Monday, 30 May 2011

Bank Holiday Booty

Got to love a bank holiday when we get the pleasure of the boot sales being on Sunday and Monday, although the rain scuppered the boot sale this morning with a bit of a poor turn out but there was still the die-hard treasure hunters like myself out rummaging through the damp boxes!

So time to share my boot sale bargains.

One stall had a carrier bag with decks of playing cards spilling out. I had a sort through and found some amazing vintage packs:

 I love on this pack it tells you to care for your cards by washing them with cold water and a soapy cloth!

 The seller only wanted 50p a pack for the cards - bargain!

 Old cake tins - 20p for the pair.

Brand new Laura Ashley wall jotter - 50p.

 Vintage Stratton compact (another one for my collection). This came with its original pouch as well.  The seller was very sweet and gave me this for £1!

Another little vintage poodle figure - 20p.  Bought as a friend for a previous boot sale buy:

 I spotted a pile of dirty plates in a box under a stall.  I knew the design as soon as I saw them:

Deco print Meakin plates in 'Royal Marigold'.  I bagged dinner plates, side plates, cake plates and saucers and paid £1.50 for the lot!

 Little lined wicker basket by L'Occitane for the Chelsea flower show - 50p.

 Vintage fabrics by Laura Ashley, Titley & Marr and the expensive Colefax & Fowler. These were £1 a bundle, what a steal!

Vintage 'flower power' double sheet and two pillowcases - £2.

Now for my favourite boot sale buy this weekend.....

Replica 1950s table top jukebox!! This was still in its original box and had never been used.  As a rockabilly gal I've always dreamed of owning a full size vintage jukebox, if I ever win the lottery that is what I would love to buy, so seeing this little beauty on the stall my eyes popped out of my head!

As well as looking pretty its a radio and cassette player combined with revolving music dials and lights!  The seller saw how thrilled I was with this jukebox and let me have it for £5!!! Money was in his hand like lightning! I've since looked it up on eBay and the last one sold was for display purposes only, it went for over £95.  My one is as fresh as the day it was made.  Now seeing that I don't own any cassettes I need to start up a little rock n roll cassette hunt, the first of my collection was found on the next stall:

Elvis on Stage :o)  It was obviously a sign from the king that I was meant to have that jukebox lol.  The other bonus is that cassette tapes are cheap - this one was 20p :o)

Now for our weekly treat...

Witnessed at a boot sale

 It just happens that the shop mobility lady I used to see isn't the only person taking their parrot for a walk round the boot sale...

This lady took her Macaw bargain hunting. Although every time I crossed them on the boot sale lines the parrot was preening - not very good for spotting the treasure!  It does look headless in this picture but I assure you the parrot did come complete with head and beady eyes.  I'm not sure the stall holder behind is too impressed though!

Fruit and vegetable stall:
Lady: "Could I get a bag of those tomatoes please"
Veg man " Sure love, you do know they make your horny"
Lady " I thought that was asparagus?"
Veg man "Wow whatever floats your boat sweetheart" cue seedy grin and wink from veg man, lady snatching her tomatoes and me shuddering.

Hope you have all had a fabulous long weekend!

Scarlett x

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  1. Scarlett I'm absolutely loving your finds this weekend! The playing cards are all such bargains, I've never managed to find any myself - those sets are all so gorgeous, especially loving the beautiful birdie print set :-)

    The Meakin plates are fabulous!

    Jem xXx

  2. Scarlett,belle le carte ed anche la biancheria vintage,saluti,Rosetta

  3. Well done on finding that jukebox, I'm so pleased you found something extra special. Beautiful plates and fabrics, I hope we get to see what you do with this latest haul. Such an impressive collection of Stratton compacts you have managed to source recently, and you'll never be short of playing cards for those nights when power cuts seem to be happening all the time. Great post today (as always).

  4. Woohooo - how cool is that lil jukebox? I have a bubblegum machine shaped like a jukebox which I bought in France aged about 13 - doesn't play Elvis though unfortunately!

    Love the meakin plates, fabrics and playing cards too - great haul once again.

    Catch up when I get back from hols xx

  5. That is one fabulous jukebox! And how much fun are you going to have hunting out cassettes to play on it!

    Victoria xx

  6. I love the plates! What a wonderful score!

  7. What scores! I can't believe how many sets of playing cards you've found and all so pretty.
    That jukebox is fab, so you! No chance of a car boot here, it's torrential, even the festival's been cancelled today, what a washout. xxx

  8. Oooh love your finds as always Scarlett, that Jukebox was destined to be yours! x

  9. Great the cards and that jukebox.very cool to have.I adore those little poodles.too cute.*sigh* Elvis.You hit the jackpot.xx

  10. Great stuff. Love all those old cards! I have a softspot for jukeboxes too, my Dad has a collection of old ones he's still to fix up- hoping he'll donate one to me at some point! Love today's overheard! x

  11. I love that you managed to get the Stratton with it's pouch - its a shame so many of the carriers and boxes get thrown away! Love the cake tins too.

  12. Great finds again. You are super lucky at boot sales.

    Madison xxx

  13. i LOVE your the illustrations!

  14. You got a lot of great things. The playing cards and dishes are really fantastic. Love it all, stay away from that veggie vendor LOL.

