Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Smutty Oldies!

Was up and about earlier than usual yesterday due to my little boy refusing to sleep past 6.30 am so I decided to get to the post office early to post some ebay stuff.  Once that was out of the way thought I'd sneak into the charity shop I don't tend to go in due to the lack of space for my buggy and because it tends to be full of fuddy-duddys that tut at children.

The coast looked clear so i went in, there was loads to look at but most of the trinkets I liked were priced a bit high.  My Hubby had dropped off a load of stuff I'd sorted out for the charity the previous week, one of which was a huge stuffed unicorn he had won being macho at the theme park which had been hidden in the loft for years  - well I couldn't believe they had slapped a £10 price ticket on the hideous thing! Good luck shifting that one *wink*.

I did however spot a cheeky little kit:

I'm a bit of a fan of the Tala kitchen bits as I love the vintage styling on the packaging and this kit was only £2.99 (seen for £15 online) so I thought in the spirit of Easter I would get this and have a go at making my own Easter gifts for family :o)

So I bet you're wondering what the blog title is about...Well its the next installment of

Overheard in a Charity Shop (not for the easily offended lol)

The shop was so quiet it was impossible to not hear what they were chatting about in the stockroom. They had a man bringing in stock and two elderly (in their 80's) ladies sorting through children's toys, the next thing one of the women picked up a plastic toy instrument and said "oh what do you do with this, do you suck or blow it?"...well I had a silent chuckle at the double entendre of these innocent oldies, but then I couldn't believe it when these two elderly ladies both then let out the dirtiest laugh I've ever heard - proper knee slapping belly laughs - well the innocence was well and truly shattered!  A bit of smut with the charity shop purchase at 10am :o) hehe. Now I wonder what my nan and her friends chat about at the 'lunch club' eek!

Before I finish the post for the day I need to say a huge thank you to Jem over at Beautiful Clutter for nominating me as one of her recommendations for the Liebster Blog award. Chuffed to bits to have had a second recommendation :o) If you haven't been to Jem's blog yet please go and check it out, she also takes fabulous photos and has beautiful treasures.

So I'm going to be ultra indulgent and nominate a couple more blogs with under 300 followers who I love which also deserve this award and to keep the happiness flowing! (and i don't think these were nominated by my bloggy friends)
These are:
Pretty at heart

Check out these amazing blogs :o) The rules again are if you want to accept the award is to link the person who gave you the award and nominate you're own smaller blog hidden gems (under 300 followers). Here's to all the smaller blogs out there!

Scarlett x


  1. Was the unicorn a weird shade of off white!? If so it's possible I had a similar one years ago - the size of a large dog!

    'Do you suck or blow on it?' Utterly priceless, I think Overheard In a Charity Shop has to be my favourite blogging feature on any blog, now chuckling away to myself!

    The chocolate making set looks an absolute winner, lovely to have in the run up to Easter and lots of fun ahead eating the trial batches ;-)

    Excited to check out your picks after work! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. The real Lucy Violet was 98 when she died and there was NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY nothing, smutty or not, you could discuss with her! And she had a wonderful belly laugh too!
    I'm sure your Nan and her friends are the just the same.

    Love the Tala truffle making kit x

  3. you're so lucky to get that Tal truffle and choc kit for £2.99!! i know i did take a look at the similar thing in robert dyas and yes it's quite costy :)

    it's always interesting to read about your "overheard in charity shop" post, it's sooo funny!!! i guess young or old, we are still the same at hearts hehehe x

  4. laughing!!!

    i think the oldies are the worst.. !! i guess at least it shows they have some spirit in them!!
    oo the chocolate kit looks fab and you couldnt have left that behind..
    ha it makes me laugh when i see the stuff ive donated to the charity shop.. ive usually bought it from the same charity shop 3 years before and they've slapped an even bigger price tag on it now!!


  5. Cheeky devils!

    I wonder how long it'll take to sell the unicorn (does sound hideous).

    Have a great day, Scarlett.

  6. Heh, love it. You know we'll be the same when we're aged charity shop volunteers ourselves!

    Good score on the chocolate kit. Selflessly, I will send you my address and be one of your testers of the first batch. You wouldn't want to send out substandard produce to your family now, would you?

  7. I love Tala kitchenware, the packaging is by far so lovely and original. You got a real bargain here xx

  8. Love the baking kit, can't wait to see your creations :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. I used to be the social and event director of a retirement community and we always had a great time being shocked at what some of the older ladies would say...esp if they had some kind of dementia (which most did). It is like that gave them freedom to be themselves. Talk about sex education...LOL.


  10. Ahhhh thank you for the award!

    Victoria xx

  11. you have a lovely blog :) my first time here :)

  12. I need a lesson from you on how to talk so cute!

    I love reading your blog posts! Some blogs I go to I only look at the pictures, but I ALWAYS read yours!

    Fun treasures!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  13. LOL! Thanks for the chuckle today! Love your little candy kit!

  14. Haha you should have said 'Thats what she said', they might have got it! :)

  15. You should hear the conversations in the back of our shop somedays - especially when one friend is in on a Wednesday ;)

  16. well done on recieving your well deserved blog award, and thank you so much for mine!

    i will do a post and link back asap :)

    loving that choc set, i would have made a bee-line for it too!

  17. Oooh thank you for the award!! Will do my bit on it (incl the link back) as soon as I see my husband for more than 5 mins to download some piccies for me to comment on!!
    We are busy busy busy working all hours at the mo!

  18. Hahahahaha!! How fun are they?! I want to be just like that when I'm eighty *winks* Another fun score with the truffle set. Will you actually be making chocolates with it? Cuz I want one....or ten *winks* Love the graphics on old boxes like that. If they're pre bar-code I pick em up too. Vanna

  19. Oh that is really funny....I have got to get to my thrift stores more I am missy some good smutty talk LOL!



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