Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Charity shop news and a cringe-fest!

I came across this story in the news just before I went on holiday and I must admit although it is probably a charity shop 'scandal' it did make me chuckle (i blame my bad side!):

Charity shop mix-up as cashier sells a customer’s scooter

A MIX-UP at a charity shop in Thame saw a child’s mini scooter get sold while he and his mother were still in the shop.

Carine Siebert had left her son’s scooter outside while they browsed the High Street store, only to come back and find it had been sold for just £3.
Shop staff admitted the error but still made Carine pay for the goods she was buying while the scooter was being sold.
She said: “We went in as normal and left the little scooter outside, which costs about £50, but when we came out there was no scooter.
“The lady looked a bit worried and said to us - ‘I think I made a mistake’.
“They said they were sorry but there was nothing they could do to help me out.
“I went around town looking for it but I couldn’t see anyone walking about with a scooter.”
A poster has been put in the shop asking for the scooter to be returned for a refund and Carine is also appealing to whoever purchased it to bring it back.
She said: “I just don’t really know what to do now, I hope the person who bought it will see the mistake and bring it back.”

You can check out the story here.   It has made me think that I should be charity shopping in Thame as the charity shops in my town would have probably put at least £10 on this scooter lol.  But to be honest, i don't think anyone in my area would leave a scooter unattended outside a shop, just asking to be pinched.

Now while I'm chuckling at things I shouldn't - please check out this clip.  If you are looking for an outfit for the Oscars then these ladies have got it sorted "would you believe it" *wink*.

So hey my fellow mums - you dont need to feel like cinderella when you can wear a lovely outfit for making the tea ;o)
Enjoy! Im off to get my "down and out" ass down the charity shops for some bargain hunting I've got a week to catch up on!

Scarlett x 


  1. Thanks for sharing clip Scarlett...I'd better get out of my tracky dacks and go buy myself something pink!(it will be Winter here soon)

    It's very funny, is it for real?

  2. Well I certainly wouldn't be leaving our mini-scooter outside for long, but yeah £3 is a steal! Not surprised it went quickly.

    Sounds a bit fishy though, surely it would have to have been brought to the till, and do they just make up prices on the spot? Maybe it was 'sold' to a known associate of the old dear - come to think of it the chazza shop is a perfect front for all sorts of dodgy dealing...

  3. Aargh - what's with the pole?! Is her 'interview' at Stringfellows?

  4. Blimey Scarlett, £3 is a bargain (I can't believe she paid £50 new for it!). Can't watch the clip right now (boo hoo) as I'm at work (boo hoo again).

    Hope you and your bad ass find lots of bargains today!

  5. No I wouldn't leave a scooter outside a charity shop by us, it would have been nicked by the time we got out never mind sold!

    Love the clip, made me smile...dashes off to find an outfit for the Oscars ;)) x

  6. What a disaster, note to self - don't leave my scooter outside the charity shops ;o)

    I'll have to check out the clip when I get home,

    Victoria xx

  7. Poor kid - lost his scooter and has a mom who would leave it outside (not something people would do here!). The film clip . . .some really fun outfits but somehow all I ever see in thrift stores are faded sweatshirts and outdated suits.

  8. What a silly woman, who in their right mind would leave an expensive scooter outside a high street shop? At least the person who bought it paid for it and didn't pinch it.
    Would you believe those ladies?! Trinny & Susannah want to watch their step. Not my style but at least they are avocading sensible spending. xxx

  9. Kylie - unfortunately i think the clip is for real, would be terrified running into them in my charity shop!

    Vix - your right they would kick ass with trinny & susannah and probably offend most of the population in the doing! lol.

    Lakota - I think there must a charity version of stringfellows where she is auditioning, and maybe her bosses eyes will 'pop' lmao!
    Lol carole - im just waiting for my invite to the oscars to I can find myself the charity shop outfit!

    And to loo and Victoria - cant wait to see what you think of these too nutters :o)

  10. haha would you believe it!!!....

  11. Great story, at least it was sold and not nicked!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. There's more to that story than meets the eye.
    I do hope that clip is tongue in cheek,what a pair of dicks. And every time that say "would you believe this came from a charity shop?" I thought 'Are you sure it wasn't the rag bags?'

