Monday, 28 February 2011

Scarlett loves Sundays

Ok so I'm a day late with the Sunday round-up, yesterday was just a busy busy day and then I found out it was free listing weekend on eBay - that wiped out my evening in the attempt to off load some clutter and hoping that the lovely buyers on eBay will love my quirky stuff as much as me....fingers crossed the eBay gods will be smiling on me :o)

We had sunshine yesterday morning so I was expecting the Boot sale to be chock-a-block and I wasn't disappointed, it was heaving.  Literally it was each bargain hunter for themselves and I lost count of the number of toe stamps I endured and the elbows were extra sharp.

I didn't come away with as much as my usual outings but what I got I'm very pleased with. First off the bat was this jar:

Its made by Ravenhead and actually dates from the 1950s (thank goodness for Internet searches).  I'm not sure if I am going to leave it as it is of use some of my easy peasy transfer magic on it....either way it only cost me 50p!

I also found this cut glass trinket dish on the same stall:
Looks to be the same age as the jar and is surprisingly really heavy so I knew it was a keeper, also love the curved handle very Vivienne Westwood style. The lad on the stall gave me this for 50p too.

As you know I'm a fabric-oholic and I cant walk past a pile of fabric without having a look, curtains seem to be my latest finds, I picked up 3 pairs yesterday at the sale:

They are all long curtains too so loads of fabric to be put to good use. The top and middle pair cost £2, the blue damask print curtains cost £1 - bargain!

I also picked up this Crabtree and Evelyn 2004 collectors mug made by Masons Ironstone:
Ive seen some of these sell very well on ebay too so it was bought shamelessly as it was only 20p. I've not entered it into my 20p challenge as I don't think I can pass off 2004 as vintage lol. But did I find a vintage 20p item? All will be revealed on Saturday.

On thing I have noticed at the Car boot Sale recently is the surge of stalls selling cupcakes - yesterday on the upper level alone there were 4 separate stall selling cupcakes and each competing with each other (lots of scribbling out of prices on their signs).  I didn't see one person buying a cupcake or indeed eating one at any stage of the boot sale crawl. They did look lovely and a lot of time had obviously gone into preparing them (and I do love cupcakes) but I'd be damned if I was going to pay £10 for a pitch to sit there for 4 hours staring at my pile of cupcakes that no one is buying :o)

Happy Monday All

Scarlett x
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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Challenge Scarlett..

Busy and sad day today, my Nan died not long ago and today we set on the task of clearing her house. She was very much like me in that she liked to keep everything lol! She has some fabulous stuff which I cant bear to part with so I'm going to have to find some serious storage space  - eek! So once I start bringing it home I will have to show you lovelies some of the best bits :o)

So no time for shopping today as as its boot sale Sunday tomorrow there will be more than enough bargains to be had (hopefully). After my bargain 20p items I bought on Friday it got me thinking that you really cant get much for 20p these days. When I was little, my nan would take me to the jumble sale and you could fill a bag for 20p - no chance now, you cant even buy a mars bar for that much like you used to. 
Therefore for all the bargain hunters and thrifters alike I'm setting myself the 20p CHALLENGE! Each week I'm going to try and bag a nice vintage item for the princely sum of 20p, even if I have to haggle to the death.  If I fail miserably then of course I will be honest and admit defeat for the week but I'm feeling lucky :o) haha!

If any of you lovelies want to join in the 20p fun (or 40 cents for my USA lovelies) then the more the merrier, would love a bit of friendly competition :o) If I fail then it will be the closest priced item. So fingers crossed next Saturday I will have the 20p challenge results.

Happy Saturday all

Scarlett x

Friday, 25 February 2011

Charity Shop Royalty

As the weather was so lovely yesterday I took my son out for a sunny walk in the buggy, this also means that I have to walk past my "secret" charity shop which as already mentioned is hidden in an old school. I seem to be the only person who ever goes in there. Again I had the run of the shop yesterday and one of the staff who popped in said I was like 'Charity Shop Royalty' as I always seem to have the shop to myself and on several occasions they have opened it up for me  - brill!

