Sunday, 6 February 2011

Bootsale Betty

Sunday is boot sale day - I love getting up on a Sunday morning and getting ready to hit the local car boot sale knowing that there is any number of lovely items to be had - plus you can haggle! Some Sundays I can go and find nothing and other days like today I can go and see so many items I come back with my shopping bags bulging.  Today's find which was love at first site is this Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper basket:
Its getting a new lease of life and storage in my bedroom. I couldn't believe my luck seeing this beauty! I also bought some beautiful floral print shabby chic curtains complete with pelmet and it came with matching bedspread and pillow cases all for the grand sum of £5! I haven't been able to photograph the curtain set as it is huge. I'm hoping to use the fabric for a project or it might end up on eBay if I cant find a use for it, I just couldn't leave it on the stall so either way it will have a new home. On the subject of eBay I am going to have to start listing some of my lovely finds as there is a lack of space in my home to cope with all the bargains. It will be sad to see some go but at least they will be going to fellow shabby chic lovers :o)

Ta ta for now

Scarlett Fontaine x

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