Friday, 13 May 2011

Lucky Ducky

Hoorah we are back up and running!! We may have sacrificed a few comments but its good to have you back blogger old friend.  Its that pesky Friday 13th doing its dastardly work. So time to sneak in a post in case it all goes tits up again...

I was a lucky ducky to win a fabulous giveaway prize from the lovely Deb at bee happy  so when the postie knocked at the door yesterday I knew it must be some goodies...

All beautifully wrapped but they didn't stay in their tissue for long...

First opened was this lovely handmade corsage and the cutest button bracelet - love love love them! 

Then the big one:

This fabulous bag :o)  Deb you are so talented!  I love the little added detail:

It has already had its first outing at the charity shop yesterday, and will be taken on many more!  Thanks so much Deb love it all :o)

So it would be rude not to share a least one of my charity buys so here it is:

 Check out the amazing deco packaging!  This little handy sewing kit was going to be mine for the little box alone but there was still some bits inside:

 Vintage sewing thread and needles still wrapped in tissue in their paper sleeve:

How much you ask....50p :o)

I'll share some more finds over the weekend (bet you are all so excited lol). 

In my blogger deprivation I've also signed up to twitter!  I'm still trying to work the thing out, feel a bit like my nan being given an internet lesson, but if you want to witness my twitter naivety then follow me at @loves_elvis.


Scarlett x


  1. Cute bag! Love the 'bee happy'. Oh the box alone is darling of that sewing kit. I'm glad blogger is back and hope we don't loose other posts! hugs, Linda

    PS I can't get the hang of this Tweet thing yet.

  2. What a pretty prize, may steal the wrapping idea, so pretty. The design on that sewing kit is fabulous, great find and what a bargain. Lucky you.

  3. Ooh lovely things, button bracelet is so cute! I found you on Twitter, I found it really confusing for ages but think I have it now. Kinda.

    Blogger wiped half the entries to my giveaway, so you may have a good chance with that, unless people re-enter!

  4. WOHOO!!! loveeee the corsage and the cute button bracelet as well as that gorgeous red bag!! i gotta act fast in commenting, afraid they might messing up with blogger again and cant even log on!! hahaha loveeee the deco packaging and the vintage sewing thread and for 50p? Jackpot!! oh i hope blogger wont play up again coz i was so bored, cant visit anyone's site and no one posted new post!! cant wait to see your finds over the weekend!! btw i'll be hopping to your new twitter now! hehehehe

  5. Love that sewing kit! I was on Twitter for the first time earlier cause my mum wanted to know what footballer was having an affair with someone - doesnt even watch football! Anyway yeah I found it a bit fussy to navigate, shall be sticking with facebook I think! :)

  6. hi - love your tales of charity shop and boot sale finds. and yes, thank god blogger's back. must have been one mega big glitch. I've tried very hard not to think about it maybe being gone for good, and how could we ever find anyone's blogs again. am new to twitter too - not mucked it up yet ;)

  7. Lovely pressies ;-)) I haven't had blogger for 2 days there is no way i am going to be able to catch up with everyone sadly. Enjoy all your lovely things, dee x

  8. Oh lucky you! All those gifts were so wonderfully wrapped!

    xoxo mama wolf.

  9. Phew! yes we are up and running know I never even gave it a thought about being Friday 13th haha.

    Wow how luck are you with all those lovely goodies, enjoy :)) x

  10. Lucky ducky indeed! Love that handy pack! I'm just about to head out for some thriftin' myself I hope I score something as cool as that *winks* Vanna

  11. Such lovely goodies you won! And what a beautiful find at the charity shop! Love Brenda

  12. I lost a post too, but it was still in my edit file, so all I lost was comments, but had saved a few before it crashed, I saved yours! I love giveaways, the wrapping is as pretty as the gift


  13. oooh so much fun to receive PROPER post and not just bills!
    As for that little deco box - cuteness abounds.

  14. That bag is freakin' fabulous!!
    Yeah,I really wanted to comment wbout your nuts yesterday! Bloody old blogger!

  15. I have that magnet too - on my fridge - and just saw it a few minutes ago when I made my always makes me smile, even half asleep.

    And I also have Twitter account that I don't use because I am so uncertain about it - but I shall start now that there is someone I 'know' using Twitter and will see how to go about following you. My username is @modvintagehome.

    See you there! :)

  16. Lovely little sewing kit!

  17. That suits the vintage lover right down to the button! The graphics on the box are too cool, the bag is cute but the detail of the bee happy just makes it priceless.

  18. Wow 50p that's fantastic! I love sewing things, and your little box is such a great find. I am planning to go to my first car boot tomorrow for this year, crossing fingers I'm going to find some goodies. I am going to look you up on Twitter now! Bx


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