Saturday, 9 April 2011

Elvis has entered the building....

First of all thank you for all the lovely comments on my anniversary blog post, we had a great day out yesterday fighting the crowds at legoland lol.  So normal bargain hunting post resume and thought I'd share this weeks finds all before the boot sale tomorrow :o)

So my theory is that at soon at the sun is shining people get happy and sell stuff cheaply, I've had a romper couple of days finding goodies in both the charity shops and my impromptu visit to the Saturday boot sale today, so put the kettle on and settle down for some of my finds.

Starting with the boot sale booty:
Box full of vintage cottons  - a lot of them on the wooden reels!  Very exciting seeing that she wanted 50p per reel so when I started sorting through them all her mother came from the back of the car and said I could have the whole box for £2!!! See sunshine = cheap stuff!

Vintage silver plated dressing table set in original box and with the comb still wrapped - as per picture.  This was on the dreaded 'collectors' stall so I had a quick look but wasn't going to ask the price as thought it would be top buck but when the stall holder called over that I could have the set for £1 - my purse was out like a shot - couldn't believe this whole set for £1 - thus again sunshine theory :o)

Ladybird books 20p each.

More vintage books - 20p each

Hoorah some Elvis!!! These are vintage Elvis fan magazines and one of them is even from my birthday month and year:

 Yup a November 1980 baby - this was so destined to come home with me!  I got the magazines for 30p each.

More Elvis! Although a rather unfortunate photo of him on this magazine lol - another 30p well spent.

I love this find - Victory Cookbook from 1940-1954.  Its amazing, full of recipes as well as information from the era. For a little taster this is the rations per week for an adult:

This little gem was 50p and will be one of my favourite finds this weekend, cant wait to start reading it and discovering all the dishes I can make with a Marrow and a potato ;o)

A rather 'shabby chic' wicker basket - yes more wicker for me but this tatty bundle is a little bit special:

Oh yeah a Harrods hamper to keep my F&M hampers company *wink* and guess how much I paid for this in the sunshine.......£1!!!!! Hell yeah!

So if the boot sale wasnt enough these are a couple more bits I picked up in the charity shop the last few days:

Vintage, Kitsch and Spring themed - whats not to love (maybe the weird smiles...)  These two were £1 the pair.

Cut Glass jar (yes another jar - eek!) - £1. Sorry about the crappy picture quality.

Diddy little pressed glass trinket dishes - £2.95 for the 3.

And I couldn't leave this post with out a bit more Elvis.......

Tacky - check, tasteless - check, coming home with me - check. This is so awesomely tacky I love it, Elvis in the iconic gold Lame suit figurine - £1 :o) I've actually seen the original suit at Graceland, oooh get me!

Would you believe that this isn't all I've bought? I got a more goodies at the charity shop today, this sunshine is killing my bank account and still got to tackle the boot sale tomorrow - good times! I think I've bored you all enough for this evening so the CS goodies remaining in their bag for a little bit longer.

Have a fabulous Sunday all.

Scarlett x

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  1. wow what an amazing array of finds. I am so missing shopping as I gave it up for Lent (never again) I especially love the lamb's!

  2. Amazing finds! Thinking I might venture out to a carboot tomorrow whilst the weather is here now! Can't believe the dressing table set was only a pound! Love the wicker basket too x

  3. Le canzoni di Elvis sono dolcissime!Fanno sognare,non mi stanco mai di sentirle!Buona domenica,Rosetta

  4. These are some amazing treasure! Neat post and thanks for sharing this with us!

  5. Vintage Elvis! Uh huh! Excellent. I do look out for him on my travels for you, but clearly he doesn't haunt S. London. Definitely some stall holders suffering from sun stroke - lucky for you though.

    Those lambs are giving me the fear. And I'm from Wales...
    Lakota x

  6. You are the Car Boot Queen - such brilliant things, such cool prices! My Mum is an Elvis nut and would have fought you for these if she'd been there, LOL! The dressing table set is so pretty, and the lambkins are best ever! I love seeing your finds! xx

  7. Fab finds - love the lambs and those cottons were a brilliant price.

    Here's hoping for more sunshine tomorrow and some bargains for me :)

  8. Fabulous finds - may the sun keep shining as I scored well Charity shopping today too xx

  9. Oh, I think we were posting comments on eachothers blogs at the same time! How cute is that (is your husband watching the boring Masters Golf too?) xx

  10. Ah Puddle Lane, you taught me to read!! I came across an amazing second hand bookshop today, not a modern book to be found, EVERYTHING was PROPER OLD, it was brilliant except that prices started at like £3.50 - BOOOO!

