Monday, 14 February 2011

Car boot sale booty part 2

As promised this is the rest of my finds from yesterdays boot sale, still trying to find a space for them all so they are living on the dining room table at the moment, means I can admire them all each time I go to the kitchen :o)

I picked up this Royal Stafford tea set from one of the sellers on the top floor who was fed up with the rain:

I think they just wanted to clear their table and get home as I bought his lovely lot for the grand sum of £4!

Its such a fabulous floral design that it will fit right in with the rest of my tea sets, I'm now on the look out for a larger dresser for my dining room to store them all!

I then spied these two little bowls:

They are made by Palissy pottery which is a time old English pottery brand and are excellent quality, and I couldn't argue with £1 for the two bowls. They are going to make beautiful trinket dishes on my dressing table.

On the stall I purchased the book from in my previous post, I spied a little wicker basket just behind the table which was filled with fabric, I asked the stall holder if the contents were for sale as it looked like they had been put aside, she replied that she had a lady who comes each week to buy fabric from her but she hadn't turned up today so I could have a rummage. Well here's my finds:

 This is a large table cloth with matching napkins, vintage embroidery detailing.

 Fabulous duck egg blue vintage napkins which are so darling that I don't want to use them as napkins so am looking for a crafty project for them.

 A table runner which is so delicate and pretty.

This was found at the bottom of the basket - its a huge roll of vintage edging lace, it would have cost a fortune to buy in the haberdashery!
Then I spied this amazing piece of fabric with floral embroidery, its a large piece which will make an ideal cushion cover or even to be used to cover a seat back or stool top. A lot of work has gone into this piece so I was thrilled to be able to take it home. I'm now on the look out for a vintage style dressing table stool so I can recover the seat with this piece.
It needs a good iron so I appologise for the creases in the pictures.  SO the main question - what did this great bundle of fabrics cost me? Well i pushed the boat out and paid a whole £5.  For the amount if items in the bundle and the age of them I didnt think this was a bad price at all - plus the lace edging would have cost more than that to buy new! Im cheekily pleased the lady didnt turn up to buy the fabrics meaning I got to nab them!  I did say to the stall holder I will be back next week so hopefully she'll be favourable and let me have a peek at the goodies next time.

I also found 4 plates which again are very old and the yellow platter dates from the 1930's:

I also love the pale pink platters as I havent found many pale pink plates so these are going pride of place in the kitchen and will be used regularly. These 4 plates cost me £2.50 and were hidden in the bottom of a dirty cardboard box so it pays off to have a good rummage through the boxes!

The final purchase of the mamouth bootsale sunday was this pretty lidded jar made by Sadler England so another great quality item and a steal at £1:

So my hands were laden down with bags by the time I left the boot sale and I'm pleased I managed to get them all home in one piece!  So I've had two great boot sale sundays in a row, maybe next week will be with one where I do find anything....I doubt it :o)

Well done if you've read this far on this huge post! And more importantly HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

Scarlett x


  1. I drool for the tea set that you got for £4!!! i saw one set like that in one of the charity shop near my home and they put a huge price for it like £49!! not sure why charity shops around my house now are so expensive, maybe because of the VAT, well enough ramblings abt me...I absolutely love the two little bowls, the duck egg napkins, the plates and the jar, they're absolutely beautiful, I enjoy your blog so much, thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree with what you said about the charity shop near you, we have one near me where everything is soooo expensive, they currently have an china deer in the window for £300!! Crazyness! Here's to tea cups, scarlett xx

  3. I love the vintage embroidery and the duck egg napkins and the small bowls are so cute!

    Where do you keep all of your treasures? bet your house is nearly bursting, i know mine is :) Still doesn't stop me though!

    Love your union jack place mats by the way.

    Bee happy x

  4. I have my treasures all over the house and some stored in baskets awaiting the right space! lol. Ive really got to have a good sort out and display them all, plus ive got so many items awaiting crafty projects that I should make sure I take time out to do that too - not easy with a 7 month old :o) Just as well I love clutter!

    Scarlett x

  5. I love all your treasures (especially the large tablecloth & napkins) and wish I could shop at your boot sale. (If I could, of course, I'd be in the UK, which is my favorite place on earth, so it would be a doubly good thing!) I'm looking forward to following your blog and seeing more great things.

  6. Scarlett, thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog, I'm thrilled as now I get to see yours and it is full of treasures! You have an eye for a bargain and your picks are uncannily similar to my tastes :-) Boot sales, charity shops, bring and buys - they're addictive! I particularly love the Palissy bowls and the square of floral embroidery; just gorgeous!

    Jem xXx


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