Saturday, 26 February 2011

Challenge Scarlett..

Busy and sad day today, my Nan died not long ago and today we set on the task of clearing her house. She was very much like me in that she liked to keep everything lol! She has some fabulous stuff which I cant bear to part with so I'm going to have to find some serious storage space  - eek! So once I start bringing it home I will have to show you lovelies some of the best bits :o)

So no time for shopping today as as its boot sale Sunday tomorrow there will be more than enough bargains to be had (hopefully). After my bargain 20p items I bought on Friday it got me thinking that you really cant get much for 20p these days. When I was little, my nan would take me to the jumble sale and you could fill a bag for 20p - no chance now, you cant even buy a mars bar for that much like you used to. 
Therefore for all the bargain hunters and thrifters alike I'm setting myself the 20p CHALLENGE! Each week I'm going to try and bag a nice vintage item for the princely sum of 20p, even if I have to haggle to the death.  If I fail miserably then of course I will be honest and admit defeat for the week but I'm feeling lucky :o) haha!

If any of you lovelies want to join in the 20p fun (or 40 cents for my USA lovelies) then the more the merrier, would love a bit of friendly competition :o) If I fail then it will be the closest priced item. So fingers crossed next Saturday I will have the 20p challenge results.

Happy Saturday all

Scarlett x


  1. I will try but am not filled with hope - even though I live in a crappy bit of London everywhere has Chelsea prices! Possible boot sale tomo though so I will see what I can do...

  2. Hope the organizing goes well.

    Sorry about this sad time. I went shopping you can live vicariously through my post if you need to!

    looking forward to the pictures of your newly acquired treasures.

    The Joyful Thrifter

  3. Hi Scarlett,

    I'm so sorry to hear about your nan, I hope you will get enough storage to store your Nan's stuff, I can't wait to see the treasures!

    20p challenge is ON! although i wont be able to go to the boot sales (i think that's where the big chance to haggle prices) but i'll try to do it in charity shops, i'm a bit pessimistic though as I've never seen anything priced 20p! this is a challenge indeed! I did buy last week (a stroke of luck) a little tea book costs 25p hahaha so i gues that's not counted, can't wait to see what you've got! x

  4. Sorry to hear of your sad loss! Even if you have to find space, it will be nice to have lots of lovely things around you, to remind you of happy memories.
    I am going to try to join in the 20p challenge. I am fairly new to blogging and have not joined in anything yet....................dont think i will be very successful but will give it a go!

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of your Nan, sounds like you have many treasures to remember her by which is lovely. Good luck with the 20p challenge that sounds like great fun i will look forward to seeing what you find ;-)) dee x

  6. Good luck with the 20p challenge, sure you will find some ace things!

    Bee happy x


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