    My bestest bargain of the day - five Pyrex plates to match my gravy boat (some gravy on a plate anyone?) for £1! :) xx

  11. I'm still drinking my tea!!! more post pleaseeee !!!! gosh you blew me away with your finds!! now those elvis treasures are sooo YOU!! hehehe I'm in love with the vintage book "Susan rushes in" hahaha maybe coz it has my name on it? (Narcist Mode ON). I absolutely love the cute two kitsch lambs, what's not to love abt their smiles? hahaha gorgeous Jars as usual and how many you have those dressing table set?? gorgeous!! the lady bird books and the cooking book are adorable! and last but not least Harrods hamper for £1 !!! good god, the power of sunshine!! can't wait to see what else you find in the bootsale tomorrow! dont check your bank balance, it only gives you a heart attack hehehe...Glad you and hubby had a great anniversary!! xx Susan

  12. Oh god those lambs are just mental! What a great haul. :-)

  13. OMG, Scarlett, surely not MORE wicker! Your house must be awash with the stuff! Love your Elvis finds best of all. I'm with Lakota on the lambs, I've got the fear as well....

  14. Dear Scarlett ~ thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog ~ so glad to have found your lovely blog! Loved seeing all your sweet treasures! Love Brenda

  15. Do you have a fat Elvis hanging from your rear vision mirror Scarlett? If not I think that should be your next purchase!

    Love it all, hope the sun keeps shining and that your luck continues x

    ps that really IS a terrible photo of Elvis...doesn't even look like him!

  16. I love those cotton reels mind you I have lots but can never resist more.and those books ladybird and all.And werent you lucky with your Elvis scores.Cant wait till you show us the rest of your finds I so wish I could visit over your way you guys get the bestest stuff cheaper than we can.BTW you will never bore me just keep bringing it on.

  17. those vintage handmirrors are so pretty! love all the whimsical picture books too! =)

  18. You are kicking butt girl! I can't believe how cheaps that stuff was! And "offal".....*shudders* LOL!
    I hope that sunny thing applies to sales here also because I could sure use some deals right now. *winks*
    So what will you be doing with all that bounty? Will you be selling any?......Vanna

  19. What a good haul, love the lambs!

  20. wow some wonderful bargains there! Adore the brush & mirror set especially. Ahhh those darling vintage books bring back such memories. Glad you had such a terrific time.
    wishing you sunshine in your shadows :)

  21. What fab finds you have.The lambs are cute in their own weird little way.I would love to find a Harrods hamper for £1!!!!
    Hope you have a good time at the car boot today

  22. wow you got stacks!!!>.im loving your sunshine theory .. it must work!.. it does make you feel better when its sunny doesnt it so lets hope all boot sales fall on sunny days from now on!!

    how posh are you with a f&m and now a Harrods hamper.. you'll be able to fine down whilst eating alfresco for sure now!!

  23. I remember Puddle Lane books and I'm oh so jealous of the cute little lambs!!!!

    Victoria xx

  24. Such marvelous finds, I havent been to the Charity shop for a weeks now.that vintage silver mirror and comb was a bargain.I saw a vanity dressing table today for £10 pounds was tempted to buy it ,but I am spoiled with 50 pence-£1 deals.
    those lambs are so adorable.
    love old cook books and lady bird books.
    that hamper looks like a snake will come out and bite ya.
    ooooh Elvis finds are always a must,I always see Elvis frames at our boot sales.Your right about the sun,sellers just want to get rid of their stuff.

  25. hiya scarlett , what great finds lots of gorgeous stuff, my fav are the reels the lambs and the ladybird books ,tfs

  26. The Harrods hamper is such a find! And the Ladybird books are always going to be favourites of mine. Great finds xxx

  27. wow great finds great buy with the cotton and that little mirror and brush set can't believe you only paid £ what a bargin ;-) And those Enid blyton books well done you ;-)) dee x

  28. Aah I used to have the Puddle Lane books! Think Mother may still be hoarding them somewhere, will need to have a look :)


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