Saturday, 12 March 2011

The law of 'The Haggle'.

Saturday and the sun is out so thought I'd check out the new Saturday morning boot sale near where I live as am not going to be booting tomorrow :o(.  Well when I got there I thought I'd mistakenly walked onto the set of the Antiques Roadshow - every stall was full of collectables and all set out like an antiques fair, I did check the sign and it was definitely meant to be a carboot sale!  Along with the dealers came antique style pricing so I wasn't optimistic on finding a bargain even though there were so lovely things.

The turn out wasn't great and by the second to last stall I still hadn't bought anything, but the last two stalls came in lucky for me.  I found this little set of pink polka dot:

As you all know I love my jugs (sorry couldnt resist!) so to get two in a lot was magic!
The stall holder wanted £5 for the lot, now being a child of a boot sale addict (thanks Dad) I was told to not take the first price and always have a go at the haggle. I don't always follow this rule if for example the first price is ridiculously low anyway and I just want to get the item in my bag lol. On this instance however I thought there was room for the haggle, not wanting to be tight I offered £4 which I thought was reasonable as dear old dad would have gone it at least 50% haha.  Well the man on the stall had to confer with his wife regarding this small £1 discount - she was tight lipped and said no - not even coming in with a counter offer, so being a stubborn Scorpio I decided to leave it (a trick learned in my time in Thailand).  I walked to the next stall and started looking at the goods where by the guy rushed over and said yes they would take £4  :o) The Thailand trick remains infallible *wink*. Well I popped the items pretty quick into my bag before she had time to change her mind.  When I got home I looked at the bottom of the large jug:

£19.99 just for the jug! No wonder she thought she could get more lol.

The final stall was run by a fabulous Irish man who informed me that all his goods 'had been stolen from Windsor Castle the night before' so I had better snap them up before the old bill came and got him, haha. He had a pile of bedding which I thought I'd had a rummage through,  I found:
Yellow rose valance sheet for double bed.

Floral shabby chic style double duvet cover (with valance trim).

Vintage floral pillow case (sorry for all the creases - taken all these straight out of bag to photo before washing).
Vintage hand embroidered cushion cover.

One vintage lace glove (couldn't find the other one lol)

A pair of huge floral lined curtains which are beautiful (shame the pictures do not do these justice).

And the best of the lot:
A huge vintage Italian peacock scarf.  I couldn't believe it when I found this at the bottom of the fabric pile!

All these were from the Irishman's stall and guess how much I paid for the lot.... £5!!  I would have easily have paid more than that for the scarf or curtains alone but for the whole bundle that was unbelievable.  As you can guess this wasn't the time for a haggle haha.

So my weekend is complete on the bargain front and I don't feel so bad missing out on the boot sale tomorrow :o)

Happy weekend my lovelies.

Scarlett x

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  1. Great finds - am especially loving the pink polka dot :) I used to go booting with my late Grandfather and he was a wonderful haggler.

  2. What gorgeous linens you found, the peacock scarf is stunning,

    Victoria xx

  3. I've never been bold enough to haggle - I am in awe! Love those curtains, the fabric looks really good quality - such beautiful colours. I can't believe the haul you got for £9!

  4. I have such a soft spot for polka dots even my pushchairs are in polka dot...
    fabby finds again,i got as far as the shopping centre and had to go back home this weekend.

  5. I find it incredibly hard to haggle, probably because I am far too shy. But I have often found when I have held a stall in the past, most people try to haggle!

    The polka dots are lovely and the vintage peacock scarf is fabulous, such wonderful finds xx

  6. Oh my!! I absolutely love the pink polkadot set!! im sooo in love! i also love the shabby chic duvet, the peacock scarf is just Lovely! as always, love your finds and i will learn from you to haggle on bootsale!! definitely!

  7. Have never been to a car boot sale (yet), but I'll remember your tips when I do! Great finds!

  8. Wow those are fantastic finds,you did very well!

  9. Scarlett, I am verging on speechless. Love everything, particularly the polka dot stuff and the yellow rose valance and, of course, the peacock scarf. What bargains and I see that you're using your F&M hamper yet again for posing purposes!! I'm off to a carboot tomorrow (hopefully) the first one in aaages. Soooo excited.... Have a good (carboot free) Sunday!

  10. Love it all! Thanks for sharing at my Linky Party! You are the Bee's Knees ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  11. OOhhhh girl I am crying and green with envy!! All lovely finds, but those drapes...oh be still my heart!! And the peacock scarf is TDF!! Yes definitely there is a time to haggle and a time NOT to! Just grab the bounty and run! *winks* Vanna

  12. Oh...... those polka dot bit are lovely! I'm ashamed to admit that I am not a haggler! If I like something but not the price, and I am with hubby, I get him to do the dirty work!!
    Our bootys must be starting soon - can't wait!

  13. The peacock scarf is just stunning!! So, so beautiful Scarlett, I'm envious!!

    Jem xXx

  14. the jug is really nice!! and wow look at that peacock!!

    great finds!!

    In the Hammock Vintage

  15. I love your polka dot set Scarlett! the yellow flower valance is great as well :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  16. Wow! You certainly got a lot of awesome stuff! Way to go! LOVE the polka dot set!! And that scarf is to die for!

  17. While you did get a steal from the Irish vendor, he sounds like the type who would be enjoyable to haggle with. He'd tell you tales of how you are taking the food from the mouths of babes if you did not pay his price. You could counter that for stolen goods it was all profit and that once you had them in your possession you were sure the law would be hot on your trail.

    I agree- the scarf itself was worth what you paid in both booths. Glad you found treasure, and think of it this way - you did not have to carry it all day.

  18. Well done, you! Great haul! Love boot sales...even slightly posh ones!

  19. Nice haggling and those linens are fabulous!


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