Sunday, 31 July 2011

Cheeky little finds

What a scorcher today!  The bootsalers were out in force and they even had to employ a parking attendant to guide the cars to the outer back of beyond to park, there was a lot of walking to be done if you wanted those bargains!

Well there was a lot of sellers but so to came the uprising of the mobile phone accessory stalls and the antiquers with silly prices so I didn't come home laden with goodies.

Here is the few bits I did bring home:

My 'Hands off the bump' lady was back and with her came more vintage wooden reel cottons! She remembered me from last week so again I bagged these for 10p each:

She also threw in a vintage Sylko cotton reel case for free:

Vintage Mary Quant stockings, still sealed - 50p each.

Now how have I been able to live without:

These paramount invisible mender sheets! These are recommended by the following people:

So if they are good enough for the office boy AND the professors then they are good enough for me, and hey for 10p who can complain.

 Shabby chic or just plain tatty - little leather suitcase. Ideal size for jewellery display so am going to put a little love into this to bring it back to life. How much? £1 :o)

Flower power double sheet and two pillow cases - £2.

Now for something VERY cheeky....

I spotted this straight away on a lady's stall.  It has two things rather special about her:

Oh yes her boobs can transmit radio waves! lol.  This sassy minx is a radio and she still works! I asked the stall owner (who was probably in her late 60s) how she happened to own this novelty...well turns out her father bought it back from Singapore after the war and she had only recently discovered it again in the loft. The funny thing is that her dress has been ripped from too much knob twiddling ;o)

My husband was gobsmacked when i produced her from the bag, least she will be a talking point. So how much for a girly radio? Well i pushed the boat out and paid a whole £3.

Goes to show you never know what you will find at the booty!

Witnessed at a Boot Sale:

Two ladies were sorting through clothes on a stall, one picks up a top right next to the stallholder and loudly exclaims "oh no these are far too large for us"

A middle aged couple selling their home goods:
Female: "Get us a drink from the van please"
Male: "Blimey I got you an ice cream earlier and gave you sex two years ago what more can you want!"
(I must admit I did snort with laughter while trying to be subtle over my ear-wigging!)

A stall without a seller, just a sign saying "everything 50p please put your money in the tin" - complete with open tin of money! Totally trusting or totally stupid?? You decide...

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend

Scarlett x

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  1. Dare you to take the radio-girlie to the Antiques Roadshow one day - there can't be many of those around ;)

    Love the suitcase - you found some great things today.

    Wonder if the tin-man went home with much more than just his float? Poor chap... x

  2. I love the boob radio, what a beauty. There'd have been a fight if I'd been at your boot sale. x

  3. What a minxy little radio, so cheeky - I love it!

  4. Oh I am so jealous of your vintage thread! I am after some white thread, but I won't get a chance to go to a car boot for over a month - I am extremely upset about this.

    I love the 50p stall, but you're right it is very trusting, far less work though! x

  5. Thanks for your kind wishes.

    I cant resist any of the nice wicker baskets - so much nicer to put stuff in that boxes or crates!

    Any "interesting" assortment you made this week - may I say!!?!

  6. Me too, very jealous. I love those old Sylko threads, as I think I may have mentioned before. However, seeing my cotton reel case being described as vintage brought me up short. Mine was bought in the seventies and yes, I still have it, although it’s discoloured and brittle with age - bit like its owner :)

  7. Oh Scarlett!! That case!! I'm so in love with that case - it's got to be one of your loveliest finds yet and at £1 definitely one of your most bargainous - talk about value for money :-) It will look fabulous as a jewellery display, I can almost picture it now!

