Thursday, 26 May 2011

Hitting the charity shops!

Thought it was time to share my charity shop finds for the week. The problem with going food shopping here is that both supermarkets are next to two charity shops so regardless of which one I choose to go to I always have to pop in to a CS and take a look.  Bonus this week was one of them was having a half price clothes, shoes and bric a brac sale :o)

So here are my newbies:

1960s playing cards - loving the florals!  These were 45p.

Two cross stitch kits, loving the blue bird one! They were 50p for the 'yesterdays' one and £1 for the bluebird one!

Next I spied a Mayfair Laundry bag hidden under a pile of scarves:

And inside was a lovely embroidered table cloth and napkins:
Least I know these are dry cleaned!  The whole set cost £1 - bargain!

I saw a familiar design of tacky kitschness on the shelf:

Terribly cheesy saying again. Does he remind you of one of my previous buys:

I've reunited them!  He was only 49p so thought I'd so my duty and bring him home for bambi.

Next one for you hippy chicks:

Orange kaftan: o)  This was on half price offer and I was strangely drawn to it, for £2.50 why not!

I then had a rummage on the sale rail and found this for the colder months:
I love the 40s vintage vibe to it, ideal when I'm dressed in my more demure vintage outfits. Its made by Precis Petite and they retail for £129.  I got this one for £1 :o))

This magnet sums up my household as I'm always on and off a diet!

Trusty M&S black and white flats.  Please excuse the sticker remains inside the shoes!  These are pristine, not a mark on the soles which means I'm going to have to break them in!  Bargain for £2.

Vintage knitting and crochet booklets.  The bazaar one is amazing, full of knitted items I don't know how I have been able to live without!  These will be shown a bit in another post I feel!  So what is the item I most need in my life....
A knitted pineapple tea cosy of course!! So who wants to knit me one ;o)

I also came away with 2 bags full of men's designer shirts which were £1.50 each and a few Warehouse ladies tops for £1.70 each so hoping to make my eBay millions with these at some point...

Overheard in a Charity Shop

While I saw rifling through the sale rail two of the charity shop workers were standing beside me having a conversation about another member of staff. These two consisted of a man in his 50s who was extremely camp and an old lady in her 70s.
Man: "Vera was caught out the other day"
Lady "I know I heard"
Man "Well who does she think she is asking for all the Delia cookbooks to be put aside for her"
Lady "Yes I know, by law we have to put everything donated on the shelves for sale"
Man "Indeed, you should have seen the look she gave me when I rung that's customers Delia book through the till!"
Lady "Yes I can imagine"
Man "Bloody cheek, well I certainly wont be going to hers for a dinner party, by the looks of it she needs all the help she can get!"

Have a Fabulous day!

Scarlett x


  1. Fab and cheesy as usual, save the Kaftan for when you call for coffee (see my latest blog entry at the Tightwad Telegraph and you'll see why) LOL and I'll knit your tea cosy if you like - let me know via the contact button on the blog and we'll sort it out xx

  2. Scarlett, so delighted for you that you find your dear's little friend. Playing cards, now that's something I want to collect. Good find.

    Scarlett, that Bazarre knitting pattern book looks fabulous and is that a knitted poodle toilet roll holder on the front? Is it? Is it? (Can you feel the rising excitement on my part?). If it is, would you able to photocopy the pattern for me? Pleeeaaaase. I've always wanted one to try and knit one.

    Have a lovely day. xx

  3. Oohhh Scarlett!! Those playing cards are just fabulous!! I love them!! 45p seems an absolute snip for those, your M&S flats were a super bargain too, something very Chanel-esque about the colour scheme :-) Really sweet little cross stitch kits!

    Jem xXx

  4. Isnt it such a rush to get some bargains no woander we all do it lol.And I have to go past at least 2 oppies when I go to town so shouldnt really not go in now should I?

  5. The pretty pink linens in the dry cleaning bag- what a score.

  6. Fab finds as ever especially the cards - I use those for tags on the things I sell. Just won a load via ebay - sadly for more than 45p!!

    BTW Pirate making has started - should have something next week to show you ;)

  7. I love the linen bag, so pretty and vintage! The short jacket is also great.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Sorry Scarlett, but it wont be me knitting your pinapple! I do love it though and the rest of your latest treasures too.

