Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Been Shopping

I decided to hit the 4 out of town charity shops yesterday for a bit of a change and was hoping to see some more realistic prices than the ones in town at the moment.  I was in luck, there were some goodies to be had so its time to share:
 Large pink jug (you know I love my jugs!) - £3

Kitsch and oh so fabulous vintage swan vase £2.  The photo doesn't show it but the paint is slightly pearlised.

Bow cross stitch kit £2,  cross stitch aida fabric £1

6 Blue and white plates (3 side plates, 3 dinner plates). These were half price  - £2 the lot! I'm going to make a cake stand from these for a birthday gift.

Vintage floral planter - to add some vintage class to the garden (along with the flamingos, hula umbrella and maybe some hanging bras lmao!).  Half price at £1.50!

Vintage embroidered dressing table set still in packaging (sorry about the rubbish photo my camera had a melt down). This is a crazy set of a hair brush, comb, tissue box cover and dressing table tray, all for £2.

Cath Kidston style coasters, still in original box - £1.50.

I did also break the secondhand buying spree by popping into Matalan to check out their home department.  Being a rockabilly chick I do love a good old school tattoo design so I was so surprised to see this fabulous cushion in there:

I adore this and at £12 - what a steal! Beats having to buy a kit and do it myself (still have my Emily Peacock cross stitch kit to start!).

Overheard in a Charity shop

Mum to child "Go on you can choose yourself a toy today but no more than £1 as mums got to buy her fags"

Customer: "Can I buy this on my card?"
Charity shop lady: "yes you can but its a minimum £5 spend and this skirt is £4.50"
Customer "OK I'll go and find something for 50p" customer goes away and looks round the shop, I was watching out the corner of my eye seeing her pick up items check the price tags and then putting them down.  She goes to the till "Is there anything in here for 50p?"
Charity Shop lady "we've got a basket of plastic food on the toy shelves" Customer goes to the basket, "OK I'll take the chicken drumstick" 

Have a fabulous day

Scarlett x


  1. Lovely swan. Very gracious in her kitchiness.

    I almost bought a boxed dressing table set on Monday and hummed and hawed over it for a few minutes (only £3) but in the end decided that although it was clearly vintage (1960's I think) the brush bristles were just too harshly plastic and what would I do with it? As soon as I put it down it was snatched up and triumphantly born away by some other eager beaver, who'd been hovering around me!

    I suppose that was my good deed for the day. :)

  2. love that pink jug & lol @ the chicken drumstick some people are bonkers ;0

  3. ok i'll try to keep my cool but failing miserably and drooling non stop here!! im in love with the jug, the ck style coasters and the cross stitch bow, ooh soo lovely!! the vintage swan vase is sooo gorgeous as well as the floral planter, what a bargain with the dressing table set and the plates are a great idea for cake stand! i've been looking for a tea set with tea pot to try and make a lamp but so far i havent been lucky! oooh i love cushions, im crazy abt cushions and cant get enough of cushion, love the bright red heart and roses as well as the word and littley birdie on it!! bwahahahaha on the lady that try to find 50p item so she can buy with a card for £5?!!!! i always make sure i have my coins and notes when i go to charity shops as most still dont accept debit card hehehe..poor kid lost to mum's fag, geez if i had a baby, my baby comes first!! xx Susan

  4. Fab finds, I love the pink jug, blue & white plates, coasters & the cushion. Think I need to get myself out to the charity shops more often x

  5. Hiya, new follower here :0)

    Love your little jug and the cushion was a steal. I admire the Emily Peacock kits from afar, beautiful but oooouch £££. Re the charity shop ladies, I think I would of just said charge me a fiver for it then! What a shame that the other mum puts 'fags' before her child :( xx

  6. A plastic chicken drumstick? You really can find anything in a charity shop. I wonder what she's going to do with it.
    What a haul of goodies. The Matalan cushions are fab, very rockabilly. Didn't you do well? xxx

  7. What a haul! You do have the knack for finding goodies. I love, love, love the conversations you overhear. You're very much like me i.e. nosey.

    Madison xxx

  8. Oh Scarlett, what wonderful finds! I love those gorgeous coasters, and the jug and swan are just beautiful! Well done! Love Brenda

  9. Love your haul!!! Especially that amazingly beautiful swan vase!! Very jealous of that one! If it were in my local charity shop it'd be double that price!

    I saw that cushion in a youtubers haul video about a week ago! I was drooling over it then and I am again now! I wish I lived near a Matalan.. I'd grab 2!!!

    I think the first thing you over heard is awful! I hate it when people are stingy towards their children. Like a packet of stinking fags is more important that her own child.. disgusting!

    Those dinner plates look just like the ones we have! xxx

  10. Love that pink jug, very impressive cushions for matalan, and that chicken drumstick? I hope she was proud of that find, so funny. I think I would have had to have said something to the fag lady though! I have trouble controlling my mouth.

