Sunday, 24 April 2011

Easter Boot Sales

I love the Easter weekend as it means the boot sales nearer to where I live start up and there is also 3 days of booting! Although I love the late start booty we normally go to it was nice to go to the nearer one with all the "fresh meat" lol.  I have got a tad bored of seeing the same trade stalls. Anyway today's booty did not disappoint, it was heaving. 

So here's a looky at what I bought home:
Cupcake teapot - 10p :o)

Cookie Jar which is really heavy ceramic (it broke the bag handle carrying this bad boy) -50p (worth it for the polka dots).

Vintage sheet music - loving the covers on these!  10p each.

The Dancing Years Film booklet - 10p (from the same stall as the sheet music).

1970's soda syphon - 50p 

Beatrix Potter ceramic pomander - 50p, now filled with fresh lavender.

Very 50's kitsch and made me chuckle so this little poodle was coming home with me - especially as the previous owner only wanted 10p for him.

Bud Vases - 10p each

Vintage fabric bundles - 50p each.

How cool is this Lighthouse lamp!  Ideal for the little man's nautical nursery and at £2 - what a steal :o)

Dressing table jar which matches my dressing table set - 50p :o)

Vintage glass bon bon jar - 50p

Isn't this freaky looking - love it lol.  It was bought from a lovely old lady who said it stood on the bar in her house for cocktail sticks and it still has said sticks in its head.  Love the fact she had a bar and even more so that she had her cocktail sticks to hand.  I paid 50p for this little ugly one but he makes me smile (and will probably scare off the demons!).

And my favourite buy of the day:
This beautiful dressing table set.  According to the lady selling it, it is about 80 years old.  She bought it from an antiques shop 10 years ago for £70 but is now downsizing so needing to sell all her lovely trinkets and this was included.  Its got a bit of wear but so will I when I get to 80!  How much did I pay....£4 :o)  Chuffed to bits with it, now just need another dressing table to put it on.

I actually must confess that I bought more than this so will save the other buys for another post - give all your eyes a rest. I will also keep you waiting for the 'witnessed at the bootsale' too *wink*.

Hope you have all had a fabulous Easter Sunday


  1. Ahh Scarlett you've done well! I haven't been to a boot sale since September but with all this lovely weather I've got no excuses, and you've got me all inspired! x

  2. Really love that cute lighthouse lamp!

    Happy Easter!

  3. Shw mae bach? (sorry, will get out of Welsh mode soon, promise!)

    You mean you weren't at Church this fine Easter day?! Or does giving thanks to the Thrift Gods count? ;-)

    My fave is that fab lighthouse lamp for your nautical nursery, how perfect is that? Oh, and the soda syphon is a steal, I saw one in a charity shop window in Cowbridge for a tenner! That gremlin affair with sticks in its head will be a lovely companion for fugly...heheh.

    Got so many blogs to catch up on now - and as usual unfinished posts to complete x

  4. You brought more than all these wonderful goodies!!!

    I think your favourite find is mine although the poodle is coming a close second!

    I didn't make it to the boot sales today but have decided not to go out this evening and jump in the car in the morning and go round as many as possible and see how much I can find!!

    Victoria xx

  5. I'm with you on the dressing table set, I love it. You've done so well, as usual. There's a tea set in my favourite charity shop at the moment you would love, I'll take a photo if it's still there when I'm back from my holidays...

  6. wow! how much stuff. the dressing table set is my favourite. well done you!

  7. Ooh lovely stuff - cute teapot for 10p?! Love the cookie jar tho, great pattern :)

  8. You WOW-ed me again and again Scarlett! I'm in love with the teapot, the cookie jar, the kitsch poodle, the lighthouse lamp, the ceramin pomander and of course the dressing table set!! Adorable and cute!! all of your finds are so lovely! i think that cute green eyed i-dont-know what it is, either a cat or a dog is like talisman! hahahaha freaky but in a cute kind a way!! i cant wait to see your other finds!!! love them all!! xx Susan

  9. Nice finds :0) I have an 'overheard at the car boot' for you:-
    "It'll come in for our holiday, if not, it'll do for the rabbit" How I wished I'd turned to see what on earth this fantastical object could have possibly been LOL

  10. You always find such beautiful items! I adore the freaky silver dog thing.. so weird! The bon bon vase is so pretty but the dressing table set you found really takes the cake! Such a gorgeous design! You lucky thing! xxx

  11. OMG 10p for those Bud vases what a bargain the charity shops charge nearly £3.00 for those. And i love your dressing table set that's really beautiful i would have loved that to well done you ;-)) You do have some amazing bargains. I am off in the morning to a carboot i don't get the chance very often anymore so i am really excited ;-) Enjoy your lovely finds can't wait to see what else you found. dee x

  12. Oh what absolutely marvellous finds! Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I love the little pink lidded dressing table dish ~ just beautiful! Love Brenda

  13. Gorgeous finds again! I especially love that cookie jar.

  14. Wow you lucky lucky woman what great things I would have bought them all and that dresser ste for 4 pounds woo hoo

  15. It's as dead as a doddo around garage sales, fetes, swap meets to speak of. Big fat nothing! I haven't stepped foot in an op-shop for days (maybe even a week!)and I need my fix. Badly!!!

    Love your dressing table set Scarlett and all your other treasures too.

    p.s. did Finley have fun at his first easter egg hunt?

  16. Scarlett you found some amazing things this week! Wow!! Love the dresser set. hugs, Linda

  17. I really don't know where to start with all this. Seriously you have some amazing finds there :) I LOVE the cookie jar.
    The dressing table set? £4? What a steal.
    I wish we could get to boot sales - unfortunately we don't have a car and there don't seem to be too many within walking/ bus distance of us :(

  18. seriously beautiul bargains scarlett, i really love the teapot, lighthouse lamp, pomander and the last dressin table set <3 stunning!

    lucky lady to live near such amazing bootsales!

  19. the light house lamp is great. but i do think your favourite is mine to. i am green here and only £4! x

  20. Fabulous scores amor, I love the Vanity dressing table setmcookie jar and cupcake tea pot.
    you always manage to bag all the pretty shiny things.

  21. Happy easter to you and family :)
    I love that cupcake teapot and lighthouse,complete bargains!I can't wait for my summer car boots to start on the common next week,Sundays will no longer be slowww(long as it doesn't rain..)

  22. Wow, you've done really well with that booty stash. The 10p bud vases are much cheaper than those I saw at a boot sale yesterday, which were priced at £4 and £5 each!!

  23. You always find great deals girlfriend, but that dresser set is killer! SCORE BIG time!! Vanna

  24. everything was so bargainous! My favourites have to be the poodle and the 80 year old dressing table set. Gorgeous x


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