Saturday, 30 April 2011

Off to the Emerald Isle

Well my lovelies this is going to be my last post for over a week as I'm heading off for a family holiday to Ireland tomorrow and hopefully be able to fit in a bit of bargain hunting while I'm over there!

As I wont be car booting for two weeks I had to sneak off this morning when I should have been packing to the Saturday booty just so I could get my fix.  It was quite disappointing, the same old trader stalls selling over priced children's toys and dodgy tracksuits.  I was thinking that it was going to be the first boot sale I left empty handed until I spotted these:

Love these shelves - they are coated in varnish so I'm going to have to put the dreaded sander to work again but I've got a feeling these are going to be fabulous shabby chic'd up :o)  I paid £6 for the pair which was more than fair as seen some of these in the charity shops with ridiculous price tags.
I've also found a couple of things in the charity shop which I thought I'd throw in for good measure:

 Victorian Vignettes and Illustrations book full of lovelies which I'm going to get my craft on with - £2.

I also bought these fabulous little women's Institute books:

Full of handy little tips and humorous quotes, two of my favourites being in the washing section:

 "I think if you've got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash" - Jerry Seinfield.

"Automatic washing Machines: please remove your clothes when the light goes out" - Sign in a laundromat.

Right I better get back to the packing, don't miss me too much *wink*, I'll be catching up on all your blogs when I get back :o)

Scarlett x

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Whats on offer for the Royalist...

Ok so I know the blogger dash board is going to be flooded with Royal Wedding posts but I couldn't go with out doing my take on it (yes I am quite excited about watching the wedding tomorrow!).

So in true Scarlett style I thought I'd share my two local charity shop window displays and you can see whats on offer for the Royalist in my town :o)

Various books on the Royal family ranging from £1.50 to £5. Commemorative cups and dishes.  An England football flag??  Oh and we cant celebrate the royal wedding without the purchase of a Margaret Thatcher mug!

There is also a carrier bag from Kensington Palace that could be yours for £1.50 - just right to take to Lidl, no paying 3p for a carrier bag there ;o)

The other charity shop decided to go with this:
A dolls house church which could be yours to take home for £49.99 - they wont however sell it till the 3rd of May.  'Doll figures sold separately' (said in advert man voice) although they might give you a cheap price on the drunken red head at the front who has thrown herself from the church pew. Sorry sweetheart the prince is just not that into you!

I'm also slightly worried about the two children who are lifting their left butt cheeks - thats not the sort of behaviour we expect at a royal wedding!

Hope you all have a fabulous royal wedding day :o)

Scarlett x

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Look what I found in the Garden....

Got a new friend in the garden today....

Mwahahaha! I finally found a replacement flamingo for my garden :o)) He's currently living in the clematis pot until the rest of the garden is finished and then I can find the perfect spot for his royal beakiness!  Do you know what I resisted buying...

I sooooooo want one of these retro raffia umbrellas - my nan and grandad used to have an ancient one when I was little and I loved the cold SodaStream pop in the garden on the yellow plastic chairs with the hula umbrella!  You just cant take the tack out of this girl.  I might go back and buy it though as I so want to see the neighbours faces when i sit in my garden with my plastic flamingos and my raffia umbrella drinking cheap cocktails from my 1950's pitcher and glasses! eeeeee!!

It is also hubby's birthday today so we've had a meal out and a wonder round the next town (where I spied the umbrella!), I tried to be good and not go into any charity shops seeing as it was his day out but one shop got the better of me and when I saw this:
I had to have it as its perfect for my desk, just now need a fancy pen to put in it. The charity shop ladies were very sweet and looked through their pen pot for a fitting pen but they were all too big - but hey who cares for £1 :o)
Tack and treasure - life is never dull in my home!

Scarlett x

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What a Treat!

I've been rushing around ferrying both my mum and Finley to appointments and doing post office trips today so was nice to get home this afternoon. What was even more exciting was my neighbour knocking at my door as soon as I got through the door with a package for me!

EEEEE! I couldn't wait to see what was inside and I wasn't disappointed:

The lovely and very talented Liz from Shortbread and ginger sent me a fabulous lot of goodies!!

 First opened was this yummy Shortbread with Ginger! Its very very tasty and was opened not long after the photos were taken. It made me smile too :o)

Next opened was this fun coaster - very appropriate for me Liz, I definitely chatter incessantly although my hubby is worse than I am so you can imagine the car journeys ;o)

Lovely book for Finley - he is currently being trained into loving books as much as I do with a night time story every night without fail.  This will be well enjoyed by both of us.

