Saturday, 30 April 2011

Off to the Emerald Isle

Well my lovelies this is going to be my last post for over a week as I'm heading off for a family holiday to Ireland tomorrow and hopefully be able to fit in a bit of bargain hunting while I'm over there!

As I wont be car booting for two weeks I had to sneak off this morning when I should have been packing to the Saturday booty just so I could get my fix.  It was quite disappointing, the same old trader stalls selling over priced children's toys and dodgy tracksuits.  I was thinking that it was going to be the first boot sale I left empty handed until I spotted these:

Love these shelves - they are coated in varnish so I'm going to have to put the dreaded sander to work again but I've got a feeling these are going to be fabulous shabby chic'd up :o)  I paid £6 for the pair which was more than fair as seen some of these in the charity shops with ridiculous price tags.
I've also found a couple of things in the charity shop which I thought I'd throw in for good measure:

 Victorian Vignettes and Illustrations book full of lovelies which I'm going to get my craft on with - £2.

I also bought these fabulous little women's Institute books:

Full of handy little tips and humorous quotes, two of my favourites being in the washing section:

 "I think if you've got a T-shirt with a bloodstain all over it, maybe laundry isn't your biggest problem. Maybe you should get rid of the body before you do the wash" - Jerry Seinfield.

"Automatic washing Machines: please remove your clothes when the light goes out" - Sign in a laundromat.

Right I better get back to the packing, don't miss me too much *wink*, I'll be catching up on all your blogs when I get back :o)

Scarlett x


  1. Miss you already! ;o)

    Love those shelves!

    Have a great holiday.

    Victoria xx

  2. Oh Ireland is just gorgeous, I'm so envious! You're a girl after my own heart though as I'd have been haring off the the boot sale before packing too - some might say we have slightly skewed priorities! :-)

    Hope you have an amazing time and come home with a few Irish treasures too!

    Jem xXx

    P.S I love the Victorian Vignettes!! The shelves were a bargain too!

  3. It's not going to be the same without your posts and lovely comments Scarlett...I'll miss you.
    Have a lovely holiday xxx

  4. Quanto amo le figurine vittoriane!!!Buona domenica,Rosetta

  5. I shall miss you heaps too.Of all the places thats forever been on my to visit place its where you are going.Have a wonderful time will be thinking of you.

  6. Have a great time my lovely - may the Guinness be drunk by someone else and the bargains be plentiful. Mwah!

    Great shelves too x

  7. ooooh Ireland,I been wanting to go there.
    those shelves are a a bargain,cant wait to see what you do with them.
    Victorian vinegetes are so pretty.I never been to a saturday boot sale.
    love the houswives books, do you mean Jerry Seinfeld the comedian? if thats him, he is hilarious.
    My whole family is like the Seinfeld show cast.
    oh, huni, Im going to miss you and your funny post.
    I leave to California next Saturday for 3 weeks.I will still be posting here and there.

  8. missing you already, Scarlett! i'll be waiting for yout come back! good job in buying those two shelves and i too hate sanding varnished furnitures! gorgeous vignettes and little women institute books! those are two funny quotes!!hahaha this is also why i'm going to miss you terribly!! but anyways have a great time in ireland!! xx Susan

  9. Have a fabulous time and i bet you bring something back to show!! i am sure those shelves look great. xx

  10. Haha awesome quotes! Have a great holiday, keep an eye out for some Irish bargains! :)

  11. Have a great time - I'm sure you'll manage to squeeze in some bargain hunting!

  12. Hope you have a lovely holiday

  13. Great shelves! Enjoy your holiday!!

  14. Have a fabulous trip, I'll miss you and your wonderful sense of humour loads. xxx

  15. Great finds as always. Visiting Ireland is on my bucket list, have a great time!

  16. Enjoy enjoy!! (Love Dublin - only place have been in the ERmerald Isle so far. )

  17. Have a wonderful time, can't wait to see what treasure you return with and the accompanying stories will be a treat, I'm sure!

  18. Love those shelves! Looking forward to seeing the makeover outcome on those!

    Ooo I'm so jealous of the Victorian Vignettes and Illustrations book! I think I am going to have to look for that book for myself! Looks brillllll!

    I hope you enjoy your family holiday to Ireland! Have fun! xxx

  19. I'm loving that Victorian Vignettes and Illustrations book - looks splendid. As for the dreaded sander - I've just watched the last two episodes of Weeds - I don't think I can look at a sander in the same way again.
    Enjoy Ireland - I've never been which is a crime!

  20. Have a great time...Don't kiss that blarney stone over there, I hear people do terrible things to it LOL


  21. Love your buys!

    Check out my blog there is something for you :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  22. Totally jealous of the Victorian decoupage book, look forward to seeing the makeover of the units. Have a wonderful time on your hols. x

  23. Ooh hope you're having a nice time here, the weather's good in Dublin anyway! Looking forward to seeing what treasures you find here! xxxxx

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