    Jem xXx

  8. That radio is amazing! I've never ever seen one like it. Great finds!

  9. Your suitcase is gorgoeus, and I love your silko threads. I have no words for you radio... Other than... Hysterical! :)
    Em x

  10. You did rather well, love the radio haha

  11. Much love for the Mary Quant stockings, and the leather suitcase is shabby chic at it’s very best, can’t wait to see the re-vamp of it. Fabulous finds as always Scarlett xxx

  12. The radio is such an amazing find! I need one of those in my life!

  13. I'm so glad you go to these sales so I can enjoy them through you. Still laughing about the man's comment.

  14. I'm totally gobsmacked at that sassy minx radio too, wuahahahaha how clever is that? *cough* i mean who would have thought that those boobs can transmit radio waves hahaha priceless!!! love all your wooden reel cotton (again!) and now u got the reel case for free too!! of course i always love your collection of flower power Scarlett and cant wait to see the suitcase makeover! i havent finished laughing from your last overheard in charity shop and now u added the witnessed at the bootsale hahahahaha x susan

  15. far out, what a RADIO!!!! brilliant find!
    I'm laughing over the idea of you listening to something square, say radio 4, thru a set of bazoomas!!!

  16. Those comments are brilliant! made me laugh, and such a score on those vintage threads! Radio very cool but slightly creepy.

  17. OH MY! That naughty radio is an absolute treasure!!! I would have SO brought that! I think its hilarious that her shirt is ripped from too much groping ;) It's nice that you found out a little bit of history too!

    The vintage Sylko cotton reel case looks really nice! I'd use it to store jewellery!

    Great finds as always!! xxx

  18. Scarlett ,
    wasnt freaking hateful hot today? I still took a migraine risk and went to the boot sales today.
    I adore all your finds,mary quant tights, glad you found more thread for your sewing. especially the titty radio, you know the weird thing about that doll? When I turn 10 yrs old my dad took me to this Mexican bakery to pick out my cake and I picked out a doll cake that looked like your radio doll. she had the same kind of see through nightie on, but pink and blond hair I think. now I realized I picked out a bachelor cake for my birthday. hahaayyy!!

  19. Scarlett, your "few bits" are all wonderful, case, thread, tights etc but that radio takes the cake. It would have to win first prize for kitschy OTTness. Hands down. She is gorgeous...
    just look at the saucy expression on her face!
    Great find x

  20. Love the vintage sewing items-there's something so special about the way they were made. That suitcase is great too, I've been looking for something like that.

  21. OK The radio is amazing and so funny! I would love to know if it's worth anything. So happy you bought it!

  22. Was gunna say how great were all that cotton I lve them but the saucy radio lady won the day she is awesome!!

  23. Such cute finds! I have never seen a radio like that before, very naughty! ha ha

    E :)

  24. Love the cotton reels - brilliant find!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  25. How cheeky is the radio!!!!

    Victoria xxx

  26. Hahaha, that radio is the find of the century! Amazing :) Another great sale!

  27. What is it with you and body parts??! haha! The radio is fab, what fun! I love the little case too, it's battered but gorgeous!

  28. LOL! Love the radio. Bet your DH will be listening to a lot of radio.

  29. Well, I've never seen a radio like that bafore - gives another meaning to 'twiddling the knobs" (Fnnaar!)

    You've bagged some great buys; I love the sheet set and the cotton reels are a total bargain!

    Keep up the booting and I love reading 'Witnessed at a Boot Sale' - superb!

  30. OMG, i am so envious...what a lovely pile of goodies...and at this bargain price...Thanks for sharing

  31. NEVER seen anything like that radio before! Loads of lovely booty as always. Is that like wundaweb that stuff? Even professors are impressed haha!

  32. Hahahaha...titty radio lady is brilliant! Gives a whole new level of excitement to the shipping forecast!

  33. Awesome finds,love the radio! Have to be honest, the carboot near me is advertised as a market and carboot but it's increasingly strong in the market area. Meat wagon and veggie stall, fine, but a gazillion poundland-esque stores and a dozen phone stalls ruins it for me a little...
    Rebecca x

  34. Hi: It looks like you found some really fun things. The radio doll is the best. I am your newest follower. Looking forward to a lot more visits. Blessings, Martha

  35. Amazing finds - love the cotton reels, the cotton reel storage box and the Mary Quant stockings. But the piece de resistance has to be the little floozy minx radio - what a brilliant find.


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