Thursday, 24 March 2011

Projects a go go

Sun is shining which means I can get outside and start doing up the items I've bought to make over. I have also acquired a couple more items this week in need of some TLC. The first was found in the Charity Shop window:

Boat shelving units - ideal for my little boys Pirate/Nautical Nursery. These are going to be painted blue and white. I sanded them yesterday so they will be painted shortly (fingers crossed). They cost £5.99 for the pair which I think was pretty cheap :o)

I also went to the tip with my recycling and came home with these two sorry looking chairs (also used in the above photo):

They only wanted £2 for each chair so of course I couldn't pass that up.  One has already been sanded ready for painting and the other is still looking rather sad in the shed.  Now just need to decide what colour to paint them - any ideas? I'm thinking maybe a Teal or peacock blue?

On the way home I popped into Homebase to get some paint to use on the boat shelves and would you believe that I even found that on the bargain shelves:

The Dulux cream/white one is hand mixed and was reduced down from £32.99 to £10.00 - the person it was mixed for obviously changed my mind - I'd like to thank them :o) The Fired Earth was reduced from £16.73 to £8.35 and was the baby blue colour I was after.  Thank you Mr Homebase.

Do you remember my Suit stand or as my bloggy friends from across the water call it a Valet:

Well finally got that shabby chic staple 'white paint' on it and its now ready to be fully accessorised for my bedroom:

I've started adding my vintage necklaces to it but I'm sure once I'm finished you probably wont be able to see the stand  *wink*.

So Scarlett does furniture tweaking as well as hanging around charity shops and car boot sales - who'd have thought it!  Although by the time I've painted all these new bits I'll probably be sick of it and will not want to paint another item for a while.

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Scarlett x

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  1. it's incredible what a coat of paint can do Scarlett.
    some people call valet's a buttler's friend...just another variation x

  2. some great finds scarlett ,the valet turned out really nice and what a lovely way to show of (i mean display...lol_) your gorgeous jewlery

  3. Scarlett,anch'io amo piu' le cose vecchie per poi trasformarle,il poggia-abiti è venuto benissimo,e sicuramente saranno belle anche le sedie,buona giornata,Rosetta

  4. the little shelves are fab bet they'll look grt once painted, im currently on the hunt for furniture for my daughters room to sand down and paint white as she wants shabby chic style ....shes only 7 but obviously has grt taste lol

  5. I love furniture with that "distressed" look. I am probably teaching you to suck eggs, but basically it is a case of putting a darkish colour on the base and then adding a lighter colour over the top and sanding down a bit to uncover the base colour. The raised edges of the furniture are the best bits to expose the under colour to get the best effect. I love all those sort of country blues and grey/white, cream/white which seem to be so popular.
    I look forward to seeing your results with this stuff. the boats! Hubby and I are trying to sell up to go live on a boat, so I am "into" boats right now!

    Oooooooooh...I am excited... I see that the post previous to mine is in Italian. Watch out Rosetta, here I come to check out your blog!

  6. I love boat shelves, those were an absolute steal at 5.99! They'll look great in little one's nursery too - are you going to match the chairs to the shelves? You could always opt for a sea blue and decoupage a treasure map or something to the seat of one of them for the nursery

    Jem xXx

  7. Those shelves were indeed a bargain - if you look on some of the posh childrens bedroom furniture website you'd pay £40+ each for them!

  8. Oh yes, Scarlett, the suit stand thingy looks much better painted white. Jem mentioned decoupage for the chairs. I think that would be a brilliant idea - only it would take longer I s'pose. I started collecting flower catelogues in order to decoupage one of our chairs, but have never got round to doing it (typical.....).

  9. I love the boat shelves, they're so cool! I would paint the chairs in F&B that you got so cheap :) the stand looks fab painted with your jewellery on, well done!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. love the little boat shelves.. they will go perfect if your little boys rooms all piratey and nautical.. our boys room has a nautical feel and i nearly bought exactly the same type of shelves from a carboot a few years ago but they were asking a bit much for them and wasnt prepared to haggle so i left them.. wish i hadnt now mind!
    well done on your bargain paint..
    love the suit holder stand .. looks lovely all painted up and even nicer with all your jewels on!!

    cant wait to see your "afters" on the chairs and shelves!

  11. The boat shelves are so cute! They will look adorable once painted. I love the shape of those chairs also. Oh yes 'oops' paint as it's called here is the best buy! hugs, Linda

  12. Oooooh looks so pretty!!

    I can't wait to see the boat shelves, I bet they'll look fab!

    Victoria xx

  13. I missed out on a shelf like that last week was walking out the door as I arrived growl.Great finds BTW

  14. Dont you just loveeee the weather these days?? I absolutely cant wait for the boat shelves and the chairs to be revamped by you, Scarlett! I'm sure it would be as cute and lovely as the suit stand/valet that you did!!! im in love with the shabby color and those jewellery!!! loveeee sunshine, lovee crafts projects...i think i also will go to homebase to snatch those reduced paints!! let's pain some more till we get sick of painting hahaha xx

  15. I love a good furniture re-vamp! Last year I bought a chair for a £1 in a charity shop and completely transformed it, I was so impressed I then went onto paint an old family bookshelf. I do love a good diy project.

    Those boat shelving units are so great, and such a good price too. Please photograph the results!
    And I am more than impressed by your ability to find the paint in sale too xxx

  16. The boat shelving looks so cute,i would love to put shelves in the kids room though i can imagine they would try and sit up on them and jump off!
    Have a nice day

  17. the boats are going to look fabulous. cant wait to see them. what a bargain. xx

  18. Wow that Valet looks incredible now its amazing what paint can do. Cant wait to see how the boat shelfs turn out. I love teal blue. dee x

  19. I love those boat shelves! I have seen them before and just aiting for them to turn up in my local thrift too! I'd love to see them when you're finished!

  20. That was a GREAT deal on the boat shelves! Actually you done good on everything (as always) girlfriend! You're making me feel like a lazy slacker with all your projects getting done. Love that valet! And lots-n-lots of room for more pretties on it!!
    I was going to reupholster some french started on removing the fabric...realized there were 40 billion staples in the darn thing (I'm pretty sure I'm not exaggerating) and decided to sit on my bum and eat Ben & Jerrys goes my average day LOL! I do THINK about getting things done...I'm super good at that! Haha! So title me "Projects a NO NO" *winks* Vanna

  21. Ooh excellent painting! Love the boat shelves too, wish I had a big old hall to put some of these in! :)

  22. Love the transformation for your jewelry! So pretty!
    Thanks for linking up to thrifty thursdays!


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