Monday, 4 April 2011

Weekend Finds

What a busy weekend I've had in the search of bargains, a table top sale, a fair and a boot sale.  I'm going to share the booty finds first and save the others for another day  As it was mothers day yesterday my mum joined me on the boot sale scrum down, which was somewhat of an eye opener to her as she hasn't been to a boot sale for years. These are my latest house guests:

1950's french decanter, not sure if this is for oil or vinegar or another pourable liquid but who cares - I just love the look of it and it was £1!

1950's Puzzles - both for 80p.  The guy who sold them to me told me that these were played with by himself and his brother when they were little. I love that the came from the original owner and not a house clearance or trader stall.

Pyrex jug - probably 1960s or 1970s,  pleased to have got this one for £1.

Little blue glass apothecary jar - bought from a little old lady who told me she kept her cotton wool in it for years.  Bought this little lovely for £1 and a smile.

Poodle tea tray!! lol - how could I leave a tray with two poodles with a calculating look in their eyes! Love it especially as it was 50p.

Vintage curtain fabric, there is about 4 meters of this -  got the lot for £1.

Another wacky buy - cowboy boot beer glass.  Probably would hold half a pint but it made me smile so will probably now be a juice glass - I bought it from a guy raising money for Cancer Research for 50p. He told me that he had raised 4k over the last year for cancer research - what a star!

Pair of 1950s curtains (to use for fabric), they look like they were never used!  Got the pair for £1.50 :o)

These amazing vintage french glass bowls - probably 1950s, bought from a teenager's stall and found nestled among a pile of primark belts and bags, she gave me the 3 for £1! Mucho squealing!

Huge Dorothy Perkins silk scarf - not vintage but amazing anyway and a steal for £1.50, it still has its tag attached.

1970s storage jars - 50p each. I remember my mum had a set of these when I was growing up and she laughed when she saw I had bought a couple.

One for the royal wedding - Sandringham tea tray, ideal for when posh people come to tea *wink*.

A beautiful cream lacquer jewellery box. I did a bit of an Internet research and looks like its probably 1940s/1950s.  It has a small bit of damage to the lid but hey its survived pretty well.  I found this on the Sandringham tray stall and it was in a box in the ladies car so asked if it had been sold and she said she didn't have room to put it out - well hello jewellery box! Snapped  it up for £1.50!!  The best bit is that when you open it up it smells of vintage face powder - not everyones cup of tea I know but I love it.

1950s Beaded purse - 50p!

Vintage face powder compact with mirror - still has original liner :o) Bought this with the beaded purse for 50p also - again much delight and a pay and run moment.

And of course couldn't come home without the usual Pyrex casserole dish - check this one out:

Its a miniature casserole dish! I laughed so much when I saw it, maybe it's the dieters friend.  I've taken a picture by a mug so you can see how small it is:

I'm very tempted to make a tiny casserole in it and give it to hubby for dinner for a laugh.  I got this little gem for 50p :o)

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

The first boot sale funny actually involved me.  As its such a fight at this boot sale I was squeezing past a lady to get through the bottle neck of people when i felt my bag tug.  I've got a Cath Kidston Satchel which I wear across the body, well when I felt the bag tug and heard a lady squeal I turned round to be faced with a very surprised Polish lady with her hand of her butt cheek.  It suddenly sunk in what had happened - the buckle of my satchel had caught on the bum pocket of her jeans giving it a tug, she thought I had grabbed her bum!  I apologised saying my bag had caught her jeans but she just smiled at me and chuckled, looks like I may have come home with a Polish lady as well as my bargains! I quickly made my getaway.

I also saw a stall which was selling autographed sporting memorabilia. A Thai lady was picking up the signed caps and putting them on her sons head:
Stall Holder: "Can you not put those on your son"
Thai Lady grabs another cap and put it on her sons head
Stall Holder: "I said can you not put that on you sons head" snatches the cap from the lady "this is signed by a golf pro and costs £50"
Thai lady: "50p?" she goes to take the cap from his hand
Stall Holder "No £50! You're not going to buy it for £50 are you so leave them alone"
Thai Lady "£50?? No I give you £1"
Stallholder "Are you taking the piss?"
Thai Lady "£1" (At this point I was admiring her haggling technique)
Stallholder: "No its £50!" Stall holder then takes the cap and puts it in his car.
Thai Lady : "How much for these two" picking up 2 more caps.
Stallholder: "They are not for sale..."

The last thing that happened was me again, there was a crowd around a new table so I peered in and saw a vintage Kelly style bag - I picked it up and then suddenly got my hand slapped by the lady next to me "Mine" she barked! First time since I was 5 year old that I've had my hand slapped! lol.

Happy Monday all.

