Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I took 4 bags and a suitcase full of stuff to appease the charity shop gods yesterday so I'm now hoping that there will be some serious good CS Karma.  But while I was at the shop it would have been rude to leave empty handed so I got myself some more vintage books.

I was thrilled to find this little leather bound lovely:
 And yes it was the inscription that sealed the deal:

I'm so interested in knowing what she was 'A Leader' of, as I'm sure the girl guides didn't start till later.  I also cant believe that this book is 107 years old - crazy!  I paid £2.99 for this book and worth every penny.

I also picked up this lovely in  its original postal book sleeve:
Has been attacked a bit by a rampant crayon but inside is this:

A children's treasury of great stories including Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver's travels among others - what an amazing childrens book!  It also has a faint inscription from 1933:

It also has some incredible illustrations:

Flamingo!  Recognise this from Alice in Wonderland?  The quote is "Tut tut child!" said the Duchess "Everything's got a moral if you can only find it"

I got this book for £3.99, and it wasn't even a cabinet item lol.

I couldn't resist these:
£2 for the lot :o)

Its also been a while since the last 'Overheard in a Charity Shop' but today its going to be:

Witnessed at a Charity shop

While walking in with my bags of donations I saw a lady tie her border collie dog to the A-Frame advertising board outside the shop while she went in to have a look. Being the Easter holiday she didn't realise there were loads of kids about and one shot past the dog on a skate-board. The dog got seriously spooked, the next minute he was tearing down the road with the A-Frame board attached to his lead, the owner set off chasing the dog down the road, the charity shop ladies all rushed outside to have a good old look while tutting, saying she should have tied the dog to the railings. By this time the dog was doing the rounds of the Asda car park with board attached.  The owner did finally catch him but I had to chuckle thinking that this was probably the most creative way of advertising for shop donations ever!  I wonder if they will get an influx of goods now from the Asda shoppers.

Enjoy the sunshine all.

Scarlett x


  1. Who can resist a haul of Beatrix Potter books!

    Victoria x

  2. Oh Scarlett!!! Right up my street, what a gorgeous set of finds - I'm completely in love with the Children's Treasury and the super old book! There is something so romantic and lovely about inscriptions in old books, and the smell - like nothing else, dust and age! :-)

    Beatrix Potter is always a winner too, impressive haul my lovely!

    Jem xXx

  3. Brilliant post! I can just visualise the scene with the dog and the A-board! I bet that will provide them with weeks of conversation and they all needed a Rich Tea biscuit to calm down afterwards!

    Lovely books too - I love reading inscriptions from the past, you can FEEL the history. And I'm a sucker for original Beatrix Potters, I was brought up on them.

  4. Affascinante la tua collezione di books,io adoro Beatrix Potter,i suoi personaggi sono così dolci.Saluti,Rosetta

  5. Sounds like a scene from Benny Hill!
    (can't think of another bad English commedy show off the top of my head at the mo)

    Love the books, covers and especially inscriptions...makes you wonder about the previous owners.

    Now you've got room for four bags AND a suitcase more of charity shop treasures! Well done Scarlett x

  6. Some beautiful books there! Poor doggie running about with a sign attached to him! Haha!

  7. Wonderful books, Scarlett. Loving the front cover of the first one.

    Poor ickle doggie!

    Have a lovely Easter, lovely. xx

  8. What absolutely divine books. The illustrations are beautiful. I love reading inscriptions and wondering about them. Tried hard not to laugh about the poor doggie! Have a Happy Easter :)

  9. I love old books and these that you found are fab! Well done :) Poor little dog hope it has recovered now.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. Best story yet! Beautiful books, a real slice of history.

  11. Oh My Gosh! loveee all those old books and im drooling as i scroll down ever so slowly to look at those old covers, the inscriptions and oh flamingo again!! great finds, Scarlett! and oh i do hope the dog has recovered now! xx Susan

  12. I love vintage books,The Alice one is so cute.
    you and your funny stories. poor doggie.
    I went to the village charity shop yesterday didnt find a thing.can u believe?

  13. You've got some sort of Charity shop Fairy Godmother going around with you...such great finds. :) Loving that first leather bound book.

    I did our local charity shops today - 15 of them - and found only one thing - a crocheted blanket. And that's all to show for more than one hour of hunting. Next time maybe - it's all about perseverance.

  14. Great books hon, I love old ones with inscriptions too. Added to my 'girls annuals' collection today with a 1956 copy of Schoolfriend Annual - I read the stories and then go round saying 'golly' and 'ripping' for the rest of the day!

  15. My heart absolutely stopped when I saw the Beatrix potter books! Oh my goodness what I wouldn't give to come across that bunch. I am so obsessed with her right now. I just watched the movie about her called Miss Potter AGAIN and found some cheesy books at Target of her lovely drawings just to fill my want of her wonderful art work!


    The Joyful Thrifter

  16. Such lovely books. I laughed out loud at the dog story. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Oh oh oh on those books how wonderful I must do a drop off soon too get me some of that karma lol
    How embarressing for that dog lady that will learn (I know its teach) her wont it?

  18. Scarlett the charity shops gods WERE with you! Stellar finds as always girlfriend!
    Silly woman tying her dog to a sign...I'd have been tutting too *winks*...And you KNOW you must be old when you "tut" LOL! Vanna

  19. I love books and you found some great ones. I love all the Beatrix Potter books for sure.

  20. Oh what wonderful finds! Don't you just love the titles they had ~ 'Giddie Garland' ~ just beautiful! :) Love Brenda

  21. ha ha ha ha great story about the lady, scate board and the dog ;-)) I did chuckle to myself. I love the sound of the second book. I love it when you find old books and the writing inside the sleeve its the whole romantic history within those first few hand written words that get me every time, dee x

  22. oooh Havant!a place i always avoid lol.
    I love Alice in wonderland,wasn't too keen on the new version of the film but it's slowly grown on me..very slowly.
    Right bargain with all them books for £2

  23. My nan had those Beatrix Potter books, and seeing them on your blog has made me feel all happy! Thank you! xx

  24. Aah I used to have those Beatrix Potter books, Mrs Tiggywinkle was my fave. Love the other books, you have great book luck!:)

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. oops, that was me, that Alpha Dog...logged in at work.

    what I said was:

    I do declare...that is the best story I've heard today! and those books with the inscriptions? Awesome!

  27. Your charity shop finds are fab. I love inscriptions in old books, they're always so interesting and leave you with so many questions. I wonder if 29 Brockhampton Lane is still there or if anyone knows of Mrs Bucher?

    Happy Easter.



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