The other plus point is that it is so cheap. Most items are 50p or less.  I had a rummage through the fabric basket and found these:
Vintage embroidered table mats - grand sum of 20p! I also found this vintage table cloth right at the bottom of the basket:

It's probably 1950's, I think its an absolute gem and again it was 20p!   I also found this fabulous dressing table mirror:

It was hidden on the back of a shelf and was priced at 50p, I love love love it!

The shop manager made me laugh when she said they are gearing up for a 'sale' on Saturday to clear the stock to make room for all the stuff they still have to put out! I cant even imagine how cheap the items are going to be in the sale :o)

Overheard in a Charity Shop

So for the second instalment of my "regular" feature...while I saw nabbing bargains I heard a huge sigh from the stock room followed by "If I find another pair of dirty mens pants in these bags I'm going to scream"...and wash your hands I wanted to reply!  Eugh - I think these lovely charity shop volunteers deserve an environmental health qualification in waste disposal for some of the manky stuff they have to sort through.

So till next time... Have a Happy Weekend :o)

Scarlett x
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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scarlett's easy peesy project

The sun is finally shining which means 'SPRING CLEAN'! All the windows have been thrown open and the house is getting an airing. The washing is on the line and I've been running round like a mad woman cleaning while my son has been having a nap (he must have known as his nap was especially long this morning!).

I've also found a stash of baby food jars I couldn't bear to be send to the recycling pit as they are so cute!  My friend also saves me these little jars as I said I will find a use for them. Well I got a bit crafty today (only a little bit mind) and I found such an easy way of transforming them....all with the help of E-Z rub on transfers (which have also been knocking about in my craft box).

The results:
These little cuties are going to be used as either tea light holders or I'm going to use them as mini posey jars (when my garden decided to flower). They will also look really lovely on a dressing table to hold bits and bobs.
One little tip I've found is that if you are having problem removing the glue from the jars left over from the label - rub with baby oil and it comes off really easily!  You can also add a fabric top to the jar to make a cute storage pot:
This was just a scrap of Cath Kidston fabric I had left over used for the photo but it will need to be neatened up a bit :o)

Now on the recommendation of Jem at Beautiful Clutter I'm going to also enter into the Teacup Thursday over at Miss Spensers blog:

Here's a tea cup from a set I picked up about a few weeks ago:

Its made by Duchess Bone China and it has the most beautiful pale pink rose design, I was lucky enough to get a whole set!

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Happy Thursday all.

Scarlett x

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining...

Well I had been thinking about that wooden sewing box all evening so first thing this morning I googled the shop to get their telephone number so I could ring and make sure it was still there.  I discovered on my google search that the charity shops web page had a section labelled 'Complaints and Compliments' - where you can put down your thoughts on the shop -lol!  I can't comprehend that someone would go to the trouble to complain about the charity shop, but maybe there are such to even it out I left them a lovely compliment and hopefully it will be passed onto the store.

I phoned the shop....the sewing box had been sold :o(  I am a person who believes in fate and therefore I obviously wasn't meant to have that fabulous sewing box but I hope it gives the buyer plenty of enjoyment.

So I went to my family do loaded with the cupcakes - they came out good for my first attempt and I heard plenty of 'mmmm' noises when they were being eaten, another batch has been requested lol:

 This is just a small section of the 30 I made - I'm definitely going to try again and get the piping perfect next time (maybe wishful thinking!).

SO whats the 'Silver Lining'... Well at my aunts house she had a couple of bags of good left over from a table top sale and so said that I could have any items I fancied - no sooner had the bag been tipped out then I saw this little lot:

Good ol' Cath Kidston shines on my day with a passport holder, blackberry phone case (yes I do own a Blackberry) and a keyring!  All for FREE!!

Then I also spied this:

A large Rose scented Yankee Candle! These sell in a shop near me for £24 so I was thrilled to be given this.  I'm a bit of a candle junkie and I'm always burning scented candles so this was a gem for me.
There was also some lovely toys for my son which he has already made soggy with his gums! So I may have lost out on the sewing basket but I made up for it with free scrummy goodies :o)

Scarlett x

P.S Loo of Jumbles and pompoms fame - if you see one in the skip again rescue it from its crushed fate for me :o) lol x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Scarlett has gone and done it again...