Scarlett x

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  1. I can't tell you what I'm more in love with; the 70s storage jars, the gorgeous 50s beaded purse or the compact! In fact everything is fab - fantastic finds, the miniature casserole dish is so cute! :-)

    I can't believe someone actually slapped your hand though - what a rude lady, very well to call out that it's her but the hand slap is a tad over the line! Giggling away at the golf pro hat! :-)

    Jem xXx

  2. love all your buys.. the beaded bag is gorgeous and i love the jewellrey box.. gorgeous..
    hey i could do with the casserole dish as i have started yet another diet this week!!..
    oh my goodness i feel if someone had slapped my hand i would smacked her back using the bag as a rude are people!!

  3. I gasped and squealed simultaneously at virtually every one of your buys! Well done you, yet again.!
    Loved your stories especially the one about the Thai lady. What is someone at a boot sale selling something for £50 for anyway?

  4. Oh Scarlett what wonderful treasures...and I so get what you mean by the smell of face powder, I'd totally love that too.
    If I have to pick favourites they'd be the French decanter, those very sweet jigsaws, the poodle tray and the jewellery box but having said that it's all wonderful, as are your stories. x

  5. I love your tales from a boot sale/charity shop. Cheeky hand slapping! Finds are ace. Happy hunting!!!


  6. Con i tuoi oggetti vintage ci fai viaggiare nel tempo e affiorare anche dolci ricordi!Salutoni,Rosetta

  7. I love your funny stories!

    Wowee lady you have been busy. What an amazing haul. Loving the 1950's theme. The poodle tray is gorgeous, very Parisien. Love the 50's glassware too and the jewellery box.

    Thanks for linking up x

  8. Brilliant finds!

    As to the hand slapping I would have hit her back with the bag lol. So rude!

  9. Fab finds as always i wanna come bargain hunting with you lol
    Omg at the little stories at the end of your post am having a little giggle here can imagine the little thai lady trying to haggle hehe
    As for the woman that slapped your hand i wud of slapped her back ;0

  10. Love the decanter and the 50s bowls. Is that all from one car boot?? How do you carry it all? x

  11. Great buys, a very productive weekend! Love the poodle tray :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. Well I wish I had been with you on this trip! OMG you got so many great things. Don't be starting any fights next week or you might get your hand slapped again. LOL Have a great week, Vicky

  13. Loving all your 50s booty especially, and laughing at your 'boot' glass! Surely the Kelly bag wasn't actually Hermes at a bootsale? I'd have slapped your hand for that! (what a cheeky cow though)

  14. OMG What an amazing load of stuff ;-) I love that little beaded purse what a beauty. And Those bowls and Vintage flower power curtains ooohhhh what you could make with those ;-))And the pyrex jug what a bargin. I did smile and laugh at your tail with the bag and the Polish lady ha ha ha ha bless you ;-)) Have a lovely week, and enjoy all your lovely bargins, dee x

  15. I think have to come shopping with you !!! Great finds, I love all of them, but especially the tiny pyrex dish!

  16. Love the jug and the purse is adorable too. Great finds. Thanks for sharing them in my newbie party.

  17. Love your finds, loved all the glassware jars!

    OMG! Can't beleive that about the woman who slapped your hand. What insane behaviour! I would of walked off with the bag whether I wanted it or not. What a cheek.

    Love your stories, Laughing at the thought of your attached polish woman. And the Thai lady trying to get that cap for £1! Priceless.

    MBB x

  18. lovely finds, such bargains too. really love the French decanter and the beaded bag :)

  19. OMG, I love it all, the Pyrex jug, the mini casserole dish, the games, the beaded bag, the jewellery box, the poodle plate (this is starting to sound like The Generation Game!) but I especially like the cowboy boot beer glass. Top finds, hats (and cowboy boots) off to you! x

  20. Great finds as usual, Scarlet, and love your funny stories. I overheard somebody ask a stall holder how much a kids' jacket was at our bootsale yesterday morning. "£5" came the reply. "£5!!!" shrieked the potential buyer "but it's COVERED in dog hairs!" (which was true, it looked really manky. Stallholder proceeded to snatch jacket off buyer, examine it closely and then announced "OK, six pounds then. It was £85 when it was new, you know". Go figure!

  21. can i laugh first? WUAHAHAHAHAHA gosh, I always loved the "witnessed at a Boot Sale" stories and you're in it!! i cant stop laughing here about the thai lady!! CK bag is indeed powerful and might cause a serious damage to someone's bum hehehe, scary how that lady slapped your hand away! a jungle out there! hahaha

    right, serious part now; I absolutely love the decanter, it's so colorful! the vintage jigsaw puzzle are adorable! i'm in love with the jewelerry box, it's so lovely! i can see you snatched lots of glass jars, the boot beer glass is UNIQUE! the fabrics, the pyrex, the scarf, the bag and the cute casserole dish are all treasures!! Another success on your boot sale trip with your mother!! I can't wait for your next post on your finds!!

