Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Song #2

Saturday again! Can you believe how April is flying by?  I'm still trying to get my head around the new blogger format.

Today's song is by 'The Cat Empire' who I discovered on my backpacking adventures through Australia for what seems like many moons ago.

This song never fails to make me feel happy. You know that song you have that evokes memories, this is the one for me. This was my care free years - no job, house or children, just me, hubby (before marriage) two bags of clothes and a lonely planet guide :o)

I have adored this band ever since I saw them play a free gig at a Jazz festival at Darling Harbour in Sydney. The atmosphere was crazy good. The band played on a floating stage on the harbour surrounded by water. When this song was played the lads in front of me stripped off their clothes, ran through the few rows of people in front of us, dived into the water and started swimming towards the stage. The crowd were cheering them on to reach the platform before the security rescue boat hauled them in, one lad made it to the side of the stage but then tried pulling himself up on an electric cable.  The boat pulled them all in (boos rang out from the crowd) and the band had to announce the danger of such action and the voltage going through the cables...the next song start and so did the people jumping in the water :o)

You know a band is amazing when their fans are willing to fry themselves for a good tune.

I'll leave the description of their music to the band themselves:

"Where hip-hop meets reggae, where jazz is played with dirty hands, where a Cuban line meets an Aussie rule, where nothing seems in place but sounds like many places played in one earthy chord. This is the island where THE CAT EMPIRE was born. (Written by the band in 2001)"

 What is your happy memory song is?

Big love


  1. Sadly i have no sound on my laptop ;-( But have a lovely weekend. dee x

  2. Actually The Cat Empire remind me of when my boyf and I first got together. Awwww.

  3. My happy memory song is some N.W.A. rap music.
    have a great weekend amor!

  4. Martha's harbour reminds me of being sat by the beech on the south coast on my first ever holiday on my own.

  5. I'll be humming that all day. Very upbeat. You know I don't DO upbeat! But just for you...let the humming begin.

  6. I just switched back to old format Scarlett.
    Can't remember Cat Empire, will have a listen...
    I do remember carefree days though.
    Wistfully yours, x

  7. I was only 13 when this came out so no lovely memories linked to this song, but I love when a single song can trigger a favourite event. xx

  8. Ooh I love it when certain songs hold so many memories, great song and story behind it xxx

  9. Ha! So glad you have such happy memories of these guys! I've seen them live a few times over the years and they always do a great live show and they are some tight musos! Sarah xxx

  10. listening to the song, i can see what you mean of the care free years you speak about! it's great to have a song that reminds you of something and hold memories!

    xx susan


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