Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining...

Well I had been thinking about that wooden sewing box all evening so first thing this morning I googled the shop to get their telephone number so I could ring and make sure it was still there.  I discovered on my google search that the charity shops web page had a section labelled 'Complaints and Compliments' - where you can put down your thoughts on the shop -lol!  I can't comprehend that someone would go to the trouble to complain about the charity shop, but maybe there are such to even it out I left them a lovely compliment and hopefully it will be passed onto the store.

I phoned the shop....the sewing box had been sold :o(  I am a person who believes in fate and therefore I obviously wasn't meant to have that fabulous sewing box but I hope it gives the buyer plenty of enjoyment.

So I went to my family do loaded with the cupcakes - they came out good for my first attempt and I heard plenty of 'mmmm' noises when they were being eaten, another batch has been requested lol:

 This is just a small section of the 30 I made - I'm definitely going to try again and get the piping perfect next time (maybe wishful thinking!).

SO whats the 'Silver Lining'... Well at my aunts house she had a couple of bags of good left over from a table top sale and so said that I could have any items I fancied - no sooner had the bag been tipped out then I saw this little lot:

Good ol' Cath Kidston shines on my day with a passport holder, blackberry phone case (yes I do own a Blackberry) and a keyring!  All for FREE!!

Then I also spied this:

A large Rose scented Yankee Candle! These sell in a shop near me for £24 so I was thrilled to be given this.  I'm a bit of a candle junkie and I'm always burning scented candles so this was a gem for me.
There was also some lovely toys for my son which he has already made soggy with his gums! So I may have lost out on the sewing basket but I made up for it with free scrummy goodies :o)

Scarlett x

P.S Loo of Jumbles and pompoms fame - if you see one in the skip again rescue it from its crushed fate for me :o) lol x


  1. Oh no!!! I always say, if you see something you like get it.............although I do not stick to this theory as I am a true Libran and like to weigh everything up first!! lol!
    You were lucky getting the other goodies though!

  2. your piping is perfect already!! loving the swirls on the cupcake and i bet they're delicious too!!! love how the cupcakes look, so cuteeee! how lucky you are to have the goodies, i'm a cath kidston's fan though i'm shamelessly not buying it from her online store coz i can't afford to but i do sometimes buy it from ebay hehehe, love the yankee candle and yep they're pricey! enjoy the candle!!x

  3. That's my Favorite CK pattern...AND I always have a YC Fresh Cut Roses candle in my house!!! Cool!
    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´♥ Lori Lynn ♥

  4. Scarlett, I can't believe I didn't rescue it. If I see one again I'll definitely let you know! Those cupcakes look fantastic btw. xx

  5. That Cath Kidston's set is cuuuuute.

  6. Hi Scarlett, Some how I fancy you more as a southern belle than an English gal. Must be my Gone with the Wind imagination. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. You did score some sweet Cath Kidston goodies. Love candles too, but I'm so allergic to a lot of fragrances that I have to be careful with the ones I buy or I'd buy a lot more. :o( Your cupcakes look fantastic. Can I ask what a table top sale is? Would that be like our yard or garage sale? I'll be sure to send some sunshine your way. Ours is disappearing tomorrow with a new storm system. Have a great day.

  7. Hi Scarlett, Aww bless you i think in the same way you do if its not meant to be but something much nicer and that makes your heart sing is just waiting round the corner for you ;-)) Those cakes look yummy and so does your piping. What a treat with the cath kidstone goodies ;-)) Have a lovely day, dee x

  8. Whenever I read your blog it makes me feel less of a weirdo for being on a constant treasure hunt :-) I don't think some people understand the magpie-like urges! What a fantastic find though to get Cath Kidston goodies AND and Yankee candle for free, who could have predicted?

    I meant to say - being a bit of a crockery fiend like me you should pop along and join in with Teacup Thursday hosted at Miss Spencer's blog - lots of pretty china to ogle and a chance to show off your own :-)

    Jem xXx

  9. The cupcakes look great, maybe it could be a sideline selling them.

    How lucky are you bagging the CK stuff, well done!

    Bee happy x

  10. Haha this is so true, when you miss one bargain another one somehow pops up! Excellent freebies :)


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