Friday, 4 February 2011

My name is Scarlett and I am a tea set addict...

Today was food shopping day so I bundled myself and my 6 month old son into the car to go to our local supermarket...the problem is that the supermarket just happens to be next to 2 charity shops - oops! I was very good in the fact I went straight into the supermarket and did the shopping and took it straight back to the car...but the charity shops winked at me and before I knew it i was caught in the charity shop tractor beam being taken across the car park and through the door...

I thought I'd only have a quick look but no sooner was I in the door then I spied the loveliest tea set in vintage pink rose, I couldn't leave it there so with my tea set addiction guiding me I bought it....well it was a steal at £5.99 for the whole lot!

 I now need to clear some space for the new additions to my home :o)

Well at least I am prepared if anyone drops by for afternoon tea :o)

Happy weekend to all

Scarlett Fontaine x

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