Friday, 8 July 2011

Elvis has entered the building....

Hello my lovelies - I'm back in action! Yee Haa!  I collected my laptop today from a very smiley chatty young man who sent me off with my repaired laptop and a wink for good measure - nice :o)

So let the blog catch up begin...

While I was on my break I received a little surprise parcel in the post from the gorgeous Madison, she had spotted something at the boot sale that she thought I would like. It came wrapped up in some lovely Cath Kidston paper (which unfortunately I lost the photo of with the tech problems) but inside was this gem:

Only an Elvis Russian doll!  She was worried that I would think it was tat - no chance I blooming love it!  Check out her post about this find Here. I have however had to rescue big Elvis from the jaws of my little man but Elvis was unharmed, little man however promptly had a tantrum (how dare i remove an object from his clutches). They now have pride of place out of reach of little hands.  Thank you so much Madison I love them :o)

I also managed of course to get myself to the charity shops and here is a couple of my finds:

Box full to the brim of sewing pattern, some really vintage others a bit more 80's chic - £2 for the whole lot :o)

Carnival house numbers (lucky I live at a number 28 hey!) - £1 each.

I spied a little Brixham Pottery bird vase...

 Now I do like a Blue Tit...
..but I also like the Great Tit, there is only one way to decide.....Buy a vase with both! This was £1.45 well spent.

I was having a rummage through a shelf of tat at the charity shop and found a little box

I opened it up...
...and found this lovely vintage faux pearl necklace

Its a beauty and for £2 was in my bag and out of the shop before you could say "How Much?"

Now its been long overdue for this little feature:

Overheard in a Charity Shop:

While perusing the clothing rails nearest to the till I saw a lady bring a floral summer dress to the till:

Customer: "Do you know this dress has one strap held on my a safety pin?"
CS: "Oh that's easily fixed just have to put a couple of stitches on there "
Customer: "But you are asking £6 for it!  I think that's a bit rich for a dress with a broken strap"
CS worker then looks at the dress label "Yes dear but this one is a Monsoon"
Customer: "Yes but it has a broken strap"
CS: "I know dear but it is a Monsoon dress"
Customer: "I think that's a bit cheeky asking that much for a damaged item"
CS: "I think its a bit cheeky you questioning a charity"
Customer left the dress and promptly left the shop, the cs worker then hung the dress complete with safety pin back on the dress rail...

Have a fabulous weekend all.

Scarlett x


  1. wow!! I can't believe you bought all that for £6.45!! BARGAIN! I love charity shopping!! :) Welcome back! Have a great weekend!
    nadiine-x ♥

  2. hi lovely, welcome back to the madhouse...

    That great tit has the most manic expression on its face - love it! I saw Madison's find - very cool, knew you'd stacking versions of the King! The pearls are amazing for that price.

    Re: 80s tastic clothing, I just bought a C&A 80s jumpsuit which I think I will name the husband repeller - his face was a picture of horror!

  3. Your Elvis Russian doll is so cool! It has your name all over it and what a lovely thing to do by Madison, long life our virtual friends! Also £2.00 for all those sewing patterns, what a bargain. I would love to see some of the 80's pinafore outfits if there is any?! Great to have you back. Bx

  4. so glad you are up and running! Oh, that pearl necklace and box makes my heart skip a beat!!


  5. Great to have you back in full capacity :)

    What a lovely gift, it has you written all over it.Lovely finds at the charity shop especially the sweet little bird vase. And the charity shop ditty was too funny,

    have a great weekend, Tam x

  6. Scarlett your back! I have missed you so much! Your Elvis Russian dolls are Fab! What a great friend to snag those for you!! Love your little bird vase also. But my dear the pearls are lovely, esp that wonderful box they are in. Are you sure they aren't real?? And things heard at a charity shop...yes I've missed these quips also. hugs, Linda

  7. The russian dolls are very kitsch, and you got some great bargainsxx

  8. Hey treacle!! Welcome back! :-) We've missed you round here ;-) Hope you and laptop are enjoying the blissful reunion!

    Those pearls are absolutely gorgeous and I love that they came with the unusual shaped box, what a find!! Can't get over the Elvis russian dolls, they're pretty fab!

    Jem xXx

    P.S A lady begrudging £6 for a Monsoon dress in a charity shop?! I think I'd have busted out the 'questioning a charity shop' line had it been me behind the counter!

  9. Yay, you're back (with stories, finds and presents if the highest order). Hope that lady got herself off to Primark sharpish. Quality matters not to some, these people do NOT belong in charity shops. Don't go breaking your laptop again, its not right without you! X

  10. So Happy you are back! I love the Elvis you!
    You picked up a lot of goodies for not very much and I love those pearls! Good shopping. Hugs...Loretta

  11. Hurrah, your back! Thanks for the tips re cake stand making. The Elvis russian dolls are BRILLIANT, what a great girft!