  22. Scarlett you are fast becoming one of my favorite blogs! I love your boot sale finds and stories! You made quite the haul this week my friend. I love everything but I did gasp at the Pyrex, I have never seen anything like that. Other favs are the compact and the tiny casserole! Now the hand slap was too much and I'm with everyone else I would have slapped back. Can't wait for more! Have a wonderful week. hugs, Linda

  23. I love most of your finds and if I did not know you better might think you were showing off lol.
    Great how you share real-life stories too as part of Magpie Monday.
    I love the decanter thing but pretty much all of it really.
    My finds are at with a vague naughtiness this time

  24. OMG I cant believe some randomer slapped you! Unfortunately I'd have slapped right back, bloody cheek! Loving the jugs, awesome finds today! :)

  25. You hit the mothaload and beyond amor.
    I adore all your finds,my fave is the jewelry box, and what a bargain,I also bagged myself a jewelry box at the jumbo sale on Saturday.
    1950's french decadent and pyrex is a dream come true.beaded purse and compact,*swoon*
    there was also drama at my boot sale,lol
    some old man farted loudly forgot to say it in my blog post.
    I hate how rude and nasty some people are sometimes at markets and boot sales.

  26. Wow - you did so much better than I did at the BS yesterday.

    Ours seemed to be full of overpriced rubbish :( Hoping for better luck next week.

  27. Where do you put all these goodies you come home with! Every time I read one of your posts I have the boot sale itch!

    Victoria xx

  28. Scarlett, I love that you always buy so much ! I thought that was just me and your stories are fantastic. People watching and commenting is one of my all time favourite things to do.
    Some gorgeous finds again this week, I have missed my post due to frantic weekend. Will try to post something later this week. xx

  29. Who could leave a poor poodle behind?!
    Your finds are fab yet again!
    When out car booting before my little boy grabbed some ladies bum and she presumed it was my hubby who did it..embarassing confrontation

  30. Wow, you found so much!! Everything is lovely, especially that charming purse and those
    French bowls!!

  31. Wow! You've done really well!! I especially love the jewellery box, beaded purse and puzzles. Also, your Thai lady story made me laugh, but that woman was so rude slapping your hand like that - some people would have walloped her one back!

  32. hiya scarlett , great finds as usual , i love the little purse and the 2 class lidded jars tfs

  33. I totally covet that jewellry box: it's fabulous!

  34. Brilliant finds and wonderful tales- our local boot sales are dull by comparison and it's so hard to find real little gems.

    Loving that French decanter and the beaded bag. I have a similar little bag that was my Mum's in the 60's.

  35. just the most fantastics finds. xx

  36. What an amazing haul, you are so lucky!!! so many lovely, lovely things!

  37. I love your treasures -- especially the decanter! I can't believe you got it for 1 pound (my American computer doesn't have a pound sign on it...) THEN the stories from the boot sale just made me laugh -- aren't people strange? They do make life more interesting, though!

  38. It's starting to spook me out now. I nearly bought the exact pyrex jug but made the mistake of taking my mum thrifting with me. She pulled the you have a insane amount of jugs you do not use do not buy another. I a going to tell her to buy it me for easter though. Its so pretty and now haunting me.
    Some great buys as always dear

  39. Wow Scarlet you really have found some lovely things this week. My Mum had the exact same jewellery box in Red with Black flowers on...beautiful!

    I love the little casserole dish, it's so darn cute! x

  40. So much stuff love the compact the purse the jars well love it all really what fun is like one of my dreams when I go opping and find all these wonderful things.
    How dare that woman slap your hand how rude I think I may have slapped hers back.

  41. Looks like you found some great things! Stopping by from Debbie's party.

  42. Too funny! Love the little adventures you get at boot sales. Lovely finds. I love boot sales and see a lot of happy Sunday afternoons in our future.

    Madison xxx

  43. OH MY DEAR LORD! You scored massively!

    I adore adore adore the jewellery box, you lucky lady!

    I also really love the 1950's French decanter, Sandringham tea tray, 1950's beaded purse.. pyrex jug.. ARGH! So many gorgeous finds! I really REALLY feel the need to go on a charity shop crawl this weekend!

    Very jealous! xxx

  44. oo what a lovely haul, love the decanter and yet more hilarity from the boot! Someone should make these into a BBC sitcom!

  45. Scarlett I love your finds as always (sign me up for that poodle tray *winks*)...but the stories from the sales are my favorite! You almost gottcha a free Polish lady! And I can't believe that woman slapped your hand! A "sorry but it's taken" would've sufficed! What a tool she was! During one of my garage sales a few years ago a couple of ladies got in a knock down drag out over a hooked rug I had draped over the top of a door. I was asking $100 for it. Well one lady tried to grab it from one side and the other lady tugged from the opposite side. They both started to yell at each other and then the one slapped the other in the face! I told the lady who'd slapped the other that she needeed to GO. And I sold it to the lady who'd received the slap....But my thought was I wasn't asking nearly enough for that rug!LOL! Vanna

  46. Oh gosh such fabulous finds! The 50’s puzzles and jewellery box instantly shout out to me, you got some great bargains (as always) and I just love hearing about your extraordinary tales from the boot sales.

    That cowboy boot glass reminds me of a boot glass I drank from in Tenerife, I really wanted to steal it but we were the only ones in the restaurant! Must look out for one of these.

    Sorry I am so late in catching up with your posts! xxx


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