And the Pièce de résistance.....
Look at this fabulous Tea Cosy!!! I've been wanting a knitted cosy for a long time and eyeing them up on Liz's blog and so she made me one :o)  I love it and its blighty colours and check out the cute tag:

I cant wait to impress my guests with this beauty for the Royal Wedding day.  Thanks so much Liz, as you can see I'm over the moon and you really made my day :o) 

Scarlett x

More booty for your buck

So as promised here is the rest of my mammoth weekend booty haul (yes haul not call lol)... I did pick up several bag loads of "posh" clothes to ebay but I wont bore you all with those.

Vintage floral hand mirror - £1. 

4 vintage embroidered table cloths - 50p each. I had competition for these by a rather abrupt lady next to me but i won the fabric snatching war lol.

A whole load of pink kitchen bits. There is a pink kitchen roll holder and 8 mugs in the this lot but 4 mugs were bathing in the sink and the kitchen roll holder was put straight to work.  I only wanted to buy the pink whistling kettle as think its awesome but was then sweet talked in taking the whole lot - for £5 I couldn't really say no. Now who wants to buy me the Aga to use my kettle on?

Vintage house-dress  - £1 :o)

Old-school childrens blocks, bought from a lovely old lady who was selling her children's items - her youngest now being 40! haha.  Only £1 for the whole box.  The nice ones going to my son and the plain ones I'm going to get crafty with :o)

And now for my favorite little weird and wonderful lot from yesterdays boot sale....
Vintage Avon perfume bottles - most of them full with the original fragrance (although this smell is not great lol).  These were from a lady who had twin daughters and she used to buy two of each perfume for them, these have been in her loft for the last 35 years.

 Being a child in the 80s my whole bedroom was decorated with Pierrot Clown! 

 I would never have thought this little ornamental egg was a perfume bottle!

Freaky...slightly ;o)

So how much for 14 vintage (and slightly strange) perfume bottles?....£4 :o))

Now for the main event *wink*

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

Old lady pointing at a laptop on a stall: "Its all about the hardcore on the computers now isn't it, my son works with computers"
Stallholder laughs "Oh really, yes the Hard drive"
I wonder what her son has been up to on his home computer ;o)

A lady asking for her money back from the stallholder as she had showed her husband the 50p skirt she bought and he didn't like it...

Stall advertising "fill a bag of clothes for £2" Lady sorting through clothes was passed a tesco carrier bag "Can I fill my own bag?" on her shoulder being a massive plastic laundry bag. (Nice try sweetheart! lol).

And the boot sale non selling item of the week:  A used hair brush with the previous owners black hair still wound its its manky bristles labelled up for £1 - eugh!

Happy Tuesday All.

Scarlett x

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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Boot Sales

I love the Easter weekend as it means the boot sales nearer to where I live start up and there is also 3 days of booting! Although I love the late start booty we normally go to it was nice to go to the nearer one with all the "fresh meat" lol.  I have got a tad bored of seeing the same trade stalls. Anyway today's booty did not disappoint, it was heaving. 

So here's a looky at what I bought home:
Cupcake teapot - 10p :o)

Cookie Jar which is really heavy ceramic (it broke the bag handle carrying this bad boy) -50p (worth it for the polka dots).

Vintage sheet music - loving the covers on these!  10p each.

The Dancing Years Film booklet - 10p (from the same stall as the sheet music).

1970's soda syphon - 50p 

Beatrix Potter ceramic pomander - 50p, now filled with fresh lavender.

Very 50's kitsch and made me chuckle so this little poodle was coming home with me - especially as the previous owner only wanted 10p for him.

Bud Vases - 10p each

Vintage fabric bundles - 50p each.

How cool is this Lighthouse lamp!  Ideal for the little man's nautical nursery and at £2 - what a steal :o)

Dressing table jar which matches my dressing table set - 50p :o)

Vintage glass bon bon jar - 50p

Isn't this freaky looking - love it lol.  It was bought from a lovely old lady who said it stood on the bar in her house for cocktail sticks and it still has said sticks in its head.  Love the fact she had a bar and even more so that she had her cocktail sticks to hand.  I paid 50p for this little ugly one but he makes me smile (and will probably scare off the demons!).

And my favourite buy of the day:
This beautiful dressing table set.  According to the lady selling it, it is about 80 years old.  She bought it from an antiques shop 10 years ago for £70 but is now downsizing so needing to sell all her lovely trinkets and this was included.  Its got a bit of wear but so will I when I get to 80!  How much did I pay....£4 :o)  Chuffed to bits with it, now just need another dressing table to put it on.

I actually must confess that I bought more than this so will save the other buys for another post - give all your eyes a rest. I will also keep you waiting for the 'witnessed at the bootsale' too *wink*.

Hope you have all had a fabulous Easter Sunday