  11. Lol i would love to know what she is going to use the plastic chicken drumstick for, maybe she has a blog and it will appear somewhere! Vainglorysinner and Jetaime Vintage - im with you on the fag mum, although unfortunately its all too common where i live, being a non smoking mum i fight the urge to 'tut' (love a good tut lmao!). xx

  12. I love the swan vase!!!! Keep that out of my way when I visit as it may fall into my bag!

    Victoria xx

  13. Wonderful buys, love the jug, blue and white plates and coasters the best!! Matalan do some great cushions, love yours, seen it in a magazine :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  14. What great finds! Goodwill finds are the best! You are awesome ;)Alyssa

  15. I know I should be all about the second hand, but I do love the tattoo cushion (love Emily Peacock too, but sooo expensive). Nice plates and jug too - I understand the jug fetish :-)

    Lol at chicken drumstick - bet the child can't wait to tell his/her classmates all about it!

  16. Love the blue and white plates - they are exactly like the ones I made my first cake stand with! Hope yours turns out ok.

  17. more goodies Scarlett, I especially like the swan vase. I thought of you today when I popped into an op-shop between appointments and found not one but three Elvis pictures in frames! One of them was an original painting the others were only prints. The painting was huge...and had a certain kitschy je ne sais quoi about it. I would have definetely bought it for you if you lived here. x

  18. I like every single one of your finds, a very good day's work there. I love jugs too, last time I went shopping I came home with 2 for under £2.50
    *insert appropriate jug related smutty pun*

  19. The pink jug is my favourite, and is that cross-stitch bow a completed item - ie somebody did the kit and put it in a charity shop? I’m struggling with a kit at the moment and I don’t thik people appreciate how much work goes into them? It used to make me sad to see completed cross-stitch pictures in charity shops (especially personalised ones) that someone had spent a long time on for a present. Hope none of mine ever end up there!

  20. What lovely things! Those Cath Kidston coasters are so cute--I'd say you hit the jackpot on bargains.

  21. You've done well again. I love jugs too (LOL!) - anything you can put flowers in really. That swan is MAGNIFICENT! The plates are very usable and I adore the cushion - Matalan, eh? Who knew? xxx

  22. Like Lucewoman I'm, too, inserting "an appropriate jug related smutty pun" by saying: I love your jugs too, Scarlett!

    Adore the swan vase and I cannot wait to see the cake stand you're planning with those plates.

    EEeek, the thought of those bra hanging things keep coming back to me and not in a good way!

  23. Lol wonder what she would do with the chicken drumstick!

    Love the pink jug and the blue and white plates. A real good find. Loving that cushion too its gorgeous!

    MBB x

  24. Oooh, the swan vase is just fantastic and SO up your street too :-) Just catching up with your posts as I've been a little MIA the past couple of weeks and have missed your finds! :-)

    Jem xXx

  25. You did GREAT, I love that pink jug! :) You found all kinds of goodies!
    Thanks so much for linking up to my party...I'm enjoying looking at everyone's treasures!
    Hugs to you
    PS. you had me laughing at the plastic chicken leg story! :)

  26. "Mum's got to buy her fags!" Nice.

    I love those cushions: I can't believe you found those in Matalan, they look like they're from a trendy interiors boutique.

    As Brucie would say: "Didn't she do well?"!

  27. found some great treasures! And you had me laughing at things you overheard...
    I've hopped over from Treasures and Trinkets party~ I'm a new follower!

  28. Love the swan vase, and the chicken drumstick story is mint.

  29. Ooh I'm loving the swan vase! Man the fag mum quote just instantly made me think of my neighbourhood - maybe she escaped from there.... :)

  30. Love that brush set! And I'm also a fan of vintage tattoo style *winks* I collect sailor Jerry. So I love your pillas!

    God forbid anyone come between that mom and her cigs! priorities junior...and you're #4 or so? LOL!

    And the plastic just never know when you're gonna need one *winks*...Pesky mothers in law comes to mind....heh heh....Vanna

  31. Love the pink jug and the swan! That pillow is very cool! hugs, Linda

  32. Hi Scarlett, I've found your blog through Lakota's swap too and just added you to my fave's when your message popped through!!
    I love your carboot/charity shop anecdots - I often think they could make a good sitcom based aroud my usual carboot as it is the most hilarious and bizarre place on earth.
    I used to get the freeby manky soft toy thing all the time too :-(

  33. ha ha ha ha ... love that comment 'I've got to buy my fags' - classic.

    I'm in LOVE with that cushion - loving the old school tattoo designs eh? You might love the one I'm getting done at the end of the month :)
    The swan is gorgeous.

  34. Chicken drumstick ha ha ha some people ;-)) Classic comment. Love the swan vase that's really sweet and the bedroom table goodies. And ooohhh the pink jug love it. I have far to many jugs like you but you can't just leave it there ;-)) Enjoy all your lovely buys, dee x

  35. I love your charity shopping tales - I nearly snorted tea eveywhere when I was laughing! I'm off to Matalan for those cushions.

  36. Funny story and I LOVE the pink jug and the swan! Thanks so much for linking to my Share the Love Link Party!

  37. The plates are my favorite, I mean, since you don't have the drumstick.

  38. I love your finds,swan vase is cute!

    Poor kid having to miss out to mums fags,what a life they must have..

    Wonder what she will do with the one chicken drumstick lol


  39. Love the swan and the cushions I wish I heard funny things in my oppies

  40. I'm into swans now, too! Love the Cath Kidson!

  41. I do love your overheards! Poor little kid eh?! Lovely cushion and those plates will make a fab cake stand :) xx

  42. You really scored with that dressing table set...awesome!

  43. I am in love with the dressing table set!


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