Friday, 27 May 2011

Got my craft on...

So today armed with my glue gun and drill I got my craft on!  I have been very productive...

First of all I did a bit on my Emily Peacock cross stitch 'HUG' design which I started a few days ago:

Hoping to keep momentum up on this and not lose my cross-stich mojo.

I made some rockabilly inspired jewellery:

 Love scroll earrings

 Red rose cameo pendant

 Sugar skull earrings

 Cross pistol and skull ring (excuse my dry 30 year old hands!)

 And as I love skull designs and prints - I made a quick skull cameo brooch too.

I also have so many tea pots knocking about in my house that I decided to drill a hole in the bottom of two of them and made them into plant pots:

I might do a couple of flower tea cups too :o)

I also took a quick trip to Asda and got randomly shouted at by a 40 year old man who pushed in front of me in the queue.  He went off at me saying 'how was I supposed to know you were in the queue' etc, everyone was looking so I took the mummy stance and said " Stop shouting you are showing yourself up"  lol, he couldn't respond to that! Shouting man 0 Scarlett 1!

Hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend

Scarlett x


  1. Oh you def got your craft on today. Love the tea pot plant pots.

    LOL at toddler man.

  2. WOW everything looks so pretty.

  3. Good call on the shouting Asda man! I love your makes, that skull cameo is way better than the twee monstrosity I inherited.
    Will you be planting your old bras next? (Hahahaha) xxx

  4. Crafty girl! Love it all and the teapots look very sweet with flowers planted in them.

  5. JAYSUS!!! I'm mega impressed and waaaay jealous!!Clever possum! Gorgeous goodies you have made!OH!

  6. Rude people grrr imagine what his family suffers? Love all your crafty bits you must divulge your sources to get the bits to make the lovely peices (email me I wont tell lol)

  7. I like the idea of using old crockery as planters - it looks very shabby chic and cozy. Must put it on the To-Do list.

    The jewelry you made is fun - am well impressed. (And never mind dry 30 year old hands - you should see my sunspot-speckled, papery 45 year old hands! Now that's a depressing sight.)

  8. The rose cameo is so pretty.
    I had to start using tea cups in the garden as i have run out of space indoors lol
    Have a great weekend

  9. You have been busy! Love the cross stitch and the skull stuff!

  10. After a completely lazy day yesterday I'm hoping to get my craft on today!

    Victoria x

  11. I'm not still 30 yet and my hands are even more dry than yours!
    I got my cake stand fittings from Ebay then, thank you once again for your pointing me there!

  12. Wow, they're amazing! Am I really dense, but no-one else is asking - how did you make these? Are they clay or something? Did you model all the skull things? And if so, why aren't you in business selling them? And what required a drill? Sorry, lots of questions, tiny brain!

    Am very impressed. Good work on the cross-stitch - have not even opened my Jan Constantine cushion yet! (well I have, and then put it all back again)

    Have a great weekend you crafty minx!

  13. Ok, drill was for teapots - read Lakota, read...

  14. You go girl! And I'm referring to your crafty endeavours and putting that grumpy 40 year old bloke in his place !

  15. Fantastic I must remember the shouting man response the next time I get shouted at.

    You really are very nifty with the glue gun!

  16. You are so clever, that cross stitch is so bloomin lovley, and the rock-a-billy jewelry is scrumptious, how did you make it all? So inspiring , thank you x

  17. How wonderful Scarlett! You are so clever! Um, I'm afraid I have a bit of a small brain, but I was just wondering how you made them too, are they resin or modelling clay? Do you sculpt them? So sorry! However you make them is very clever indeed! :) And your cross stitch is just lovely too! Love Brenda (Hey ~ yippee ~ I can finally comment!)

  18. HAHA! It's one of the most annoying things ever when someone pushes in front of you and then proceeds to tell you you're the one in the wrong! Lol. Nicely handled :-D Very little comeback to that!

