Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Season of Good Will

Operation declutter chez Scarlett has gone into full force.  Last weekend I took 6 bin bags of clothes and clutter to the charity shop (please take note gods of thrift - I'm expecting some great charity shop karma now).  Finley's toy have also been culled in the lead up to the influx of new bits of plastic on the 25th.  I not sure who is doing the favour to who here...I may soon be banned for donating my tat ;o)

I am also being very restrained in what I'm bringing back to the home therefore no boot sale for me last weekend and only a quick look in two charity shops.  I am finding it a bit strange however to see my donations on the rails in the shop with price tags on, but the homestead is getting a bit more organised which is the main thing.

I'm not the only one to have got into the 'good will' this season - our secret santa at work has been decided, and the theme this year is '£5 gift from a charity shop'  and I didn't even suggest it!  I'm very much looking forward to seeing what everyone gets given....and knowing that certain people will have to actually visit a charity shop.

So I haven't been able to completely resist the thrifty buying last weekend but two crimbo items instead of a bag full is a good start to curbing my habit.

I saw this little wooden crate in the window...

 I asked the lady at the counter is I could have a peek inside...

 ...and there were these super cute kitschy 'handblown' glass ornaments. This according to the paperwork inside it is the 'Night before Christmas' collection.  They only wanted £3 for these in the hospice shop.

In the next charity shop along and saw another little box of Christmas magic:

 Spoons!! Now I really didn't know that I would need crimbo spoons until I saw these ;o)

Bit of fun for £2.

I did also notice that the charity shops are filling up with new bits, so its not just me on operation declutter.  I'm also loving the crimbo marketing technique of this particular charity shop in which they are wrapping up pretty much all the "nearly new" donations in cellophane and putting a bit of curled plastic ribbon on and marking it as "The perfect gift this Christmas"...some people will be a little disappointed this Christmas with the 4 year old M&S bath foam and talc collection in tatty box.  Good on them for shifting it all though.

Hope you all are having a fab week so far.

Big Love


  1. I wish more people round here would donate to the chazzas before Xmas. I've been taking a bag down a week but most of our local shops are pitifully empty (more's the pity!)
    Love those boxed decorations, they are joyfully kitsch and pretty.
    Those kitties are hilarious. x

  2. I love those spoons - wish I could find some of those, I feel that I NEED some too!!


  3. I've taken quite a few bags to the charity shops myself just recently but you've been going some with 6 bags full!! Lol :-)

    Your karma is going to be through the roof - those are lovely finds to kick it off with too :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. I love the ornaments and spoons you found.
    Both bargains too!

    I need to do more donating myself... because I have been bringing quite a few bags in.... *haha*

  5. Great finds at the charity shop. Those spoons are cute . I shifed a bag for charity last night and so pleased my old stuff has now gone to make way for the new of course.

    Leah x

  6. OH! i did that as well when cleaning my spare bedroom though i must admit i still have more decluttering to do once i got more time and give it to the charity shop! I'm sooo jealous! why oh whyyyy i never found interesting things in my nearest CS! i loveeee the christmas spoons you got! and the handblown glass ornaments in the lovely wooden crate are so adorable! YAY for the good will season at ur work to give £5 gift from the a charity shop it's a great idea! xx susan

  7. I looooove your kitschy glass ornaments. They are brilliant! Good on you for decluttering - I mean to, but just cannot bear to part with anything. :(

  8. i do so love christmas and all the decorations. I never find anything like you do and those spoons are fabulous. never seen anything like it (them). xx

  9. I feel sad for you that you've managed all these years without Christmas spoons! They're very cute, will be great for stirring hot chocolate etc. Love the baubles, naturally!

  10. Lovely Christmas decs and spoons. Who knew you needed special spoons at Christmas? Now we do!
    Well done with the decluttering - I seriously need to do a bit of that but I'm leaving it till the new year... I will do it then, I will! xxxxx

  11. Good for you - my constant decluttering seems to be a never ending job but I love it too - and I am becoming a lot more discerning about what I bring home now. Those lovely ornaments are gorgeous and the spoons are super cute! Sarah xxx

  12. I love that secret santa idea Scarlett, are you sure you didn't suggest it? Come on, tell the truth...
    The glass ornaments are gorgeous x

  13. Love the glass christmas ornaments, super cute. I also love the idea of buying something from the charity shop instead of trashy/cheap discounts shop merchandise.

  14. I've been editing my stash also and it feels so good. Love giving thrifty gifts and I think it's pretty great that you are doing that at your job. Love the ornaments but really want those spoons! So cute! hugs, Linda

  15. I have given up on our chairty shops until the spring there really isnt anything in them and the prices are silly. Its always good to have a sort out though it clears the soul ;-)) Those decorations are so sweet and something you can use for years to come ;-))dee x

  16. I love the hand-blown Christmas decorations and the spoons are super cute (the little gingerbread guy is my favourite..I could see him in a nice cup of hot chocolate with a few marshmallows).
    The secret santa sounds like fun..I think that is a great idea for everyone to buy something at a Charity shop. Do share what you end up getting :)

  17. You really are the queen of charity shops Scarlett! I love the christmas themed spoons!

  18. Love the christmassy finds, especially the spoons! I've not had a good clearout for ages, so am long overdue one....maybe that will give me good thrifting karma too when and if I do it!

  19. Omg you've been decluttering too! I haven't been decluttering but my daughter has and me and Jim has been edging round teetering piles of STUFF on the landing for days now. The Xmas spoons are, dare I say, mental!

  20. I hate seeing my stuff on the thrift shelves too! What a great buy with the boxed Christmas ornaments


  21. Awesome finds, I too am now feeling the need for xmas spoons! :)

  22. I really admire your decluttering ways, you sure will get some good charity shop karma in return I am more than sure. Loving ths spoons, the gingerbread man one is far too cute xxx

  23. Could this be the end of the World, you not buying much charity junk? I been finding lots of stuff in charity shop lately ,but I also need to declutter my stuff too.
    cute kitschy ornaments, gingerbread spoons are so adorable.
    cat in trash bag is hilarious!

  24. £3?! Bargain find! The wooden box alone is well worth the £3. Well done.

    Madison xxx


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