Thursday, 10 February 2011

Loves Elvis

Well is raining outside today and so no bargain hunting for me today, I've got a mountain of boring stuff to be done in the house so I'm having a quick blog break and then going to get stuck in to the housework (boo hiss).

So thought I'd have a quick explanation of the blog name - Scarlett loves Elvis. Well I do love Elvis!  Growing up I loved the old rockabilly and rock n roll tunes as well as a bit of country (thanks dad). My dad used to play Johnny Cash all the time, every car journey when I was small was driven to the sound track of Johnny cash, the highway men or Dolly Parton.  One song in particular was my one request and that was 'ring of fire', I would have this played on repeat and never got tired of hearing it. My mum then introduced me to Elvis and from then on I was a massive fan.

 I have been lucky enough to visit Graceland twice, first time being Christmas with my mum ( a few years after my dad passed away). It was so magical seeing Graceland lit up with Elvis's Christmas decorations. We also had to stay in Heartbreak Hotel which of course is at the end of Lonely Street and happens to be opposite the Big Mans house.  The second time I took my husband who wasn't an Elvis fan but once you've walked the rooms of Graceland, seen how much charity work Elvis did and visited his grave I defy anyone not to walk away an Elvis fan.

Well I could talk for hours about this but enough for now, I'm sure Elvis will be visited again in upcoming posts and I will have to share some of my bargain Elvis kitsch finds too.

Would love to hear from anyone who has also been to Graceland to see how you felt!

Ta ra for now

Scarlett Fontaine x


  1. I'm not a massive Elvis fan but would love to visit Graceland!

    Victoria xx

  2. Its defo worth a visit - just to check out the amazing interior! :o) xx

  3. I'd love to visit Gracelands! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for being my newest follower. I Love your blog too and am now your newest follower x


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