  15. You did a great job! I love so much of what you bought -- the cards, the fabric, and the plates!! Whee!!

  16. what a lot of fabulous bargains, I really love the art deco meakin plates, compact and the cards, all are gorgeous. The little jukebox is an absolute bargain :)

  17. What a great sale!! A little rain never keeps us diehards down!

  18. Wow some amazing finds there. I think I need to go bootsaling with you, I have never known anyone to pick up so many baragins before : ) xxx

  19. Wow, I am in awe! Those vintage cards are amazing, and the fabrics and the Meakin plates, and the ... everything!

  20. Great treasures! You got a steal on those plates! Good eye. I also like the vintage Laura Ashley fabrics. Nice job!

  21. Scarlett!!! I LOVE Elvis too! I'm so happy I found your blog girl. I have a similar Elvis wood picture like the one you have above. Let's be Bloger and Elvis Friends!!


  22. Scarlett, where do I begin? I just can't, it's all so wonderful. Items of note are the poodle (love poodles) and the mini juke box, amazing!

  23. Scarlett, you got such a fantastic haul today, I am almost sick with jealousy - especially for the jukebox and the fabric!!!

    K xx

  24. Just loving the jukebox - so cute :) We still have some tapes here though we rarely play them anymore. However I can't just part with all my teenage music and we're slowly putting them all onto cd.

  25. Oh those fabrics are amazing! And your cake tins - and the dinner really got a bumper haul!

    I also went car booting yesterday - must get my act together and photograph and blog the goodies. Been such a cold miserable day all I have done is watch DVD's - far too comfy (and lazy) to get up and do the photos.

    Hope you have lots of fun with your jukebox - very cool find. :)

  26. I love a bit of retro so I'm coveting your flower power bed linen! There's something quite satisfying about playing a cassette, hope you have fun finding more

  27. Scarlett I love the playing cards. I have found some recently and they are so fun to look at. My fav is the compact of course. What a lovely collection you must have! hugs, Linda

  28. Always great finds Scarlett! I tried to leave you comments for a couple of days and couldn't so I'm having a Scarlett-a-thon Lol! What a score on the table juke! I have two full sized juke boxes from the 60's *winks* They are a lot of fun, but they take up a LOT of space!

    Dont'cha think no matter what a lady purchased from that skeevy seller he'd still claim it made you horney? He needs to put the Austin Powers DVD away! *winks* Vanna

  29. I love the pretty compact...and the vintage linens! I saw a lady with a monkey on her shoulder (and posted it! lol) You never know what you'll see, do you! ♥

  30. well you've done it again Scarlett...are you sure you don't have a stack of holy cards ( personally blessed by the Pope!) in your handbag? I love the playing cards especially the red, black and white ones of lady and her dogs.
    I'm pretty sure your cake tins are Nigella Lawson...I remember that logo on some of her other stuff and she is famous for that blue...
    Love those sheets too x

  31. Such fab finds
    The jukebox is amazing,i have always wanted one!
    LOL at the fruit and veg guy,i try and avoid them stalls as i'm usually the unfortunate one that gets roped into the banter.

  32. What marvellous finds Scarlett ~ you have such an eye for a bargain ~ you must have been so thrilled coming home with all those lovelies! :) Love Brenda

  33. Wonderful buys, love the cake tins, playing cards and ickle basket :) Hope you've had a great BH weekend.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  34. HOW ever did you manage to take a shot of that lady with a macaw and the non too impressed stall holder face at the background??? hahahahaha really that is sooo funny, scarlett! especially the weird convo on tomatoes and asparagus hahahaha. Love all the playing cards you bought, the lovely fabrics, i adore the basket and the cute vintage poodle and of course the BIG jackpot of your bootsale, the jukebox tabletop!!! it's so fitting that the king himself would be the first one that comes with it, it's fate!!! xx Susan

  35. Once again, ever find more fun than the next! Have been collecting cards here in Kentucky as well and recently found that dog/cat combo myself - it's a small world... apparently covered in kitsch! The jukebox radio is priceless, and the poodle is precious. The veg man... have run into that here in Ky too - really, small world!

  36. You have such a good eye and the equivalent of the Midas touch when it comes to finding bargains.
    I love love love the jukebox, have a bit of a thing about them.
    Playing cards are wonderful and how much fun can you have with them too?
    Love any cake tins (easy when you like cake as much as I do).
    Get a publisher for your carboot experience tales - it will pay for that huge jukebox!

  37. What amazing finds. Love the little poodle and the plates.

  38. Ah I love jukeboxes! See you can get one for your ipod, like a full size one, but they cost stupid money - still doesnt stop me wanting one! Totally love Laura Ashley - I once told an older lady I used to work with and she called me kitsch - and not in a good way! Took it as a compliment hehe :)

  39. Gorgeous fabrics - what a stash! I hope some of your bootin' luck rubs off onto me for the weekend!

  40. Those playing cards are a score!!!!

  41. I don't even know where to start with your finds - although the playing cards are so gorgeous. 50p a set? Billy bargain ahoy!
    The jukebox had me dribbling just seeing it - what a steal :) Well done - I love jukeboxes too - I would love one too they make me so happy when I see one!

  42. Those cards are gorgeous! But the jukebox takes the cake. You have such luck! Couldn't you rub a bit of your gold dust onto me ? :)

  43. I got all excited thinking you found vintage tarot cards amor. loving the jukebox and Elvis was giving luck.those poodle figurines are adorable and yet another compact. great finds.

  44. Hahaha! This realllllly made me laugh! You gotta love a good car boot sale, complete with the dodgy hot-dog van! You found some brilliant bits and bobs, you obviously have a great eye for treasure (unlike the parrot...)!
    Lovely post, makes me want to hit the markets next


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