Sunday, 10 April 2011

Laura Ashley is following me....

What a scorcher today!  The boot sale was packed out with sellers and buyers - pointy elbows and steel toe capped boots were needed.  I managed to find myself a random mix of bits today so here they are:

A little weathered bird cage - £1, now do I leave it with its character or do I spray it up?

Vintage lace top - £1

Hoorah! Nautical plaques for the little man's room - £1.50 for the pair.

M&S Vintage style skirt, brand new with a £39.50 label on, I got it for £2 :o)

Little vintage oval dish - now living in my bathroom as a soap dish (sorry for the lonely soap, it does have friends honestly). Paid a whole 10p for this one :o)

Glass decanter - going to also be homed in the bathroom with bubble bath in - another 10p treasure.

1950s table cloth and 6 napkins - £1.50.

Random vintage silver metal pheasant - was 10p too so couldn't leave him behind, although the little bugger has scratched my newly painted table in the picture!  I've looked him up online as some people have said these are used as vintage menu holders due to the split in the tail - quite a big menu holder is you ask me.

Retro tiki tropical tin container - 10p :o)

Laura Ashley Cardi -£1

Laura Ashley floral jacket - £1. Not for me though, going to have a punt with this one on la bay.

I then spied these floral curtains underneath a stall:

 Being a complete Fabric hoarder I asked how much she wanted for them. She said £1 as she didn't want to take them home. Bargain I thought so bought them, when I got home I checked the label:

Yes that sneaky Laura Ashley at it again!  Also means these bad boys are expensive curtains, either I make something really nice with them or I put them on eBay as seen Laura Ashley curtains romp home on there.  Either way what a steal!

A pirate party pack for Finley's first birthday - £1.50 for the whole pack which includes bunting, table cloth, napkins and place mats :o) I might nab one of the place mats though to decoupage onto his table in the nursery.

The Queen mum tea towel - bought for my aunt who is a fan of the royals - 20p.  I was then also talked into buying the other lonely tea towel home:

Norfolk Broad  - never been and live no where near. Yes I know its a bit grim but anyone near there that whats to rehome it?  Or nudge nudge Kylie...

Now its time for this weeks installment of:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale:

Buyer: How much for the Primark dress?
Seller: Is it the new one with the tag on?
Buyer: yeah how much?
Seller: £10, I've never worn it.
Buyer £10?
Seller: Yeah I'd rather take it home for less. (I really want to know what Primark she shops in eek!).

Given that it was so warm today, one seller on the top level of the boot sale was wearing a full on duffel coat and scarf!

I also stood next to a really old lady who was haggling with a stall holder over a fake Ed Hardy baseball cap, she finally got it for £1 and then put it on and wore that blinging studded skull print cap over her freshly permed hair round the whole sale.  I couldn't stop chuckling every time I walked past her on the boot sale trail.

I also laughed hard at the person caught rummaging through another buyers shopping bag thinking it was part of the stalls goodies - nice try matie!

Thats all Folks (she says still hiding the charity shop bag).

Scarlett x


  1. Fab Laura Ashley finds! Who would have thought you would find 3 separate pieces all in one day. I am a girl who much appreciates a bird cage, I love the shabby aesthetic, and glad to see you found some nautical goodies xxx

  2. Woohoo! you finally find lots of nautical theme goodies for your son!! loving all your laura ashley finds, i gotta say i only shop in laura ashley only when they're having sale and you got those treasures for WAY LESS!!! I'm also in love with the bird cage, i regretted now that i didnt snatch it on Store 21 that time they're selling something like that for £4 *cries*. the tea towels are lovely and im sure your aunt would love them too! gosh that bird is already making a mark on your table! I was laughing as i pictured the old lady wearing the fake ed hardy baseball cap, that's just priceless!! hahaha loving all your finds and once again you blew me away with all your treasures!! xx Susan

  3. Well done you YET AGAIN. Love all of it especially the bird cage (don't spray it!), the lacey top and the tea towels. Night night! xx

  4. Oh I love all things Laura Ashley, my godmother used to buy for them so as a kid I was well kitted out with Laura Ashley goodies! :-)

    I love your metal pheasant and your 10p decanter!! Fab finds, the pirate party pack is fantastic :-)

    Jem xXx

  5. Wish Laura Ashley would find,superb finds.
    leave the cage as it,maybe you can add flowers to the outside.
    nautical blocks are so cute,your baby is going to have such a cool birthday.
    My fave is the 50's taleclothes never found some here.Glass decanter,great idea, putting shampoo in it. I'm always afraid I break it in the bath.
    silver metal pheasant bird looks like trouble.
    love the sweater and bed jacket.curtains are going to look great.Norfolk, is relaxing we go up there sometimes.
    I crack with at your boot sale gossip,I had a baby try to snatch my bag today.I turned around and told his mom,"they start so young dont they? she looked at me all puzzled,lol

  6. Hey Scarlett, I think your pheasant would look great spray painted white...think about it. I've seen it done and it looks fantastic! Am posting hair brush today...ran out of time on Friday. Sorry x

    p.s. re above suggestion... just a thought you're probably cringing in horror "spray paint my pheasant white? What is she talking about? Yuk!"He still looks good in silver.

