Monday, 21 February 2011

There's a Pin Up in my house...

No charity shopping for me today, and I think I bought plenty yesterday to keep me sweet for a few days ;o) But I thought I'd do a show and tell today...

As you all probably know from my 'About me' bit that I'm a huge fan of the 40's and 50's and rockabilly. I also have a love of  Pin Up gals and especially the art work of Gil Elvgren:
This is common knowledge also at my work place and they all got used to me dressed up in my 50's best on our nights out.  Well one day I got into work and wondered why everyone was smiling at me, it was only when I got to my desk that I saw this:

Well the office erupted in well meant laughter and I had to admit I had a good old chuckle - she was fabulous!  The males in the office were also appreciating her curves as she isn't short on top lol.

 So where did my blonde bombshell come from?  It was soon revealed that a lovely lady I work with used to own a florist shop and this beauty used to adorn the window at valentines season enticing the men into the shop to buy their lovely ladies some flowers (she also had an elderly gentleman who would visit the shop window everyday over the valentines period). Unfortunately she had to close the florist shop and miss pin up had been kept in her loft ever since. She knew I would give her a good home. 

I must say it was an interesting walk home that day with a 4ft Pin Up under my arm and I did get hooted by several van drivers on the way and had some fun comments from the passers that was what it must feel like to be a 1950's blonde beautiful starlet :o)

She now is a 'busty' talking point in my home when visitors pop in, and she always brings a smile.  Now I must work on getting a figure like her....

Scarlett x


  1. ;-))) what a great post, your 4ft pin up is amazing what a lovely story attached to her ;-)) And what fun, have a lovely week, dee x

  2. MY GOD! 4ft pin up bombshel!!! i cant help but chuckle too reading your post and you carried her under your arm and get hooted by drivers hehehe...but yes i have to say i do loveee the dresses on those eras, they're just sooo..lovely!! hope you could show some of your 40s or 50s outfits and took some photos wearing them!! hehehe i wish i had a body like that pin up too!

    PS: i really hope we do have some money to do our kitchens some make over!! Have a great day!

  3. wow 4ft.. thats a big piece!!.. i would kill for a figure like that though!!
    how nice that your work mates know your taste to!!

  4. That's different, not many people will have this in their house, lol :)

    Bee happy x

  5. Are you sure they were peeping at the pin-up?
    I love the handbag post.
    Thanks for the comments.
    Tracey x

  6. I can just imagine you walking down the street holding her! I know you were smiling as you went!


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