Friday, 29 July 2011

Chazza go go

So the charity shop prices have been on the up the last few weeks and I got quite acquainted with the same tat on the shelves week in week out.  There have however been a couple of fresh treasures that have come home with me.

These are my charity shop finds this week:

 I saw a couple of good looking birds in the charity shop
....i knew I just had to take this vintage glass juice jug home!  Not bad for £1.50 :o)

Queen Anne rose design sandwich plate - £1.

I was excited when I spotted this granny blanket:

I have been after a more nautical coloured one for the little man's nursery as most of the ones I've seen recently have been pinky colours and also priced at stupidly high amounts.  I wasn't the only one enamoured by this and was stalked around the shop by a middle aged suited lady who was sending out clear "put down the blanket vibes"  no chance sweetheart at £3 this blanket was mine! 

 A 1960's Bohemia glass bud vase complete with original label. This was found in the most expensive charity shop in my area, i usually go and have a look but rarely buy but when I saw this marked up at 50p I couldn't believe my luck.  I would like to thank the new girl for pricing this one :o)
I think I had Jem's eye for sparking glass when I saw this big breakable ball:

I was strangely drawn to this large glass bauble, its very tactile even hubby has had a feel ;o) So I had to buy it for £2.50 even without a clue to where I am going to display it.  It has silver elastic attached but to be honest its so heavy that the elastic is a full stretch when hanging! It is a beauty though so I'm sure I'll find the perfect spot.

Now a purchase from my new favourite charity shop in my town, that being the Barnardo's shop. They price things to sell and they always have new goodies. I saw this in the cabinet:

I wanted a mantle clock for a while and this was fancy enough for my mansion *wink*.  I asked the price...£3. It was out of the cabinet and wrapped up before anyone else could get a look in. I was pleasantly surprised when I got it home to find out that it was Laura Ashley - sweet :o) 

Now hows about a little...

Overheard in a Charity Shop

Two old ladies chatting in the stock room while a third is sorting through bags:

Lady 1: "Jean told me she saw a lovely golden knob at the weekend"
Lady2: "Really!" (Guffaw) "How exciting" (more tittering)
Lady 1: "I know she wont tell us anymore about the magnificent knob though, oh look she's going red"
Lady 3 is suitably crimson "Oh come on Anne, you knew what I meant"
Lady 1 and 2 burst out laughing at Jean's expense.

A tall elegant lady was trying on a jacket by the store mirror
CS Worker: "Ooh very nice, how about you take it to the changing room so you can admire yourself even more than you are"  (ooooh biatch!)

And I did chuckle to see the 'No more donations' sign up at the one charity shop here than never seems to sell anything...hows about getting rid of the year old tat?

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :o)

Scarlett x


  1. Ok how about a book called....Funny Thrifting Tales
    Or Tit for Tat and other tales of Thrifting
    Or "Put a nob on it and other thrifty stories" lol
    Seriously tho do a book your stories are so funny.

  2. Ooh, love the bauble - very unusual, let us know where you put it. You say there isn't much on offer but I reckon you've had the cream of the crop there. Agree about the book, you MUST do it.

  3. I do like that bauble, it looks so tactile and lovely.
    There's not much doing in our chazzas at the moment. The manager in one of the shops put it down to the weather being nice and everyone car booting their stuff rather than donating it. I felt guilty and had another clearout, hopefully others will do the same. x

  4. Gorgeous crochet blanket, love the colours it will go well in your boy's seaside room :)love the glass bauble, you could leave it out on the floor in the corner of the room or on a table maybe? have a great weekend.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Beautiful find with the blanket Scarlett! Big hugs for a fab weekend, Em x

  6. I need to start shopping with you, you always manage to bag yourself such bargains and always hear or see the funniest things, thanks for sharing xxx

  7. Hehe, I love your "Overheard" segments. So funny! Glad you found some nice new pieces- that blanket is awesome!

  8. I agree and love your overheard funnies so much. You found some sweet items this week. I love the juice pitcher with the birdies on it. Lovely blanket and don't you laugh at the if I'm putting down this treasure....Ha! Good week Scarlett!

