Tuesday, 5 April 2011

And there's more...

The table top sale and the spring fair were a bit of a disappointment at the weekend.  I bought a couple of bits at the table top sale but as the fair was for a cat protection charity it was full of pet goods and had the token 'wood work' stall selling wooden mushrooms and keyrings.  I do have two cats but was in no need to be buying them anything from here where the prices were very similar to the Pets At Home store and I don't think they would appreciate a wooden mushroom with their name engraved.  I also managed to dodge the photographer from the local paper who was asking people to pose with a guy dressed in a rather mangy cat costume - phew!

So here's what I couldn't resist buying:

Vintage silver plated dressing table mirror - a complete bargain at 50p (even I wash shocked at how cheap this one was).
1956 copy of Little Women - 10p

A creepy slightly psychedelic tales and stories book from the 1970s - 10p, also has an inscription which you know gets me everytime:

So if anyone knows Michael Hanson let him know I've got his book!

1950s jar - 10p. One day I will show you all my jars filled with my bits and bobs so you can see why I buy so many lol.
Ladybird Books - 10p each.

Sewing patterns which are going to be given to a friend - 50p.

And that was all my table top and spring fair buys :o)  I also popped into the secret charity shop this morning on my travels and was pleased to see that the pricing hasn't really changed much at all, all I could see was that some of the glass bits had gone from 50p to £1 but the ladies tops and dresses seemed to have gone down to £1?  So you can all sleep easy knowing my local CS haunt has not succumbed to the CS high street pricing pressure *wink*.

Happy Tuesday All.

Scarlett x


  1. Love your book bargins, it would have been great to have seen a picture of you with a human cat!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I always look at books at the thrifts. You found some really nice vintage books. Love the dresser mirror! Great bargains my friend. hugs, Linda

  3. Oh wow!! Then hand mirror was a fantastic find!! 50p is such a bargain :-)

    Good to hear the secret CS is still as much of a treasure trove as ever, really envying the 10p copy of Little Women :-)

    Jem xXX

  4. Lovely ladybird haul :)

    Am feeling let down this week - no bargains in any of my charity shops in town - hoping the 'drought' might end tomorrow.

  5. Oh still some great things, even if you did leave behind the wooden kitty mushroom! Definitely do a pic of all your jars, am intrigued now ;-)

    Oh, and what the hell is wrong with those horses' necks on the cover of that book?!

  6. Adoro lo specchio e "le piccole donne".Baci,Rosetta

  7. We had a cats protection spring fayre in my area on saturday-how weird?!
    I love ladybird books,i keep buying them when i really shouldn't.

  8. I know what you mean about spring fairs - al la bit rubbish - we have village ones and they are ok but focus on food adn market stall type things. Every the country shows don't have a bric a brac or jumble stall. Shame

    Glad about the secret charity shop!!! They do seeem to be much much busier these days.


  9. Gotta love a charity shop that sells £1 clothes! Love the old books, inscriptions are fun, no-one does that now, do they...

  10. Love the books, Scarlett. You and your jars! I'd love to see what you display in them! Do show! xx

  11. Hooray for the Secret CS for not changing their prices!!! I can't wait to see all your jars collection with bits and bobs in them! I absolotely adore the little women and the ladybirds books!! silver plated mirror for 50p? i cant believe it either! i bought mine in charity shop for £2.50! dang! anyways im sure your friend would love the vintage sewing pattern, always love what you find, Scarlett! xx Susan

  12. Gosh, what lovely finds well done!

  13. I think the buys are brilliant but can't help thinking it would have been fun seeing you next to a grown man dressed as a cat! I love books with old messages inside and that mirror is superb! xx

  14. Great books all those Ladybird books for 10p each what a bargin ;-) And little women love that book and lovely quilt on the front ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  15. Great scores!
    The vintage table vanity dressing mirror is amazing,I am addicted to vanity trinkets and such.
    ladybird books how awesome.

  16. I love those book covers Scarlett...which little woman did you want to be? I wanted to be Jo of course!

  17. You did great considering.Love the lady Bird books getting hard to find here.

  18. Oh the books are so darling. I really like the Little Women cover. I've bought a few like that myself recently. x

  19. I blame Mary Portas for the CS price increases. :(

    I know it's all for good causes and some things do deserve to be priced higher but still....it's changed charity shopping and not in a good way. I overheard some girls talking about it yesterday - they feel the same way - I think all us CS shoppers do.

    Like the Ladybird books - I collect them too. And old patterns.....do you know what my Mum did? She had three big suitcases full of vintage patterns dating from the 1950's right through to the 1990's and she THREW THEM ALL AWAY.


  20. Super haul of goodies, I'm loving the Ladybird books and the patterns :-)

  21. Ahhh I remember those Read it Yourself books!! Loving the old Little Women, even if their faces aren't quite right somehow!! :)

  22. Just read your comment on my blog and came to ask you.....if you go to Brighton often then I take it you live in Sussex - so wondered which boot fairs you're going to. We used go to one on the way to Lewes - but that hasn't started up yet - I think it starts next Sunday.

    And then there was a small one locally through winter but it has stopped now. So I am at a loss for boot fairs.

  23. SCORE! But really a deal on that mirror! Vanna

  24. Oh i have a sweet spot for old books and you found so many good ones!
    And that mirror is beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up to thrifty thursdays!

  25. A girl after my own heart! Those Ladybird books are fabulous, I dream of owning a full collection, though I don’t quite know how many exist.
    This is really funny, my Mum bought me a copy of Little Women the other day, I was so pleased with it :) xxx

  26. Very intereresting reading. thx



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