  12. Oh my scarlette my jaw dropped when I saw those pearls what a find!!! mind you I love all the other things too and the Tits are so cute lol Those elvis dolls are so you wow everytime I see elvis anything I think of you,Did you see my post the other day a Elvis pic dedictaed to you.

  13. YAYYY! Your compy is fixed! I am so glad for you!!!

    I am jealous of that box of patterns!!! Best find ever! :)

  14. That box of pearls is my favorite. Love it all though!

  15. It's lovely to have you back in full :o)

    I love your finds! Can't choose between the pearls and the little birdie vase though lol.

    I found a big box of patterns the other day, and thought I had a bargain for a tenner 'til i just saw yours LOL.

    Have a great weekend Scarlett xx

  16. Really good to see you back in Blog Land.

    I am drooling over the dress patterns and the pearls. How cool are those!

  17. woohooo!! so happy that you got ur laptop back, Scarlett! Madison really knows you! elvis dolls are adorable! love the faux pearl necklace u found as well as the pair of tits (eh?hehe), oh gosh you got the whole box of sewing pattern now!!! what a haul and this is what i miss and of course the witnessed at bootsales/charity shop, it's priceless! hahaha i think my local charity shops seem to put price tags around £4-£10 for clothes which i sometimes dont bother to look and rather spend more time looking at bric a brac area. More post please! hehe xx Susan

  18. Welcome back - we've missed you! So much to comment on here! The Elvis dolls are just brilliant, I've never seen anything like it! £2 for all those patterns? I'm absolutely green with envy! Those birds have such wonderful expressions. And kudos to the CS lady for saying "How dare you question a charity!" (touche), but you'd think she'd put a couple of stitches in herself and maybe price the dress at £10!! :D xxx

  19. Glad to read you back!! I read Madison's post, and knew you'd love the Elvis dolls! She is the sweetest, isn't she?
    Are you sure those pearls aren't real? My grandmother had a string of pearls and they aged that same pinkish-gold tone. I would have them checked by a jeweler. just in case...

  20. That is fantastic,the CS standing up to that wretched cheapskate!!!
    Yay,you have a new laptop!
    Yay,you have piles of goodies!

  21. Love the Elvis nesting dolls. This reminds me of the local bait shop/karoke cafe where the sign out side reads: ELVIS Good Fish!

    The pearls look like my Mom's set - if they have knots between them and if you rub them across your teeth and they feel 'rough' you probably have real pearls - they were pretty common in the day.

  22. LOVE the nesting dolls!!!! Great!!

  23. What great finds for you, but my favorite is your story. I've missed those.

  24. Yeah you're back! And with even better bargains, so jealous of the sewing patterns... :)

  25. Welcom back amor.
    thos Elvis nesting dolls are so cute, you have a great amiga.
    I havent seen Elvis stuff lately, I will keep an eye out for you.
    carnival house numbers how cool.
    vintage faux pearl necklace is the find of the day., love the necklace case.
    I think I picture myself complaining about the dress cause sometimes you could find some deals at primark for a better price.

  26. I'm not really a pearl (faux or otherwise) kinda gal but I do much like that necklace!

  27. My mum is a major Elvis nut and would adore the Russian dolls set - I've never seen anything like it (and she has A LOT of mad Elvis stuff!). Love the pearls - aren't they pretty and as always a bargain. Todays overheard is another gem - you must have enough of these for a book now! xxx

  28. Welcome back, Scarlett! Madison's find is brilliant, so you. I'm loving the house numbers, what an amazing coincidence they are the right ones or you'd have had to have moved.
    What a scutter in that charity shop. I hope she went to Primarni and the tat she bought feel apart after one wash and the Monsoon dress was bought buy someone much more deserving. x

  29. haha what a find with the Elvis Russian doll - so perfect for you! Wowwowwow that necklace is GORGEOUS! And please do continue the overhead feature, they do make me smile! xxx

  30. Gorgeous pearl necklace!

    Victoria xx

  31. Hello and welcome back! Your witnessed at a boot sale and charity shop stories are hilarious! And what luck to have found that lovely necklace! wish I had some of your gold dust luck!

  32. Hellooo!

    I love your tits (sorry) but you know you're leaning on an open door with me honey ;-)

    Charity shop debacle is funny. I'm kind of siding with the CS worker on this despite my recent moan about how pricey they're becoming. I mean it's not difficult to mend and it IS from Monsoon! Ha ha!


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