Monday, 16 May 2011

The one with the bear attack...

I made the mistake of trying a different boot sale yesterday morning, it was terrible.  There was quite a few cars but row after row of antique dealer stalls *yawn*.  So I broke my booty winning streak by only coming home with 3 buys.  But I did come away with a couple of 'witnessed at a boot sale' tit bits for you.  But first my three buys (all from the same stall)

 Mother of Pearl vintage brooch - 30p.

Vintage faux pearl necklace - 30p. A girl can never have too many cheapo pearls and combine that with my two favourite colours - red and black and we have a winner ladies!

Vintage stone set necklace, little tarnished but hey that adds to the appeal, can you guess how much?  yes 30p :o)

And now for your next installment of:

Witnessed at a Boot Sale

The first two involve me again...

Taking a 10 month old round the boot sale I always get randoms talking baby talk to him or making conversation with me about him.  Well yesterday I tried to rush past one old mans stall as I could see there was nothing of interest, no such luck. He clocked my little boy and we had the usual "Hello there little one, what big brown eyes you have, are you smiling at me?....." I smiled and did the whole awkward mummy to stranger talk.  Well I thought I could make my move but oh no he produced the mankiest cuddly toy I had ever seen and tried passing it to my son.  Seriously this thing looked like it had mange.  I buffered the bear attack by saying he wasn't old enough for it but it was very kind of him.  The seller again tried to get the bear to my boy, I pulled the buggy back a bit so bear and boy didn't make contact. Thinking I had won the bear battle the seller then said "aah I know he can have this one instead I INSIST"  then produced an even filithier ball of stained fur, I didn't even know what this one was meant to be.  Damn I should have taken mange bear and left sharply but now I had to contend with some kind of evil soft toy spawn.  He went to give this to my son, thinking fast I gave my son a rice cake to keep hands occupied and took the manky creature *shudder* myself, smiled politely mummbled 'thanks' and made my escape.  Back at the car I managed to dispose of the creature although I'm sure a flame thrower would have better....

Next up the tale of the 'Helpful Seller', I need to point out that this seller was a little grey haired grandma looking lady in her 70s:
Me: "How much for the childrens book"
Seller "20p"
Me: "I take this then please"
Seller : "Oh hang on I might have some more childrens books that you would be interested in, let me check this box" 
Seller goes to box at the front of stall and starts pulling out books, to be polite I go over and have a look at what she is pulling out.  She then grabs a DVD case with a rather buxom leather clad lady on the front
Seller loudly "ooh how did that get in here?"  then looks me straight in the eye and whispers "Its a porn dvd" while pushing it towards me.
Me: "Err I'll just take the childrens books please" 

Man standing on the edge of the bootsale having a wee in the bushes even though there are toilets 5 meters away

Lady walking round the bootsale carrying a a tiny spaniel puppy in her arms.  She is stopped by a younger lady who coos over the puppy and says " aww how sweet, what flavour is he?"....

Thats all folks! Happy Monday.

Scarlett x



  1. bear attack! That's hilarous, quick thinking on the rice cake. Did you ever get given 'lucky money' for Finley when he was born? Tends to be very old ladies that go in for it, and it happened to me several times. Basically they tend to fish out some aged coin from somewhere on their person, then insist on pushing it into baby's tiny fist, whereupon you have to restrieve it quickly before it gets swallowed.

    At least the bootsale was fertile ground for odd types - the old lady porn pusher obviously recognised you from your burlesque days ;-)

    Nice jewels though
    Lakota x

  2. Yuck at the gross bear - why do people even attempt to sell/give away those things - you can see they are harbouring all sorts of nasties amoungst their nylon 'fur'.

    I hear one lady trying to justify her price for a tatty 80's book buy explaining that it was vintage! If 80's is vintage then as a 70's child what does that make me?? Don't even say it ;)

  3. Oh this made me chuckle so much
    Nice extra dvd you got there lol.
    The toilets at the bootsale we go to are so rank i think i would rather use a bush some days-never has loo roll and men and women have to share the 3 cramped boxes,i dread it when the kids spot them and decide they HAVE to go right that second!
    Maybe she thought the spaniel was a slush puppy...oh me and my bad jokes,i had a slush puppy yesterday so they are still on my mind lol
    Do love the brooch

  4. Bahahahaha!
    LOVE that brooch!

  5. Love that brooch too.

    Excellent stories yet again, Scarlett.

    "what flavour...."?? Bizarre.

  6. That brooch is a beauty!
    I love your boot sale stories, Scarlett, car boots, jumbles and chazzas really are the domain of nutters (with the exception of us, naturally).
    Our portaloos are quite tame apart from the discarded clothing where people have decided their new purchase is better than what they came on. All good practice for the festival season.

  7. LOL again you need to write a book of all your stories can call it Stories from the Car Boot ha ha

  8. Haha I love your real life stories, the bear one made me cringe as it is the nightmare social siuation! I love the brooch as well it is so pretty! xxxx

  9. Nothing worse than being offered a mangy ball of fur!!!

    Victoria xx

  10. Oh Dear ~ what awkward encounters ~ Just as well you had a few lovelies to come home with! Someone really needs to write that "car boot etiquette" book! (And you need to write "tales from the car boot" ~ would be a best-seller! lol) Love Brenda

  11. you must live in a really posh area Scarlett! Ha!

