Thursday, 7 April 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Tomorrow is mine and hubby's 2nd year wedding anniversary - its amazing how quick two years have gone!  So thought I'd share a bit about my wedding. 

Ever since I was little I loved my Nan and Grandad's wedding picture, it is so timeless and I always said that when I got married I wanted to have a picture like that. This is their picture which I have been lucky enough to inherit (they knew how much I loved it):

On the 8th April 1939 my Nan and Grandad got married at the local registry office as my Grandad had a new job which they had to relocate for, they didn't have enough time to apply for the papers for a church wedding.  The second world war broke out a few months later.  My family all say they look like Bonnie and Clyde in this photo :o)

So when I got the ring on my finger I knew I wanted to get married on the same day, and I also wanted to have a 1940's theme, the day we were married was my Nan and Grandad's 70th wedding anniversary :o)

Being an Elvis fan there was one place it had to be done - Las Vegas!  As a vintage film fan there was one place in Las Vegas I had to be married - The MGM Grand!

The MGM Grand is the second largest hotel in the world, it has its own wedding chapel inside and the decor is amazing, lots of pictures of the old Hollywood greats, all very fitting for my vintage wedding dreams. Although I must admit planning a wedding in Vegas from England was a bit of a daunting task. One coincidence of the date was that our Las Vegas visit also coincided with the fabulous Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender - an amazing rockabilly festival so I was in good company and in my element :o ) See here for info on Viva Las Vegas.

So the 8th of April 2009 I walked through the casino in my wedding dress being cheered by the crowds of gamblers and having my picture taken by loads of tourists - not your usual trip to 'the chapel' lol.

We also had a great photographer who took some amazing (and very expensive!) pictures.  One of my favourite was this one of hubby:
Taken outside the MGM Grand after his dad had handed out cigars to all the men to celebrate.  Now I bet you want to see a picture of me...well another favourite wedding pictures is this one:

This is actually inside the MGM Casino too.  Yes I went for a wedding dress instead of the 1940's suit like my Nan as that little girl inside still wanted 'the dress' lol.   Bit of a cop out of a picture of me huh lol.  Should I reveal myself a bit closer up?........

There you go the big reveal! *wink* - just want to show you my victory rolls :o)  So you can all now put a face to the thrifty Scarlett.  We were lucky enough to receive a gift from father in law of the rights to our wedding pictures and the disk of every picture taken which is amazing.  The chapel also loved the pictures too and asked to use a couple of them in the chapel - so if your ever in Vegas go and check out the MGM grand chapel and you might see the picture of me :o) 

Who'd have thought it a Las Vegas wedding without an Elvis impersonator...that'll be for when we renew our vows *wink* But alas the dress was trashed rock and roll style by partying in Las Vegas after the wedding.

Normal bargain hunting posts will resume....

Scarlett x

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  1. Wow - that looks fantastic - and so did you! What an experience.

  2. That looks amazing! A brilliant day to remember. Love the photo of your grandparents.

  3. Scarlett - you look gorgeous, obviously take after your stylish Nan! And your chap is exceedingly dapper also, I love all your pictures. A very happy anniversary for tomorrow my thrifty blogging pal - it's been very nice getting to know you so I'm glad I can now put a face to the name (she says, still hiding behind a profile pic of herself at 2 years old!).

    I absolutely love how your Grandad is rocking his hat too. My favourite wedding picture is my mum and dad's - early 70s and just amazing clothes. I loved my mum's floppy wedding hat and it was in my dressing-up box for years.

  4. you looked amazing!!! so serene. what a special day with so many family connections! Happy Anniversary.

  5. Ooh you look gorgeous! Love the pic of you and your husband, that looks like my kind of place! :)

  6. Sono le foto dei tuoi genitori?Belle,Rosetta

  7. Scarlett,grazie della spiegazione,sei molto gentile!I tuoi commenti al mio blog mi fanno sempre tanto piacere,salutoni,Rosetta

  8. Beautiful pics and I love that you got married on your grandparents' anniversary. Love love love your hair! Happy anniversary x

  9. Happy 2nd Anniversary to both you and hubby!! Here's for many many years to come just like your nan and grandad, CHEERSS !! You look gorgeous, Scarlett!!! beautiful dress, beautiful classic look just like your beautiful nan!! loving the VIVA Las Vegas Wedding!! Enjoy your anniversary and have a great time!!!! xx Susan

  10. Oh Scarlett what beautiful pictures! ALL of them! And what a lovely couple you two make. I think you captured the same feeling as in your Nan and Grandads photo. Happy 2nd Anniversary!! I just celebrated my 14th....And I was also married in Vegas! *winks* Vanna
    P.S when I go back in a few months I'm going to look for your picture!

