Tuesday, 26 April 2011

More booty for your buck

So as promised here is the rest of my mammoth weekend booty haul (yes haul not call lol)... I did pick up several bag loads of "posh" clothes to ebay but I wont bore you all with those.

Vintage floral hand mirror - £1. 

4 vintage embroidered table cloths - 50p each. I had competition for these by a rather abrupt lady next to me but i won the fabric snatching war lol.

A whole load of pink kitchen bits. There is a pink kitchen roll holder and 8 mugs in the this lot but 4 mugs were bathing in the sink and the kitchen roll holder was put straight to work.  I only wanted to buy the pink whistling kettle as think its awesome but was then sweet talked in taking the whole lot - for £5 I couldn't really say no. Now who wants to buy me the Aga to use my kettle on?

Vintage house-dress  - £1 :o)

Old-school childrens blocks, bought from a lovely old lady who was selling her children's items - her youngest now being 40! haha.  Only £1 for the whole box.  The nice ones going to my son and the plain ones I'm going to get crafty with :o)

And now for my favorite little weird and wonderful lot from yesterdays boot sale....
Vintage Avon perfume bottles - most of them full with the original fragrance (although this smell is not great lol).  These were from a lady who had twin daughters and she used to buy two of each perfume for them, these have been in her loft for the last 35 years.

 Being a child in the 80s my whole bedroom was decorated with Pierrot Clown! 

 I would never have thought this little ornamental egg was a perfume bottle!

Freaky...slightly ;o)

So how much for 14 vintage (and slightly strange) perfume bottles?....£4 :o))

Now for the main event *wink*

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

Old lady pointing at a laptop on a stall: "Its all about the hardcore on the computers now isn't it, my son works with computers"
Stallholder laughs "Oh really, yes the Hard drive"
I wonder what her son has been up to on his home computer ;o)

A lady asking for her money back from the stallholder as she had showed her husband the 50p skirt she bought and he didn't like it...

Stall advertising "fill a bag of clothes for £2" Lady sorting through clothes was passed a tesco carrier bag "Can I fill my own bag?" on her shoulder being a massive plastic laundry bag. (Nice try sweetheart! lol).

And the boot sale non selling item of the week:  A used hair brush with the previous owners black hair still wound its its manky bristles labelled up for £1 - eugh!

Happy Tuesday All.

Scarlett x

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  1. Them wooden blocks are so cute.

    I used to love pierrot clown,think i still do lol.

    Such a shame to pass up the hair brush lol....or not!Some people really are grim

  2. Hi Scarlett I love that house dress... it wouldn't be confined to the house if it was mine! I can't believe you paid just one pound for it...
    I love the wooden blocks too and the rest of your "booty haul" is pretty fab too, as always.

  3. I'm always amused at the conversations you overhear/the incidents you see at the boot sales/markets-- am also grossed out by the idea of a used hairbrush!

  4. Love the tablecloths - imagine getting rid of those! Then again, thank goodness folk do or there would be nothing for us to "salvage"!

  5. Wow - and I thought what I got was a haul!!!!

  6. That pink kettle is amazing! Yack to the hairbrush though - it always amazes me the kinds of things people try and sell - old rugs covered in dog hair for example - why not run the hoover over it first?! xx

  7. and you didn't buy the brush? !!! so seriously horrible! but your finds and what you did buy are brilliant. x

  8. Great haul, your husband must be so pleased ;-)

    Mank-tastic about the hairbrush, mind you I have seen people trying to sell used mascara - urgh.

  9. Some great buys again.
    I am shocked by the hair brush. Who would by that? grossness

  10. Well done again I say again I must come over your way I have had no opshop fix since Wednesday last week reading your blog makes me Hungry for a good hit of some yummies wish me luck

  11. Great haul! Love the Avon bottles.

    I can't believe someone was selling an old brush!!!!

    Victoria xxx

  12. Well done on all those lovely finds! I love the hand mirror and all those gorgeous kitchen pinks ~ sounds like you had a wonderful time! So glad you include 'witnessed at the carboot' ~ always a laugh! Love Brenda

  13. Fantastic scores! I love all those embroidered table cloths, glad you managed to win them!

    I love vintage Avon perfume bottles, especially the Pierrot one! I still have a thing for Pierrot with my collection ever growing!

    Ew! Used hair brush with hair still in it for £1! I think not! Bloody bin it! xxx

  14. Wonderful buys. I especially love your embroidered linens and Avon perfume bottles. I found some lovely linens myself this weekend ... :0)

    Had to laugh at the person who wanted her money back and a yucky hairbrush.

    Shirl x

  15. I love the computer anecdote!

    If there was a blog award for the best boot sale bounty, you'd deserve it, Scarlett! x

  16. Wow great finds and your were not joking it really is a great Haul ;-)Those perfume bottles what a bargain. I really like the cat ones holding the fans and the little cream angel. And that kettle is great i have a red one but still minus the aga but wow the whistling sound it makes gets me every time ;-) Lovely tablecloths to so pretty. Enjoy all your lovely finds can't wait to see what you do with the wooden blocks love them to. dee x

  17. Love bootsale tales. I didn't get to one this weekend, so I am living through everyone elses. I must do a bootsale to declutter! x

  18. Love the pink set of kitchen bits, so cheap! P clown brings back memories, had it everywhere in my bedroom!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  19. Hey Scarlett! Love the hand mirror and great score on the Avon bottles (even if some are a tad creepy).
    Dirty hairbrushes? Yuk! xxx

  20. Hahahah at the woman asking for her 50p back! Also love that tea set pink pink pink! xxx

  21. The polka dot dress and floral hand mirror are Gorgeous!!! What bargains!

  22. *inserting laughter first* wuahahahhahahaha cant help but laugh out loud reading your funny "witnessed at the the bootsale"!! as always scarlett, you did a helluva great job finding treasures! im in love with those pink kettle and the pink kitchen bits!! i almost tempted to spray paint my teapot a few weeks ago! ahahaha anyways, i adore the mirror, gorgeous! lovely embroidered tablecloths, i've no doubt whatsoever that you'll win any war at the bootsale!! loving the cute vintage avon perfume bottles too! who cares abt the smell when you got those cute encasing it! i also love the vintage house dress and for £1?? i'll say that is a great bargain! love them all!!!! thanks for entering my giveaways, hun!! xoxo

  23. Wonderful score amor!
    I love vintage floral hairbrush and the Avon perfume bottles not,love creepy.
    pink kitchen stuff are so pretty.where u do store everything?
    I never find dresses like that,vintage polka dot house dress.
    LMAO at your boot sale witness stories, a used hairbrush,ay, I seen used g strings being sold at boot sale,lol

  24. You got some really fun stuff this week. Lots of 'interesting' avon bottles for sure. So are you excited about the Royal Wedding or is it just us in the USA??

    hugs, Linda

  25. I'm dying over the PINK!!!!

  26. Wow what a SCORE on those tablecloths!! And I love that little pierrot. (love them too *winks*) That really was a HAUL! Vanna

  27. EW to the hairbrush! But loving the perfume bottles, so cute! :)

  28. The Avon perfume bottles! We had the same ones over here in Australia, which surprises me a bit. I had the exact same little girl saying her prayers. I can almost smellem. I had a Pierrot print and thought it was the height of sophistication.


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