  7. Love all your finds this week Scarlett! If I every make it to England I would love to go to a boot sale with you! I'm told my new Grandson has the "British" ears that run in my son in laws family. He is part British! Love it and my new Grandson! hugs, Linda

  8. gosh you got some amazing bargains - i adore the nautical plaques, the birdcage and the Laura Ashley stuff (of course!)

    please put pics up of Finlays room - i bet it looks amazing, with your customisation skills and fabulous finds!

    great post :D

  9. Ha ha love your sale stories.Love that pheasant too and what a great lot of nautical stuff well done

  10. If I ever make it across the ocean I'm putting going to boot sales with Scarlett on my list of things to do. You always have the best luck!

  11. Fabby finds.
    Your son's nursery must look lovely with the nautical theme.
    I do like the tiki container and the tea towels,can never have enough tea towels!

  12. What a haul! I think you're a bit of a Pirate yourself. Some people just don't understand selling do they? My favourite charity shop does a brilliant job with pricing, except when it comes to Primark. For some reason it has become they new "Ooh, it's a Marksies" let's price it as close to (if not more than) the original price as possible.

  13. What some great finds i am really loving that black vintage lace top and the bird cage and that soap dish. I refuse to buy secondhand Primark stuff as its so cheap to buy anyway and your right the price people put on it is complete madness i just don't understand it. Have a great week, dee x

  14. Amazing finds! Love the glass decanter - I have them filled with bubbles in the bathroom too.

    All the kids stuff is cool too and I love the birdcage.

    Thanks for linking up x

  15. Oh what marvellous finds! I just love the Laura Ashley curtains!! And the bird cage looks wonderful just as it is! What a fun day! Love Brenda

  16. Out of all your gorgeous treasures, my faves are the soap dish and the bonkers pheasant :) That made me laugh about the Primark dress, funniest exchange I ever heard was at a market:

    Husband: Ohh look at these, 50p each.
    Wife: Bargain - get three.


    Wife: What are they? !!

  17. Ooh, nice finds. I'd say go for it with selling the curtains on ebay. I sold in pair in January that made me A LOT of money.

  18. Fantastic boot sale finds. Some gorgeous laura ashley prints there. And the birdcage is so pretty, I'd keep it as it is. x

  19. Really missed not being able to go to the boot sale yesterday as we were on our way to stay with grandma for a week. You got some great finds, def don't paint the birdcage, love all the Laura Ashley finds and I NEED The table clothes and napkins ! xx

  20. One of my favourite hauls yet I think! Love the pheasant - he's quite random, but cool - leave the birdcage as is, I reckon. Pirate stuff as well - yay! Oh and amazing L. Ashley bargains, I'd sell the curtains, what a fab mark up!

  21. Wow, you've had a bumper week, Scarlett - - some great finds. x

  22. Where do I start with so many great finds? Love finding stuff for children's parties in charity shops etc. I was always the pirate at my parties when I was little. Love the nautical theme altogether and have a thing about lighthouses including in this week's Magpie Monday from me over at
    Love the birdcage and think you should leave it just as it is. Oh, I could go on and on ...

  23. Amazing bargains - I'm surprised you had time for the people watching!

  24. You did really well with your Laura Ashley buys :) I would leave the bird cage as it is, love it like that!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  25. fab finds as always love the little birdcage so so cute :)

  26. As usual you've struck gold and, as usual, I love it ALL. Take me with you on a boot sale trail, pretty please. x

  27. Wow, didn't you do well: lots of lovely Laura Ashley. Love that bird cage, it looks lovely just as it is ... :0)

  28. i've totally seen other peoples carts i have WANTED to shop in...but never have had the guts to do it. although it would be a total hoot! my 2 bits: leave the bird cage as is.

  29. I sent you an email last night love.

  30. Loving those Laura Ashley curtains- if they were mine, they would be turned into roman blinds.

  31. I am bowing at the alter of your treasure finding HIGHNESS!! Girl you are an amazing bargain finder!! I always thought Englad was such an expensive place to shop?...but you're showing it in a whole different light girlfriend! *winks* Can I come shop with you? Those curtains are killer!! And I have noticed that I tend to do the same thing. I don't start out meaning to buy all of one type of thing or brand, but it often happens.
    Oh and people around here are always trying to shop your cart. I practically have to hover over it to keep the fingers out! *winks* Vanna

  32. Love everything! Altho my fave is the nautical wall hangings, haha :)

  33. Love that pheasant! Thanks for sharing your finds! :)

  34. I love seeing other peoples buys. I have just done mine. It was very busy at my bootsale this weekend, and full of smelly scruffs!

  35. You must leave the bird cage as it is!! Shabby chic dahling! ;o)

    Victoria xx

  36. How wonderful! I love the bird cage and I think you should leave it as it is. It's got character!

    I love the soap dish and retro tiki container! xxx

  37. What a fantastic haul, I love it all! I can't wait for our car boots to start up again in a couple of weeks x

  38. What Fabulous finds Scarlet! Well done! I especially love the blue and white tablecloth and napkins! Oh...and i'd leave your pretty birdcage as looks great and will go with everything!
    Penni xxx


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