  11. You know something - I absolutely love weddings like yours!! Where the day is truly about the bride and groom and getting married their way :-) I often wonder how many couples end up sacrificing their own desires to better please parents, family or inlaws and it makes me quite sad. I love that you went for it!!

    Jem xXx

  12. Happy anniversary!! You had an amazing wedding so original and your pics are beautiful. You look like a movie star.

  13. P.S. The pictures are fantastic!! You looked beautiful and your groom looked every inch the dapper chap :-) x

  14. Oh my word, Scarlett, you look like a gorgeous film star as does your hubby! Happy anniversary you both!

  15. Darling Scarlett you are gorgeous

  16. I cannot believe you chickened out on having an Elvis impersonator Scarlett!!!
    ( but a fat Elvis in a stretchy white suit...not very 1940's)
    You looked absoutely stunning, love your victory rolls. The pic of you and your husband is beautiful. It must have been the kind of day you dreamt about as a little girl...I wish you both much happiness for tomorrow and always x

  17. Happy anniversary :D
    Looked like you had an amazing wedding.

  18. What gorgeous photo's and memories. You both make a lovely couple. It sounds like you had a magical wedding. And the photograph of your grandparents is stunning too.

    Happy anniversary!

    MBB x

  19. Echoing what Jem said - brilliant that you stayed true to yourself and your dream.

    You had a wonderful, dreamy wedding and both of you looked gorgeous.

    Congratulations on making 2 years already - I hope you two go on to years and years and years together - just like your grandparents.

  20. Congrats on your 2nd anniversary! Your photos are amazing, I love black and white pictures. you look so beautiful in your pics.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  21. oo your so pretty!..

    lovely pics.. love how your pic looks like a genuine 1940s with the rolls and the serene look..gorgeous
    your hubby looked tres handsome aswell didnt he...proper gangster!!

    hope you both have a lovely day

  22. OMG!
    My husband and I got married in Las Vegas too ,but at the Venetian on a Gondola.
    It was amazing, I also bloged about it on our two year anniversary.Your gorgeous huni and your hubby is so handsome.You look a lot like your nana.I wore my hair in victory rolls too.

  23. Happy Anniversary! Beautiful, timeless pictures of your grandparents and you and your husband. Here's to many happy decades together. x

  24. Happy Anniversary! What beautiful pictures!!

  25. It just sounds absolutely wonderful. And to do it on their anniversary is perfect. You look sensational, your victory rolls are magnificent. Loved this post. x

  26. OH please, please, please post the rest of your pictures! Those are amazing and you both look fun! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  27. Hi, Tracy here from Romi and Bob.
    I think you both look wonderful. You look like a bit Grace Kellyesque, I think. I love your hair. What an amazin place to have a wedding. You ´must have amazin memories of that day.

  28. Oh gosh Scarlett, I loved reading this post so much, it’s so lovely finding more out about you. What a fabulous wedding, and such a great way to get married. You look stunning xxx

    p.s I dream of a beautiful wedding dress one day

  29. Congratulations, Scarlett!!! Happy anniversary! I really love the photo of your grandparents. look like an amazing movie star! these pictures are so lovely! Weddings in Las Vegas are my favorites! I think you had a wonderful and romantic wedding and both of you looked gorgeous!!!

  30. WOW what a stunner you are and can I say you had the best wedding!! I love the pictures - I want to see more!!!!!

    Victoria xx

  31. This is one of the BEST wedding stories I have ever heard! What an unusual and elaborate theme, you chose so well! You and your husband look absolutely great!
    Glad you went for the wedding dress! Your grandparents look so sweet, I bet you will treasure that photograph forever xxx


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