I have been given the challenge of making cupcakes for a family do tomorrow - I have never really done any baking thus the 'challenge' part.  Cue a trip to the supermarket to get my baking ingredients, and I'm sure those who have read my previous posts know that there are 2 charity shops right next door...

Well my luck was well and truly with me today as the "expensive" one was having a half price sale! That meant all the scrummy items in the window which I have eyed up were at knock down prices. It would have been rude for me not to have put off the baking shopping for a bit of thrifting.

I think they really should have given me a shopping trolley as these were all the goodies I bagged:

First off (and obviously needed for my cupcakes tomorrow) was this cake stand:
 I do own several cake stands but hey they will all be used! lol.  This was half price from the window and cost me £5 (a lot for me to shell out).

I also found this floral bowl, another window item:

Its a large bowl so looks like it may have been the bowl for a water jug, its going to be re-homed in my bathroom. It cost the princely sum of £1.25 :o)

Now I cant resist a bit of chintz so I had to have this vintage lampshade:
Its currently on my mirrored lamp base which is awaiting delivery of a handmade Cath Kidston shade but I will be on the look out for a base for this lovely shade.  I was thrilled to pick it up for £1.45.

On to the retro theme, I couldn't believe my luck when I spotted these 1950's frosted glasses:

I absolutely love them and couldn't believe they only wanted £2 for the set of 5! These weren't even in the half price sale so looks like I beat the Charity shop 'pricer upper' again :o)

Sticking to the 1950's I also found these:
They still look as fresh as the day they were made and there isnt a scratch on the frame - I've seen some battered sets go on ebay recently but I wouldnt have thought I'd see one in my charity shop for £3!  Now I need a retro mini bar to store them - haha!

I found another planter which was too cute to leave in the shop:
Not quite the Cath Kidston 'star' print but good enough for my humble house plant.  It was a bargain at 75p.

I bagged this great blue floral plate for £1.50:

Now last but not least was my star accessory find:

A beautiful vintage tulip print polka dot umbrella!  Its got the most amazing twisted perspex handle (didn't photograph very well so you'll have to take my word for it) and sliver chain handle so I can carry it with pride.  I was so happy to pick this up for £3 and I'm sure its going to give me many rainy day smiles.

After a mamouth sunday haul I am pleased as punch to have found all these fab things so soon!  I did actually leave one item I wanted in the shop (shock horror) - it was a fabulous wooden extending sewing box on legs - it would be so lovely painted up, but with my son in the buggy and all these items I couldnt carry another thing (and that was without all the baking ingredients) so I did leave it BUT I've been thinking about it so much that hubby is going to go back there for me tomorrow and see if its still there...fingers crossed!

Scarlett x

Monday, 21 February 2011

There's a Pin Up in my house...

No charity shopping for me today, and I think I bought plenty yesterday to keep me sweet for a few days ;o) But I thought I'd do a show and tell today...

As you all probably know from my 'About me' bit that I'm a huge fan of the 40's and 50's and rockabilly. I also have a love of  Pin Up gals and especially the art work of Gil Elvgren:
This is common knowledge also at my work place and they all got used to me dressed up in my 50's best on our nights out.  Well one day I got into work and wondered why everyone was smiling at me, it was only when I got to my desk that I saw this:

Well the office erupted in well meant laughter and I had to admit I had a good old chuckle - she was fabulous!  The males in the office were also appreciating her curves as she isn't short on top lol.

 So where did my blonde bombshell come from?  It was soon revealed that a lovely lady I work with used to own a florist shop and this beauty used to adorn the window at valentines season enticing the men into the shop to buy their lovely ladies some flowers (she also had an elderly gentleman who would visit the shop window everyday over the valentines period). Unfortunately she had to close the florist shop and miss pin up had been kept in her loft ever since. She knew I would give her a good home. 

