Saturday, 12 February 2011

Thrifting or Just plain bargain hunting!

So yesterday after collecting my Ebay mirror I decided to take a trip out to the town next to where I live (only a 20 minute drive). I haven't been there for a while so was looking forward to checking out the charity shops as well as the high street as they have some nice quirky shops (with cheap prices!). 

I came away with a good haul of goodies, the first item I spied was this kitsch water jug:

At a grand price of £1.40 it was destined to be coming home with me! The next bargain spot was this little tea set (not another tea set!!lol). Its such a pretty pattern and you cant beat a bit of floral on a tea cup so I snapped the lot up at £3.99. There was 4 in the set but one was being used at the time of photo:

I also discovered a lovely home wear shop that had lots of shabby chic inspired items at very reasonable prices this little cake stand was reduced to £6:

The heart cushions in the top were also from the same shop £1.50 for the pair.  The 3 cushions at the bottom are rose scented and smell amazing, these were another charity shop find and were still in their box all for £1.25.  The pearl necklace was again charity shop and were 50p!
Another buy in the home shop was these tea towels - very Cath Kidston in style but not in price as they were £3 for the set of 3!

No excuse now for not drying the dishes! The final buy is for my spare bedroom which is currently housing all the hundreds of books I'm working my way through. These bookends are so kitsch I couldn't resist them and they were in the sale for £2.50:

 Not a bad bunch of bargains - successful shopping trip for me!

Happy Weekend.

Scarlett xx


  1. Hi Scarlet! thanks for dropping by my blog, I am like you, loveee to go to charity shops or car boot sale if i had the chance but i must say you got a great bargain there!! the tea cups are so lovely and the jug all of them!! i dont have a cake stand yet and I am so envious that you got a shabby chic style for just £6!!!! i've been wanting a cake stand for ages and i havent found one that is cheap enough but also lovely hehe your blog and i hope u dont mind i follow you, happy valentine's day!

  2. Hi Miss Tea - Thank you for your lovely comments, Im thrilled that you are following me :o) Happy Valentines day! Scarlett x

  3. Hello Scarlett, I love charity shops too, I wish I could go hunting with you but I think it would have been a tug of war over your cake stand.. I love all your treasures.
    Thanks for guiding me to your blog, I hope to see you often.

  4. Hi Angela, thanks for your lovely comment, the more the merrier on the bargain hunting trips :o) means I wont look so crazy having a conversation over a jug or a tea cup to a 7 month old lol! Scarlett x


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