  9. I have a very similar crackled glass hangy thingy with a very similar top although mine is in a red glass. I got it in a Christmas decoration shop last year!

    The Laura Ashley mantle clock is gorgeous and I can't believe it was only £3 - that would have been priced up at about a £5-8 in my local chazza's - we need a Barnardo's!

    My favourite item has to be the bird juice jug - absolutely beautiful! Jealous!! xxx

  10. Hello, I don't think I've commented on your blog before, but I love that jug! I love birdy things. Also your blanky was a bargain as I saw one today in a chazza that was smaller than that on the baby section and they wanted £8 for it. I was looking at it while they wrapped up a bone china tea set for me that set me back a fiver. Doesn't make sense!
    Love your blog by the way.

  11. Love the old granny blankie, i really need to make myself one for snuggles on the sofa, you can't go wrong with one!

  12. Ooh love the jug and the boyish blankie, also the witches ball and you know I can't not buy bud vases like that! Hmm, so that's everything then!

  13. You found some interesting things. I like the crackle globe and the vase. I really enjoy reading the "overheard" section of your blog posts. So funny!

  14. Hehe to the crochet blanket stalker! The mantle clock is amazing - what a bargain! I just got back from a CS trawl and came away with NOTHING!! As you say, there's just too much over-priced tat and I'm completely sick of it. No wonder so many of the shops have stock that gathers dust.

  15. Wow! What cool finds. Nice work. I always get lost in shops like this and have no idea what is quality or not! Love the juice jug!

  16. Ohhh the glass bauble!!! I wasn't on yesterday so have only just spotted this post!! Incredibly proud of your glorious glass finds :-D Bud vase, bauble, stunning juice jug - you're doing glass magpies proud!!

    Jem xXx

    Loving the Queen Anne plate and the clock too!

  17. Yes, Nelly is right, you are too funny! I love the op shop banter that you sometimes hear. Makes your day! love the cock too!....ooops! bargain for 3 pound

  18. Fun finds this week Scarlett! Love that pitcher! And your "behind the scenes" conversations are so funny! Thank you for joining TTF and have a fun weekend!

  19. I adore your stories it's amazing what comes out of other peoples mouths...thank God It's wonderful entertainment!

  20. Great treasures, somehow we can always find ways to use things. Your story is hilarious, people can be so funny.

  21. Let me know when you tire of that birdy pitcher please! I know what you mean about the same old tat; I treated myself to doing the CS rounds in my old home town a few weeks ago and I’ll swear there was stuff there that was on the shelf two years ago when I left!

  22. Fabulous finds, the pitcher and gorgeous blanket are my faves! I hate getting stalked around a shop when clutching a bargain, yargh! xx

  23. ooooh the glass juice jug with birds on it is just so adorable!! loving the glass bauble! i guess it's too heavy and too big for a christmas tree? you're sooo lucky scarlett! to get that gorgeous laura ashley mantle clock for £3!!!!!! i gotta say it's abit hard to find granny blanket in my local charity shop and you found the most lovely granny blanket there! i'm in a process of trying to make one hehe...and i love the color of that bohemia glass, stunning! and of course...i'm laughing my a** off while i'm typing this after reading ur overheard in charity shop, so priceless!! hope u had a great weekend too, Scarlett! xx

  24. Fantastics finds amor!
    The bird pitcher is my fave and the clock is a bargain steal of the day.cant believe you found it for £3.blankey is perfect for Finleyto.I would be drawn to glass bauble myself. looks amazingly beautiful.You made laugh with the pervy golden knob story and ooooh biatch really.

  25. I lived in England for 11 years…oh, how I miss the charity shops!

  26. I love your birdies Scarlett, perfect for some homemade lemonade (or Pimms or something) in this heat!

    Can't believe the bitchy comment, did the elegant lady not pick up on it?!

  27. You know I love that bird vase don't you? Nice work on the crochet blanket and the rose plate too! Have been reading out a load of your 'Overheard at a charity shop/carboot' to my OH and having a good old snigger.


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