on the fabric! Loving that quilt too, pretty colours :)

  15. I sure do like your new materials, you've got a keen eye for bargains.

  16. Beautiful fabrics, glad you were able to get some good prices.

  17. i love the fabric!! i seem to get really frustrated with sewing, so i usually only bring it out around halloween :)

    Thanks for stopping by and following, I'm a new follower :)


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