Tuesday, 12 April 2011

An Award...

Ive been awarded a lovely blog award by the fabulous foof and faff - check out her blog if your havent already.  So the deal with the award is that I need to nominate 10 blogs to award this beauty to and I need to tell you 10 things about me.

So I'd like to nominate the following blogs:
My Friends Call Me Nelly
lucy violet vintage
Loo - jumbles and pompoms
Lakota - faith hope and charity shopping
Dressing mrs exeter
Jem - beautiful clutter
Alice - Its an Alien World
cotton end girl
joyful treasure hunting

Those blogs I read and comment on that I haven't nominated - you know you are all fabulous and I would love to nominate you all but thought I'd mix it up between my long time bloggy friends, new blogs I love and some that I haven't nominated before.  Hope I haven't offended anyone by not nominating them, that's the tricky thing with these - eek!

So that's the difficult bit out the way - here's the 10 random facts about me:

1) I have a degree in Psychology and Health Studies but I have done nothing with it since leaving Uni - backpacking called to me more than more studying!

2) I hate cheese - cant bear the taste of it, my mum thinks its because she was really ill on a cheese fondue when she was pregnant with me.

3) I have a glass kiln and used to make dichroic glass jewellery which I taught myself to do - haven't done it for about a year but will get back into it at some point.

4) I met my husband in a night club - classy hey!

5) I love the Glastonbury festival and have been a couple of times but now I've got a little 'un and waiting till he's a bit older to take him for a bit of festival flair!

6) I was once asked to be a burlesque performer for a top DJ night after my cousin went round a club telling everyone that I was a famous Burlesque dancer. We got ushered into a VIP lounge and the DJ wanted to book me for his regular club spot.  That's the problem you get when you are the only person dressed in vintage gear in a night club!  I lied and said I would do it then gave a phony telephone number :o)

7) I drove on the motorway for the first time last weekend after being able to drive for 3 years!

8) I have a fear of slugs

9) I dream of owning my own vintage clothing and homewear shop - maybe when I win the lottery.

10) As well as loving Elvis and Johnny Cash I've got a girl crush on Dolly Parton - she's amazing!  Plus she is on Daybreak tomorrow- V exciting!

So there with have it - take the award if you want it my nominated lovelies, I know its not everyone thing.

Scarlett x


  1. Congratulations my lovely, and thanks so much for passing it on to me - I'm going to find it tricky to know who to give it to now, you've awarded most of my faves! I will have a think...

    Re: your facts, I never drive on the motorway (did about 10 miles near Cardiff once) and I've been driving 6 years! Would also love a shop, perhaps we can go into business one day, will keep scratching those scratchcards... I love cheese though, hope that isn't a dealbreaker!

    Would love to see some of the jewellery you made

  2. Congratulazioni Scarlette!Rosetta

  3. Congratulations on your award!

    Lol had to laugh when you said about your girl crush on old Dolly. Her's was the first album I ever owned! My nan brought it for me for my birthday one year when i was a child. Mainly because I was obsessed with the song 'letter from heaven'. Yes I was a strange little being and must of been quite morbid too!

    MBB x

  4. Congrats on your award and well done to your nominated blogs! :) Nice to know a little more about you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. congratulations and well deserved. as for being a dolly fan - i love her too. went to see her in concert and cried when she came on ! super you. xx

  6. You should bring little son to the Latitude festival here in Suffolk - its great :) Off for my 5th visit in July :)

  7. well done on the award :)

  8. Well done for your award, and thanks for passing it to me. I do hope you get your shop up and running one day - I'll be round like a shot! xxx

  9. I've found your blog today and really enjoyed reading your posts. What an excellent idea to give away ten things about you. Hope you don't mind but I may have to do the same.

    Have a great evening.


  10. Loved learning more about you Scarlett! I hate driving and try to avoid it as much as possible. I don't think you should wait to win the lotto for that vintage shop *winks* I think you'd be great for it now! Vanna

  11. Congratulations i did smile at the burlesque fact ;-)) That's a cracker ;-) Well done you for driving on the motorway its a very fast scary place to drive. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  12. WOOT!! I won an award! Thank you Scarlett, it's such an honor to be given an award, i've never won an award before so this is making me super duper happy!! as i'm typing this, my hands are still shaking from carrying that chair hahahaha, i keep peeking through the door for the postman that never came, but i'm sure it'll arrive tomorrow!! I hate slugs too, eewwwww, i've never seen a dicroic glass jewellery, please post it when you get around to making it again! I'm with you with the dream of opening a vintage shop, i do hope i'll win the lottery this friday hahaha, now i know alittle more about you, also I want to see you in vintage gear hahaha always love vintage! i'll post the award tomorrow and nominate 10 people as i dont think my hands are up to the task right now ehehe Thank you again! XX Susan

  13. Really enjoyed reading about you. Funny and interesting person. Loved the burlesque bit! :-)
    Isabelle x

  14. I love reading about you amor,the burlesque story was my fave. I would lied my ass off too,lol

  15. Damn, I wear vintage to clubs too and no-ones asked me to be a burlesque dancer, maybe I'm doing something wrong... :)

  16. Hello miss fake burlesque dancer you lol thanks for the award now to think who I will pass it on too hmmm not even sure what I will say yet lol

  17. Hi Gorgeous, thank you so much for my award.

    Love it that you were asked to do burlesque dancing - that is hilarious! Like Lakota, I'd love to see your jewellery. Pleeeeaase show us.

    Have a lovely day. xx

  18. Hi Scarlet! I just discovered your Blog through Nelly, and have signed up to follow you. You have some beautiful things on show, and I lok forward to your future posts!

  19. Sweet Scarlett
    thank you for giving me an(other!) award. Yay!
    I may need a little time to participate properly, but I've got my thinking cap on so stay tuned...

    p.s. and congrats on getting your award in the first place x

  20. Congrats on your blog award!!
    You really deserve it!
    Also, thank you so much for the lovely comments!
    I tagged you to do the "8 Most Worn Items Tag!"

    My Lyfe ; My Story - Tag : 8 Most Worn Items

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  21. Well done on the award! Loving all your facts, except that you hate cheese, I'm a cheese fiend. I too adore Elvis and Dolly. I want to go see her in Glasgow but nobody I know likes her and the tickets ain't exactly cheap if you don't. x

  22. Congratulations on the much-deserved award. Your blog is definitely in my top 5 favourites. When I read your posts it's like a friend sharing funny stories and showing me their finds.
    Slugs-eughh. x

  23. Well done on the award!

    I'd love to own a vintage shop too!

    Victoria xx

  24. Congratulations on your award! I am so with you on no.9....Let's reeeeeaaaaly visualize very hard on winning the lottery ;)))


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