  9. Goodness didn't you do well ;-)) Great finds i love the floral playing cards so pretty i have never any like that before. And that jacket my god what a bargain for £1. And the table cloth and napkin set is very pretty to. Enjoy all your lovely finds, dee x

  10. Lovely table linen - beautiful colour!

  11. Great kaftan, I love a bit of orange. I know a knitter who'd love to take on the pineapple challenge (once she's finished the list of stuff I have lined up for her). Gotta love half price day, and I ain't lion.

  12. Oh I'm loving the floral playing cards and am completely and totally drawn to the magnet. Being a larger woman myself and a known Yo-Yo dieter, that is probably what my family thinks everytime I proclaim--once again--that I'm on a diet. Great thirfty finds! I also like the pink tablecloth and napkins.

  13. Those cards are so pretty, they deserve framing!
    I love that dress and jacket, they'd look fab worn together. You'll get rid of those sticky labels on your new pumps with a bit of nail polish remover.
    I'm mostly loving that pineapple, I wish I could knit. xxx

  14. Wow now I've seen the pineapple in all its glory I can understand the urge to own one - fabulous! And I'm sure Vix has got one of those poodle thingies on the front of Bazaar - that looks like the best book.

  15. I want a pineapple teacosy!!! LOL!!!

    I love your stories from your travels, I can just imagine you leaning in with one ear and scribbling down what you hear!

    Victoria xx

  16. Your shopping trip turned out very well. You certainly found great buys.

  17. Hehe I feel like I shouldn't but I love the lion, so cheesy and cute! Annoyingly all my closest supermarkets are semi in the middle of nowhere so I dont have an excuse! :)

  18. Love the Lion and the Deer! So happy they are together again. You found some great deals and loving the clothes prices. A pineapple tea cozy is a if we could just find someone to knit it for us! hugs, Linda

  19. Great finds. I think my mother had those cards for her bridge club.
    And so sweet to reunite the lion and the deer.
    He looks so innocent sneaking up behind her.

  20. I just love those little figurines! So darling. You got some really great stuff!


  21. Weirdly - I brought the same (well I think it's the same - its at least within the same series) pineapple crochet book in my local charity shop only on Tuesday!!

  22. Love your playful finds- especially the playing cards! :)

  23. Bambi looks somewhat perturbed to suddenly have to share her home with a lion! And poor Vera, surely that should be a perk of the job, especially if she's a volunteer!

  24. Scarlett my faves are the Mayfair laundry bag full of linens..Wow! And I love the shoes! But all your finds are great as usual.
    And yes, I'd like a pineapple tea cosy please *winks* I'd be the envy of all my friends lol! Vanna

  25. The cross stitch kits were a great find - the threads alone are worth more - well done with all your bargains.

  26. Love the table cloth and napkins. Thank you for letting us listen in on the charity shop conversations! Funny!


  27. Love you buys,think i need to get myself one of those magnets.
    Wonder if Vera has been forgiven yet?!

  28. The things you hear!!!! Hahaha!
    Great scores,lovey!Those playing cards in particular catch my eye!

  29. Hiya
    I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
    Your swap partner is Juli at Pretty Little Jewels

    Thanks for playing along!

  30. Aw - loving the reunited Lion and Deer! Great finds all, especially the glam playing cards! xxx

  31. that was such a cute story....I love your treasures you need a little store now or booth to hold some of these! super finds!

  32. Terrific finds - Love your new treasures,

  33. What great things - those table linens are a steal! Love your eavesdroppings - the charity shop keepers are a bunch of sharks aren't they LOL!

  34. Oh wow you always find such unusual items...I particularly love the pineapple tea cosy :)) x

  35. super cute playing cards with floral on them and the bluebird cross stitch kits!!!! the pink embroidered table cloth and napkin are so lovely! and yesss who doesnt remember your kitsch-tastic tresures and now you got another addition, super cute lion or not but he'd roar for you! i love the words on the magnet and the shoes/flats are so adorable! love everything you bought and what a bargain too!! xx Susan

  36. love it all, playing cards, I'm a sucker for cute animal figurines. those embroided table cloth and napkins are a always hear such funny things amor.


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