Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Scarlett loves to pamper!

I've heard about the benefits of the fish foot spa treatment where by little fish called Garra Rufa nibble off the dry skin of your feet and also work on the reflexology points. So I thought I'd give these clever little fish a try and see if they can sort out my somewhat neglected tootsies. So I headed down to Appyfeet foot spa  this morning to dunk my feet into a tank of hungry little fish and let them work their magic - and it was lovely. Took a while to get over the initial weirdness but after that it was so relaxing and my feet came out lovely and soft (and ready for shopping! lol).

So I was planning on being good today and just accompanying my mum around the shops without spending any money myself as I had had the foot treat...well that lasted all of 5 minutes as we went into a lovely little home wear shop and I found these baskets:

Very Cath Kidston style with out the price tag - they cost me £4 each basket - which I think is great value. I also have a love affair with baskets as well as tea sets so I'm sure you will also be seeing more baskets to come. One of these beauties is now holding my china bought at the bootsale on Sunday until I can find a spot for it:

 I also used my magpie eye and found this necklace:

A nice vintage inspired accessory and it was in the sale reduced from £18 to £2! The flower is also a brooch so I can take it off and use it on other outfits too.

No trip into the town would be complete without me diving into the charity shops. Lucky for the other bargain hunters, I only had time to pop into one today but it was worth the visit as I found this vintage embroidered pillow case:

Again excuse the creases, I was so chuffed to find it that I had to photo it straight away before it got a wash and an iron :o) This lovely little find was found at the bottom of a pile of manky old towels (I have no idea how they think they are going to sell! lol) and it set me back a whole 50p!

Now not everything I buy I fall in love with but I do like to rescue items which I know will be loved by others so I spied these vintage satin brocade floral curtains:

They are about 7 foot long each so they are huge curtains!  If they had been pink or red roses design then I would love them but I'm not as keen on the yellows and browns but as the fabric is so well made and they have a great age to them I couldnt leave them in the shop plus I do have someone on ebay who buys items I find like this with these colours and I'm sure they will be pleased as punch with them especially as there is so much fabric!  I couldnt believe it when the lady at the till told me that they were £1 the pair! They probably throught they would never sell them - haha!

I would love to know what you all think of the brown floral curtains too - I am going to nickname them the marmite curtains - you either love them or hate them :o)

Happy Tuesday.

Scarlett x


  1. Hi Scarlett, thanks for popping by my blog and for your lovely comment. Wow, these are all great finds, the necklace is beautiful and what a bargain! I love the curtains, I think you were definitely right to snap them up, to get all that material for £2 is amazing... Sarah x

  2. I was supposed to have one of the fish pedicures a few months back but never got round to it!

    Victoria xx

  3. OMG! I love those curtains, so vintage!

    Bee happy x

  4. I quite like the curtains they would make a great vintage style bag.


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