Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Take me home Tuesday

Beautiful weather today with lots of sunshine so went out for a power walk with my son in the buggy, great to get some fresh air in the lungs and of course to have a bit of exercise (body would disagree!). So on my way home I decided to pop into my local charity shop which is the cheapest of the shops around my area and as mentioned in a previous post, is based in a old school. I was the only person in there again so have free reign on the bargain hunting and had no one tutting at me because the buggy is in the way or trying to elbow me out the way of the best stuff lol.

The pick of the bunch today was this lovely 1940's coffee jug. Its made by Lovatts which went on to be taken over by Denby so its a quality piece.

 I'm a sucker for the 1940's era, I even got married in a 1940's themed wedding in Las Vegas so this little coffee pot is right up my street! Now the best bit, it was an absolute steal at £1!!

The next item which is very chintzy and would probably be overlooked by many visitors to the charity shop, is this St Michael's Japan vintage jug
It makes an ideal posey jug and by adding some flowers it takes the edge of the 80's floral design.  Another great use for little milk and water jugs is to use them in the bathroom for tooth brush holders!  Well would it surprise you to know that for this little water jug I paid the grand sum of 50p! You really cant go wrong for that price.

Last but not least today I bought a little milk jug and sugar bowl, not great age to them and not overly impressive in design but my kitchen has a blue and white theme (among all the extra bits and pieces lol) so thought I'd bring them home and see if I can find a spot for them, and at 60p for the set...why not!

Well enough pottery talk for one day.

Happy bargain hunting
Scarlett Fontaine x


  1. Love your bargin finds, there is never much in my local charity shop, so envious! Can't believe you also picked up F&M hamper basket, who would sell that?

    Love the blog by the way.

    Bee happy x

  2. Thanks Hun, I know I was shocked someone would want to get rid of the F&M too!! I dont think people round here know what lovely vintage treasures they get rid of - im not complaining though! hehe xx


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