  13. I am beyond words.......mind the editing and camera work was shocking!

  14. Oh my!! i swear that is soo funny, i mean i feel for the lady and her son who had to walk home without the scooter and the charity shop even didnt compensate her! but to sell the £50 scooter for £3!!! that is sooo ridiculously hillarious! love the clip and i noticed they're all added belts, ridiculously cheap prices but all look gorgeous!! who would have known! a friend of mine said that she would never shop in charity shop maybe when she's OAP then perhaps, but hey? i love charity shops and if i bought clothes from there, nobody knows it's from charity shop, so why the hoo haa abt it besides as the girl say in the clip, feel good helping others by buying from charity shop while look good wearing it too (something on those line) hehehe.

  15. Ahh that made me laugh, but I thought the same, she sort of deserves it for leaving it outside and is lucky it didn't just get nicked, it would have round here!

  16. i couldn't stop laughing at the video! was i meant to laugh - or is that my bad side? why did they have pole dancing poles all over their house? they did get some good stuff, it was just so funny. i am going to pass this on! x

  17. Yes Miss Ginger Im as bad as you as think the clips is hilarious! I now need to find a way to save my soul... x

  18. Hola,
    Hahaayyy, what irresponsible person would leave their scooter unattended?
    You know everything gets sold at charity shop,lol
    I think im going to hell too. all so funny, my sisters love your boot sale and charity shop drama. Yeah, why did they have stripper poles?

  19. I use a wheelchair because I can't walk far, but once I get to a shop, if it's not too big I can get out for a look round. My wheelchair has nearly been sold several times; once it was even taken upstairs! I was laughing my head off while my husband went up to get it back and the hatchet face old bat who was responsible for the whole debacle didn't even smile. Or apologise! I've taken to saying, "That's mine; ok? It's not a donation." And I keep my ears open for, "How much is the wheelchair?" I think I'll have to embroider a cushion saying, "In use - not for sale!"

  20. ha ha ha sorry i was laughing at the pole in the lounge ;-)) I will so no more ;-)) That poor women but she learn t a hard lesson that day bless her. dee x

  21. Heavens above that video is appalling! Cringe fest describes it brilliantly.

    Our local Save the Children is closed for a refurb - and I suppose hiked prices too, when they reopen. *sigh*

    It gets harder and harder to bag a bargain and you know who I feel sorry for? The people who really needed the charity shops because they couldn't afford High Street - they must be well cheesed off that it's so trendy now and prices are through the roof.

    I am buying less and less in CS these days- I have to really love something, and even then if it's overpriced for what it is then I will put it down and leave - takes a lot of willpower though. :)

  22. Classic video; worth it for the chuckle factor.

    I had a shock in the chazza shop the other day, there was an M&S Autograph cardigan (obviously worn and not brand new)priced at £11! I was so stuuned that I actually said aloud "No way!" I think that the second hand clothing prices are only going to increase, which will affect people who rely on charity shops for their clothing as per Wendy's comment above.

  23. Hello.what a cute and fun blog you have.loved the clip.I need to take my down and out ,and wallowing self pity butt to the charity shop.Also get a few poles for my would have not payed for a single thing if someone sold something of mine by mistake.I would make them give me free stuff for what it was worth.that is so crazy.*waves at La Dama*hee hee we keep bumping into each other.

  24. That's a hard lesson in economics! Her 50 pound scooter going for only 3? She should've bought hers in a charity shop in the first place lol! Silly mom for leaving it outside. What was she thinkin'?
    OMG that clip cracked me up!! Ummm if you showed up in that "interview" outift in my town, cleavage down to the navel, you'd never get the job...but you'd sure get lucky! Biblically I mean *winks*
    And when she said "You could look like this!" I snorted coffee out my nose!
    Also the pole for modeling outfits was a lovely stripper bar touch! So NOW for the down and out-er! LMAO!! Vanna

  25. I don't know what I loved the most: the pole, the editing, the interview outfit or the Jack Nicholson artwork. So, I'm assuming this show has been swiftly picked up and is in pre-production? Would you believe it?


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