Monday, 18 April 2011

Bootsale Sunday again

What a day yesterday - started off horribly when I discovered some little ******* had ripped the windscreen wipers off of my car - they had broken off the arms and all. There was no parking outside the house so I had parked a bit down the road and that's what happens!  The air was definitely blue yesterday morning, the police took a statement but nothing they can do - great hey!

But I still made sure I got to the boot sale :o)  It wasn't as busy as usual, not sure if the Easter school holidays are the cause but it was a lot less chaotic.  So here's my finds:

Pink Meakin Glamour Rosa Jug - 20p!

Vintage Martini fabric table/bar mats - 50p

Beautiful vintage cushion cover - 50p

1950s 'Skyline' Whisk - wanted a vintage hand whisk for a while now so pleased to get this one for 20p!  Moulinex Mouli-Herb chopper in orginal box - 30p :o)

Leather granny purse with wrist strap - 50p

Vintage vanity case - 50p
More Pirate bunting for the little mans birthday party - 50p

Sweet little espresso set on its own stand - love these although I don't drink coffee so these are just there to look pretty - £1.50.

Men's 1970's shirts - all for a punt on Ebay - £1 each.

Kitsch big-eyed Deer - 50p from a very sweet little old lady, been wanting one like this for ages too - result!

And in the name of shabby chic - a little shelf with draw - 50p.  This is a definite project piece which is going to be sanded and painted within an inch of its life, also need to find a draw knob :o)

I also need to say a HUGE thank you to Kylie Lucy violet vintage who sent me this beautiful ballerina hair brush which I loved so much on her blog:

I love love love it and its now pride of place on my dressing table - sorry the photos don't do it justice Kylie.

Now for this weeks installment of

Witnessed at a Bootsale

Lady in front of me talking to her friend : "I don't know why those foreign people think they have to knock the price down when they know they are getting a bargain"
Friend: "I know its so cheeky"
They stop at the next stall
Lady "How much for the skirt Love?"
Stallholder : "£2 its silk"
Lady: "oh no I'll give you £1"....

Stallholder: "Freshly baked cupcakes £1 each"
Customer: "Were you up baking them this morning?"
Stallholder: "No I made them yesterday morning"

I also saw a young guy sorting through a pile of clothes on a lady's stall, he then grabbed a bin bag and tipped the contents out to have a look and a huge pile of tiny thongs and bras went flying out on top of the pile of clothes. Both the stallholder and the young man looked embarrassed. I was just thinking who on earth wants to buy this lady's old thongs - eugh! (Maybe the fetish market is big on the bootsale scene lol).

Thats all for the boot sale booty!

Scarlett x

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  1. Lol cool stories again and great finds hope karma gets the brats who did that to your car.,

  2. What fab finds again.I like the bar mats.Your little boy is going to have a lovely party by the looks of all the things you got so far!
    Hope you had a lovely weekend,apart from the wipers incident

  3. Firstly Scarlett I am so sorry about what that/those little ...... did to your car and I know exactly where you'd like to stick your windscreen wiper if you ever found the culprit!
    I hope your lovely finds on the day helped to make up for it, you really did find some great stuff (as usual!)
    I'm glad the hairbrush has a nice new home...don't apologise for photos - wait till you see mine later on today! x

  4. Oh no, so sorry to hear about your car! So glad that you were able to find such wonderful treasures though! All that loveliness for only a few pounds all up!! Well done indeed! Love Brenda

  5. Adoro vintage,mi piace molto il bricco bianche e le tazze,baci,Rosetta

  6. I nearly squealed with mad excitement when I saw your skyline egg whisk - sooooo much nicer than my "rusty old thing" (Mr J and P's words not mine) and for 20p. Score and a half. I'm also lusting after your vanity case and for 50p too! I'm definitely suffering from Bootsale envy. Bah!

    Sorry to hear about your windscreen wipers - very annoying.

    Hope you have a lovely week. xx

  7. whuahahahah always fun reading your "Witnessed at the boot sale!" i'm so sorry to hear about your car though and that wasn't a laughing matter especially when the police cant do anything abt it! i've been stalking you over the weekend checking if you were posting anything new and now i'm so pleased to see another gorgeous treasures you found! the pink rosa jug, the martini fabric and the deer are so damn adorable!! love them soo much! I also have two espresso cups and saucers like yours but nothing as cute as that in terms of color! loving the shelf for craft project! cant wait to see what you'll do with it! love the ballerina mirror from Kylie! so sweet of her! hoorah for the pirate bunting for your son's birthday! another great finds!! love them all! xx Susan

  8. Freshly baked cupcakes my a***!

    I'm in raptures over your Meakin jug and your 50p shelf! Incredible bargains and your dainty little deer is absolutely adorable :-) The vanity case will be a great prop for blog photos!

