Friday, 18 February 2011

Bedspread Abundance

Recently it seems that every lost and lonely bedspread has found its way into my home.  In the last 5 days Ive acquired 4 bedspreads!  The story starts on Sunday when I saw this floral double bedspread on a stall:

No sooner had I put my hand on it the stall holder shouted that it was only £1 - I laughed and said they must be desperate to get rid of it, but secretly chuffed to pay £1 for it.  Next stop was my aunts house on the way back home. Over a cuppa she said to me that she had something in storage I can have...Well it was only another blooming bedspread:

As a person who cant say no to anything going for free I said I'd give this floral spread a new home (plus it was very expensive when my auntie bought it so I knew it was well worth having!).   I was now with two bedspreads and not enough storage!

Hubby got home from work early yesterday which gave me the opportunity to pop to the shop while he looked after our son, it also meant I got to go into the charity shop up there which I dare not go with the buggy due to an awful lot of tut's and scowls from the elderly shop staff who dont approve of a pushchair (but I must add dont mind people taking their walking frames in there which take up just as much space!). So having free reign of the shelves I came across a box marked 'Pet Blankets' - there was only one item in this box and it've guessed it - a bedspread!

It is absolutely fabulous - a king size vintage bedspread made by Dorma (which after a bit of internet research would cost over £150 new!!) The best bit was that as it was put in the pet bedding box it only cost me £2! I couldn't believe it, neither could the lady at the till but as she had witnessed me pulling it out of the box she couldn't argue - hehe! Bedspread number 3 in the bag!

...So getting out of my car yesterday with the dorma bedspread under arm I ran into a neighbour who I hadn't seen for a while, she asked what I was carrying and I told her about the charity shop bargain to which she said "oh I've got a bedspread going to waste in my cupboard that you can have" - again unable to say no and thinking 'what the hell I got 3 so might as well even it up to 4' I agreed to take it. She knocked at my front door 10 minutes later with this beauty:

Its incredibly well made with patch work and embroidery, really couldnt believe she wanted to get rid of it!
So sneaking up the stairs out of sight from hubby went bedspread number 4!lol. I'm half expecting another one to land on my door step today to make it 5 in 5 days! So thrifty work of the week is 4 bedspreads for a total spend of £3 :o)

I wonder where the next one will find me....

Scarlett x

Feathered Nest Friday!


  1. Wow Scarlett, what great bed spreads. I too have accumulated several but over a few years not in a week, great record by the way!

    I store mine folded very tightly on top of my wardrobes, that way I can see them looking pretty.

    Bee happy x

  2. Scarlett, I'm in awe of your bedspread finding ability! Love them all especially numbers 3 & 4. Enjoy your w/end! xx

  3. I've got a gorgeous one going spare if you want it...really...sort of a deep turquoise on one side and a lovely maroon on the other...
    Joking aside, much as I love it, and much as it cost, it is sort of slippery and slips off the bed, so I might look into creating other things with it...

  4. lol - at the rate Im going there will probably be homeless people in my area modelling shabby chic bedspreads, I'll be keeping them all snug! x

  5. How funny is that? It's kind of like when a person gets a particular car, then they see that same car on the road all of the time, when they never before had seen them. This is you, except that you attract bedspreads! Love #3!

    (p.s. thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  6. What a wonderful bunch of bedspread finds!! They are lovely- thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)


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