I must say it was an interesting walk home that day with a 4ft Pin Up under my arm and I did get hooted by several van drivers on the way and had some fun comments from the passers that was what it must feel like to be a 1950's blonde beautiful starlet :o)

She now is a 'busty' talking point in my home when visitors pop in, and she always brings a smile.  Now I must work on getting a figure like her....

Scarlett x

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Treasure

Sunday again which means Boot Sale! Weather is dry so was expecting a good turn out at the sale and I wasn't disappointed, even had to do two trips back to the car as couldn't carry it all!  So going to do my usual usual Sunday round up off all my lovely treasures, so sit back and relax - you might be here a while lol.

First off the stalls was this Sadler bird and flowers tankard:
Yes another posey holder for my home - but it was so unusual that I couldn't resist and for £1 why not!  I then zoomed in on this tea set on the next stall:

I love the pale pink and the duck egg blue colour of them and they look to be maybe 40's or 50's.  I'm also liking the fact I can mix and match them!  The stall holder only wanted £2 for the set so I couldn't refuse - and at that price I didn't even have the cheek to haggle :o)

Next in the bag was this vintage apron:

How cute is this!  It was also a great buy at 50p.

Now I cant resist a bit of pyrex and I found this great casserole dish in a manky box under a stall and it only cost 50p:

If anyone can tell me what the pattern name is I would much appreciate it as my Internet search today didn't come up with much.
Next bargain was a little oval planter made by Royal Winton Pottery:

Its currently made its home on my kitchen window sill and is keeping my mini daffodils comfy.  How much you ask...£1!

The next stall I came across was owned by a very young (dare I say chavvy!) man who was selling all the usual electronic gear and dvds but right next to his speakers was a large polly bag full of scrummy looking fabric, I asked him if he knew what items were in the bag and to be honest he didn't look like he had a clue the bag was there. So I went in for the rummage and found all these:

 The above is a vintage duvet cover - I'm going to use the fabric in a future project.

 Pink flower curtains - these are huge too, so I may shorten them slightly to use as curtains or use the fabric in something crafty.

 Fabulous vintage satin brocade curtains - I'm probably going to use these on a chair revamp as the design is just so classical - they are also really long curtains so plenty of fabric!

 And finally this ultra cute hand made duvet cover with 50's style print - i adore this fabric its so kitsch.
So how much did this young man want for all these...£3.50!!!! Can you believe it - I love finding those stalls whereby they haven't got a clue how amazing some of their items are and let you have them for next to nothing. He probably thought I was nuts wanting to buy old curtains and duvet covers!  I should probably thank his nan who these must have come from.

Now for another kitsch and damn right cute item:

Retro wooden kitty door stop - hehe!  As soon as I picked it up the stall holder was right next to me saying 'please take her home - she's only 50p' - so I had to re home this little kitty, she wont eat much anyway ;o)

Some people at the boot sale just want to give stuff away and at one stall the guy was shouting "As much as you can carry for £1" - now us all being British we were quite reserved in taking him up on his offer as it seemed too good to be true. I however thought I grab a few bits so I picked up there:

The red and white plates are by J Broadhurst and Sons called 'Swan Inn' - these are going to a friend who collects red and white. The Kellogg's bowls are from 1984 and I'm an 80's child myself so I love these and they are collectable in their own right, and I really cant refuse a bit of baby pink polka dot with this little bowl.  I also picked up two cake baking tins, one loaf tin and 4 baking trays - all this for the £1 - he did ask me if I could carry more bless him, I think he was willing to give me the whole stall!  I thought I had better leave some for other bargain hunters :o)

The final buy of the morning was yet another tea set ( this has also been sneaked into the house as I'm sure there will be a groan from hubby, my house is slowly being over taken with tea sets):

But its just sooooo pretty!  I think this little lot is now up there with my favourite tea cups in my home and I did have to use my haggling skills on these but ended up shaking hands on £5 for the lot.  Both me and stall holder happy :o)

So successful day today, the run of boot sale luck continues - hooray!  So if you've also managed to get to the end of this post - you deserve a lovely cup of tea in a pretty vintage cup - cheers *clink*

Scarlett x
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