    Jem xXx

  9. I love your bootsale stories and look forward to them each week, they are always guaranteed to make me laugh, Thanks xxx

  10. Where do I start? I adore the little jug and cups and saucers, so cute in pastel! The vanity case is amazing, always wanted one as an adult, had one in red as a child but don't know what happened to it :(

    Great bunting, the party is going to be amazing!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  11. EEeekk I love the Martini fabric!!!

    Can't believe someone ripped the windscreen wipers off your car I'm not surprised you were angry!

    Victoria xxx

  12. I adore the boot sale stories! You found some awesome items again Scarlett! I do love that little deer! So sweet and the vanity case, awesome.

    So sorry for the damage on your car. GRRRRRR...makes me so angry at random vandalism!

  13. I love your 'overheard' stories!!

    Sorry to hear about your car. Here's hoping some kind of karma catches up with them.

    I adore ALL of your finds this week. Every single one. I'd have bought them all if I'd have been lucky enough to see them.

    Thanks for liking up x

  14. Looks like you found some lovely items!! I enjoy tuning-in for your bootsale stories!

  15. I'm so sorry about the little beasts duffing up your poor car - what a pointless thing to do. I'm glad you didn't let it spoil your day, and as usual you've got amazing bargains and hilarious eavesdroppings (!) - I can just picture the embarrassing underwear incident! xxx

  16. Ooh, that cushion cover is lovely! I really think you should start a book with the 'Overheard at a boot sale' theme.

  17. I like most of your things as usual but don't like the cushion cover at all for some reason which is odd as I do like the colours.
    You should get a publisher for those overheard at snippets. My stuff can be found in the usual place at

  18. some lovely finds, I especially love the little pink jug and the suitcase :)

  19. Hahaha it's so gross when you see people selling their old used cacks at boot sales!

    I absolutely love that Ballerina Mirror.. fancy sending it on to me now :p Just kidding!
    I'm definitely loving the Meakin Glamour Rosa Jug and that darling little Bambi!

    Brilliant find yet again! xxx

  20. Sorry to read about your wipers - someone did that to my beloved Beetle years ago and I wanted to tear their arms off I was so livid!!

    You've done well again with all your finds. I love the little jug and the suitcase, and my Mum used to have a purse just like that in the 70s!

  21. Where do I start, as usual I love it all. Items of note are the vanity, my sis and I used to have matching ones for going to stay at our nan's in the 80s, the little deer is too cute and should be best friends with my burlesque bunny girl, martini material and bunting are fab as is the mirror. Can't wait to see what you do with the little unit, happy knobbing! :)

  22. Wow so many great finds and such bargains to you lucky lady. Love the jug, suitcase and the little shelf and love the little hair brush so very sweet just imagine who first had it ;-) that's the beauty of vintage is the history that comes with it. I was so sorry to hear about your car there are some right little buggers out there hope it wont be to expensive for you. enjoy your week, dee x

  23. hear that sound? it's my teeth gnashing in envy! I adore all your finds, the cups are just darling, and the hairbrush is a dream, but the whisk....I've been meaning to get one for ages, i hear ebay calling....

  24. Lol at ChrisTea's 'Happy knobbing' (am such a child). Love the martini mats, jug and vanity, and I'm guessing the shelf will be getting some sort of shabby chic makeover? ;-)

    And oi, I think that IS my Granny's purse!

    Sorry about your car, what a pain in the bum. Am sending retribution karma their way x

  25. Excellent scores amor!
    I want the vanity case, vanity mirror and those cute coffe mugs.
    cute martini mats. I shall look for some now.
    you always manage to find the cutest junk.
    sorry about your wipers hun.

  26. Loving your bootsale finds :) great bargains!
    Lucky lady xx

  27. Aah more great stuff! Loving the shelf, you'll have to take more pics when its done! :)

  28. I want everything ohhh I love that vanity case! Why would someone do that to your car????


  29. Ha!! Those conversations crack me up! :) I love love love that little deer you found! My Grammy had one just like it..awww...good memories! :) Your new hairbrush is adorable too! I'm thinking of trying to collect vintage hand-mirrors and do some kind of vignette on my bathroom wall. Great finds...thanks for sharing!


  30. Well you found some great stuffs as you always do *winks* But that mirror is soo sweet! That was so kind of your friend! Vanna

  31. Just catching up on blog reading.....bit late...

    I'm sorry about the windscreen wipers..that sucks! We had our car kicked and dented by kids in the street when we lived in London - little blighters. They were jumping on the bonnet. So I know how you feel. Not good.

    And then, that little Bambi is making me sigh with pleasure - I'm also on the lookout for one (or two or three.....) - great find! As is the hand whisk. My Mum had one when I was a kid and that's what we used for whisking everything from scrambled eggs to meringue to whipped cream for the Sunday scones - and I have seen them in vintage shops but sooooo expensive it's silly.

    Lovely lovely haul.


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