    Your sugar skulls are great, I'm very partial to the 'Love' scroll earrings too, and the skull cameo . . . Can't wait to see how your gorgeous Emily Peacock kit turns out :-)

    Hope you have a fabulous Bank Holiday weekend my lovely,
    Jem xXx

  19. You are uber-confident with that drill!Do you put masking tape on the china first? The teapots look fab.

    Some busy day you had there - a lot done, and victory over Supermarket Idiot too. Result!

    Agree with the "you should be selling the jewellery" comment - but I'm sure you probably are working on that!

  20. I actually LOLled at you Mummy Stance - must remember that next time I'm involved in an altercation! Your tea/plant pots are fab :) xxxx

  21. Ha I only make a point of going to supermarkets when I know they're quiet and I wear high heels to appear giant like and intimidating - totally works btw, even if I do get funny looks (dressing up for Asda!) Love love the rings, never seen a skull cameo, so cool :)

  22. Wow Scarlet, you really did have your crafting groove on! Everything is awesome. Love the teapot planters! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. That cross stitch is really good! I like it! :)

  24. This is a good crafting haul! The tea pots are a great idea, they look really pretty with flowers in them. The pink skull ring stands out to - very clever! X

  25. Keep up the cross-stitch! Well done with the Asda Man putdown. Here in Lanzarote everyone shouts all the time, even if they are standing next to the person they are talking to, it’s just how they are. However, twice we have been in shops where the staff have been having a ding-dong over the customers’ heads. They are now known as ‘The Shouty Men Shop’ and 'The Shouty Girls Shop’.

  26. You are such a clever lady! I can't believe you made these things yourself, you really should be doing this for a living. Is there no end to your talents?
    Well done for putting the shouting man in his place, you're on a roll.

  27. Love the flowers in the tea pot - very cute!

  28. Gosh, in awe, love the cross stitch, I just don't have the patience for it. Where did you get those scull cameos they're fab?! x

  29. *skull, what a knob! ha ha ha, I have tracked them down :)

  30. HAIL SCARLETT!!!! TAKE THAT SHOUTING MAN!!! *cheering you here with pom poms* hahahaha loveeee your jewellery, scarlett, I'm sooo loving your teapot plant pots, they're sooo cuteeeeee, you always inspire me! and YAY, you finally finished Emily Peacock Stitch HUG desing, whoop whoop!!!
    xx Susan

  31. way hey to you and your shouting man put down.
    I love Emily Peacock and your hug already looks fab. The rings are brilliant and the tea pots charming. so your funny and clever! x

  32. Looking forward to seeing the Emily Peacock cushion progress :) Well done with the shouty man in Asda x

  33. You are so fun!!! love your craft on!

  34. I love the jewellery especially the pistol and skull ring. Very cool.

    Good for you too, for giving shouty Asda man what for!

  35. *Picks up jaw from the floor*

    HOW!!? Do you make your jewellery?! I love the sugar skull earrings and the Skeleton cameo brooch! Me want!

    Haha you sure taught that very rude man not to mess with a woman shopping! xxx

  36. Hi there. Found you via Ruby Red and have laughed and laughed since being here. - I totally love car boots and charity shops and have (over) heard some classic comments whilst browsing. The best was probably when my daughter was prob about 6 months old, wearing pink leggings and t-shirt:
    Lady behind counter to another old gal in shop: look at that lovely boy in his pushchair
    Old gal: isn't he lovely
    Counter lady (to me) he's lovely, what's his name?
    Me: SHE's Annabelle
    Counter lady: Alan? Alan's a lovely name for a boy.
    Me: hhmmmph.

    I'm your newest follower! And look forward to hearing more of your antics. - if you get a chance, do come see me at my blog. Xx

  37. Oohhhh girl I LOVE your jewelry too! And like lakota I wanna know how you made em?! I have a thing for skulls...I'm not sure where it came from but from my first glimpse of an Alexander McQueen scarf I HAD to have one!
    Good on you for not losing your temper on that a$$*&^$! Rude people suck! Vanna

  38. you sure did , get your craft on, and I want them all.especially the skull cameos amor.
    Even, I wouldnt know what to respond to that and I always have a comeback word,hahayya


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