  12. That one about the granny trying to push her porn dvd onto you is classic - fair turns the stomach though! She must have thought that you'd be into her 'under the counter' wares *shudder*!

  13. OMG! great stories, can't believe you shunned the ickle bears!!!! don't blame you I can just imagine them now, even my 2 dogs wouldn't play with them!! :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  14. So relieved to know iffy behavior is not limited to the American South (where I'm from). Little old ladies and their porn, it's universal, right? The flavor of dog... I've had mine lick me in the face a few times, trust me the flavor is Eeewwww. Great post.

  15. Lol! I do love your boot sale observations! yick to the manky bear and double yick and a mad cackle to the porn pushing grandma!

    Love the necklace though I like red and black together too!

    MBB x

  16. Hello! Found your blog through Apron Thrift Girl and your car boot story is just hilarious!! Can't wait to read your other adventures!

  17. Great stories Scarlett! I would put myself between any nasty stuffed creature and my Grandson also...ewwww! love the pretty brooch! hugs, Linda

  18. What a great story! fabulous treasures as well!

  19. wuahahahahaha oh gosh scarlett i had tears in my eye reading your witnessed at bootsale! i salute you in your quick thinking to give your son the rice cake, and the seller even said "I Insist?!!" wuahahahaha i'm soo speechless, make sure to bring a flame thrower next time you go to the bootsale, the yucky toys and the seller could do with a bit of that or more hahaha. i must have misread the puppy scene "what flavour is he?" part..pls repeat it again? is he good enough to eat then? hahahaa. eewww to the guy who's too lazy to go to the toilet and the porn scene is sooo hillarious!!! even when you brought home only 3 buys, they're sooo gorgeous, they dont look cheap to me, in fact the pearls looks real and expensive! i love the brooch too!! Thanks for becoming a follower at my new shop, Scarlett, you rock!!! x Susan

  20. You do hear them! I rarely do but then maybe I'm getting deaf. What flavour is the puppy? Did they mean what sex or what breed?? My Dad told me about an old man who used to wind up owners of obviously pedigree dogs by asking "What cross is it?"

  21. Oh man I love all those stories, esp the porn one hahahaha! At least you got some pretty jewellery... :)

  22. I love your boot sale stories. The porn dvd made me chuckle.
    Madison xxx

  23. Cripes there are some totally clueless bods out there. Giving skanky toys to a baby? Ew.

    Well that boot sale was good for a laugh if nothing else - your jewelry bits are fun though.

    The only things I hear when I'm doing the boot sale rounds are more along the lines of whining kids and tired and irritable mothers threatening to wallop them if they don't shut their gobs. Nice. Not. Your stories are brilliant. :)

  24. Love your finds Scarlett.
    Just popped over to say that I thought of you today.....LOL
    Erm.. I was buying toilet roll in Sainsburys, and they had this new Ltd. Ed. stuff on offer..£2 for 4 rolls.
    I thought hmmm, that's prettier than the usual bland 'pebbles' colour.
    When I got home and was putting it on the shelf, I realised that it had FLAMINGOS on it!
    I cracked up, and would have sent it you, cept' 1, I don't know your address, and
    2, You would have probably thought that stranger than this comment :o)

    Have a great week Scarlett, and don't forget to rush off to Sainburys....
    Ps, I bought one of those raffia sunshades last year...a pink one :o)

  25. And the moral of the story?....Grab the manky bear and run while you still can! Yeesh that was a close call! LOL! I just love your stories from out-n-about!...."What flavor is he?" Someone's been hitting the booze a little heavy!...Too funny! How come ya didn't want the porno collection? hahahahahaha!!!

  26. ha ha ha ha what flavor is he ;-)) bless her. Ohh i was shuddering with you over the bear incident great quick thinking on your part with the rice cake ;-)) Love the brooch. have a great week, dee x

  27. Ah, how I miss those car boot sales! We do have them here in Lanzarote (there’s one a week somewhere on the island) and they tend to have an 'international flavour’! One is hosted by the local camel riding centre (I expect it’ll be on my blog before long). We get Spanish, e-pat Brits, Irish and German sellers, many for charity. The North African ladies, in the full rig, are usually first at the gate and they come away with bags and bags of clothes, probably to send home to families. Not too many vintage bargains though. I found a 70’s craft book last week which I thought I’d buy for nostalgic reasons. When asking the price I was told "50 euros”. Now I know these things are often collectors’ items but....Fortunately he meant 50 cents - bargain, sold! Love the stories.

  28. Haha, I must make the effort to be more observant when I'm out and about, unless it's just that you attract the oddballs! Love that third necklace, what a bargain :)

  29. Your Witnessed at a Boot Sale stories made me laugh. Always some "interesting" people at places like that. When I was little a creepy old man offered my mom to trade me for a goat! I'm glad she didn't take him up on the offer!

  30. Great finds and I really laughed at your story. :D


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